Starting Over After D Amp C Or MC Part 13

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Mrs.Hath - March 20

Welcome to Sandwaby or Sandhaby: SANDWABY (Sad And Having A Baby) Sandwaby is a virtual retreat when we are feeling blue. It is the name of our baby depression. It's a place where there is an abundance of chips, chocolate and yummy snacks, but there are no calories to go along with it. There is always a full bar stocked should you need it. It's rainy outside and cool enough to require a warm snuggly blanket. All of your favorite shows are always on. It's a place where you can cry in peace. You are free to be simply sad, weird and insane. Feel free to visit Sandwaby whenever you need to. There's plenty of chocolate and wine. The one good thing about Sandwaby is that, there is a door to get out. The door is hope. When you are ready to grasp on to hope, you simply walk through the door. SANDHABY: (Sick And Having A Baby). Sandhaby is for those who made it past Sandwaby and are now preggers! Although, they are sick and bigger by the month :)


nannydjc - March 20

Hi girlies....... I hope everyone is doin well!


ShanaT - March 20

GO MRSHATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice numbers! You rock! So happy you can have some peace of mind for a bit! You are so right about the crazies tho.... I know it's gunna get worse... but if you hear a baby's gone missing from a local mall in the Cleveland area, at least give me a days head start before you call me in! Ah! well I'm still feeling possitve for the most part and getting by each day. DH and I had a very fun night last night....hehe... practicing I'll say. Lol. It feels good to laugh and be happy again.... and to just enjoy each moment in time. I feel like I was in a stupper for such a while after the m/c. It's fun being hopeful again and looking to the future! SMMOM2.... sorry to hear about the lack of sleep thing and your little girl. Poor thing. :o( SHAB....AWESOME TO HEAR ABOUT THE BIG KICK! Wow... must be a truly amazing feeling. MISSP... yeah it is frustrating since I just got the go ahead ya know.... but you guys are right ya never know after a m/c so I will (AM) covering ALL my bases! And yeah the DH and I have already worked out a planned schedule for Monday morning when he leaves (it's gunna be an early one--- he's FLIGHT leaves at 6:00 am!) and Friday first thing when he gets back! HA! Crazy rusheh but It'll be fun tho! JUDISARAH.... SO GLAD TO KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN HERE! I had been looking everyday. Now that I know you're on I'll be writting ya.... thanks for the advice tho. You are right. As for the AF wait.... I know it's hard. Mine came at 5 and 1/2 weeks exactly so maybe it'll be the same for you! I'm crossin everything for you. I know you want this so badly to just come. I'm thinking about you! Later ladies!


Sarah9 - March 20

Hi ladies! No work for me tomorrow! Yea! But its my weekend so the rest will be short lived. Lisa- I am on progesterone too. I take it twice a day and I started it last Wednesday. I haven't had any side effects that I'm aware of. Sorry they are making you so sick. Mrs Hath- I didn't give up chocolate either! That would be ludacris. But I try not to eat a ton of it. The only symptoms that I have are VERY sore bbs and very sleepy. I take a nap everyday after work for about an hour. And I wake up in the middle of the night from sleeping on my side and squishing the girls. Maybe I should try a sports bra when I sleep. They are HUGE too. Has anyone else gone up a cup size in like a week? ShanaT- sounds like you will have a midnight bding session before DH's plane. LOL. MissP- girl that baby is gonna keep you on pins and needles for the entire 9 months I think. Just try not to stress. Judi Sarah- glad to see you are still around. I too check in everyday just don't post all the time. Sometimes I have no new news. I'm boring. Well my sister is coming into town tonight and we are gonna hang out tomorrow so I need to go set up the guest room for her. You ladies have a great night! ~Sarah


Sarah9 - March 20

That is supposed to be SIDE EFFECTS in the blank. I don't know wy its not showing up. Oh well.


Sarah9 - March 20

Oh wait....there it computer is just stupid. Disregard my last post..


lisamc - March 20

Hi girls! Whew, trying to catch up took a long time, if I miss anyone, I am sorry. SHANAT: Glad you enjoyed practicing! You know what they say… practice makes perfect!! DEANNA: how are you feeling girl? Have you been to the dr. yet?? JUDISARAH:Thanks for your kind words, I know its all worth it and I would do anything to have a health baby. MRS HATH: YAHOOOOOO your #s are awesome, glad you can relax a bit now. I am so happy for you , I know exactly how good it feels.SHABNAM: best of luck on your scan., I cannot wait to feel my baby move, that is awesome. MISSP: I was a diet coke addict, but the caffeine and aspartame could be bad so I quit cold turkey, it was about a week of headaches from the withdrawal but now I am fine and drink a ton of water, much better for the baby and me, but man the sacrificing starts early doesn’t it?? The progesterone was so bad but last night was my first two doses I have to take 200mg in the evening and again in the morning, hangover is the perfect way to describe it. Except there is no fun night leading up to it. But on the flip side today was the first day I really felt pregnant , must be the morning sickness! URGH! Well girls I am 6 weeks today, halfway to the end of the first trimester.


Mrs.Hath - March 20

NANNY! How are you? Where have you been? How are you feeling? SHANA: Yes, I will most definitely wait till I call it in. In fact, I can drive your getaway van. Those baby crazies are a doozy. I'm so thankful that my prayers have been answered with a little bean. Now I don't have to sniff other people's babies (I just love how they smell!). SARAH: Your b___bs sounds awesomely big! However, something tells me you don't want DH all over them. They probably hurt like heck. I wish I had sore b___bs. They feel NOTHING. However, I did notice those tiny little bumps on the areola. Ummmm.....yeah, like my b___bs have goosebumps or something. Weird. LISA: Woo hoo! 6 weeks. Glad you felt pregnant today. Is this because you aren't having symptoms either? I am intererested. You've completed 15% of your pregnancy. How about that :)


lisamc - March 20

MRS HATH: 15%? that sounds good to me, its a start anyway. No I haven't hadn't had many symptoms yet, so I think that is why today even though I felt horrible for about 4 hours (and a miserable sleep the night before) it was something, you know? It made it more real for me. I think we can all agree that when your t you pregnant after a loss its so scary and no matter what you just keep looking for things to make it real. I know that at only 6 weeks I have gotten so attached to this little baby, even though I swore I wouldn't. Its impossible not to! How are you feeling girl?


smmom2 - March 20

WOW you all talk alot when I am not around !!!!!! I dont remember everyone's post from the other Ill try my best here..... MRSHATH...I didnt see your numbers, but hear they were great !!! That is awesome. I am so very happy for you..I just knew this one is a Keeper. SARAH9... My b___bs git Gynormous during pg. I swear far I am up to like a double d...from a average C. ANd sleep.....well ladies...get used to it !!! That is all I have to say. I wake up every night....wether it is from my dog, my child...or absolutely nothing...I just wake up and then it takes me like 1-2 hours to fall back asleep....every time !!!!!!1 SO MissP.....sorry doesnt get better until baby is born and gets a few months old. SHAB...sorry you didnt get the house....but I just know you will find one that you LOVE !!!! JUDI...I am so sorry that stupid AF hasnt shown her ugly self yet. That really stinks. I hope it happens this weekend for you...maybe an Easter gift !!!! I am going to go curl up in bed and watch lost...I again have a nasty headache....doc said they are from nothing I can do. I have to get up early for my grandma's funeral....and I just bet I dont sleep well tonight !!! SO ladies...I really hope you all have a great night and day tomarrow !!! THREE WEEKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA. can you tell I am excited???


Mrs.Hath - March 21

Good morning girls! TGIF for sure. Lots of prayers today on this good Friday to make it good for all of us. JSTALEY/ COL: If you are still reading these blogs and not posting, I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you. I know you are very sad. I am wishing you a very fertile month and hoping you come back to us with good news soon. Pre Seed all the way! LISA: Yes, you are so right. I told myself I wouldn't dare get attached to this baby. I swore I wouldn't barely awknoweldge it until after my dreaded NT test. But, I already love it so much. Dang it! I just want to be past the 11 week test to know if HERM is okay (Him/Her). SMMOM: I know the funeral will be very hard today. I hope that you are able to get closure. I bet you didn't sleep well either. That is going to be a HUGE adjustment for me. I absolutely love sleep. It's almost my favorite thing to do. There's nothing better than a midday nap in my opinion. I don't know what I'll do without a good night's rest. Well, I have to hop into a meeting so I'll be back in a little while. Have a great day girls.


jstaley1228 - March 21

Hi, girls. Yes, Mrs. Hath...I told you I would be checking on you and my other ladies! So, I still read all about you. I thrilled about your numbers. That is great news. Girl, you feel free to love HERM as much as any mama would. That is that natural thing and to try not to would be unfair. Of course your not out of the woods, and won't be until HERM is here but you love that bean and just frickin' enjoy every second. I know I will. We are all special in our experience so we'll always have an added element of fear many mothers won't know but I also think that gives us an added element of appreciate for the miracle and that is cool too. So...I broke down and bought a fertility monitor. Here's to hoping. It also came with a free sample of PreSeed. You really think I should try that stuff? Seems kinda weird to me. What am I talking weirder than cm and temping and standing on our heads and on and on. I am hosting a baby shower for my best friend tomorrow. She is due two weeks before I would have been so I've been having a really hard time with that. She is my best friend though, and I love her and SOMEDAY the shoe will be on the other foot, right? Also, my mom has been doing pretty poorly. All in can see why I have not been posting. Sad heart all around but I kid you not that I check on you all every day. Smmom, Shab, Miss BFP, Sarah, Claud, and all the new ladies...Judith and Shana and Lisa and anyone I missed, I think of you all daily and I'll be back. Just gotta get over this hump. Much love and keep sending me babydust! Jill


Mrs.Hath - March 21

Oh JSTALEY: My heart is broken for you. I can't imagine having to host a baby shower under this condition. I love my BFF so much too... I can only imagine the mixed emotions you are going through. Yes, I absolutely think you should use the pre seed. I also think you should be on 100MG of B6 and baby aspirin. I'm no doctor, but it got results. Not just for me, but many many woment out there. I am really keeping you in my thoughts. I wish so badly there was a magic full-proof plan so all of us wouldn't be in this horrible situation. You must be getting ready to O any day right? As for your mom, I am so sorry about this. It reminds me of my coworker who feel PG and lost her mom all in the same month. It was so awful. Sometimes she says that grandma had to go to heaven to bring the baby sad. I remember feeling so incredibly hopeless last month. It was overwhelming......My dad is extremely ill as well. It's so difficult to watch a parent fall from grace. Sometimes I just wish my dad's suffering would end already. I can't bare his daily horror knowing there is nothing I can do. Anyway, I am thinking about you a lot.


ShanaT - March 21 sorry to hear about what's been going on in your life. Not sure what to say. I don't know your story (would love to know tho wheneven you are up to it or the girls could let me know) but I really hope that things will be on the upslope again soon for you. I will be thinking about you alot too and looking forward to some happy posting very soon! MRSHATH sorry to hear about your father...I didn't know. I lost my mother (biological mother as I was adopted at 8 yrs.) last July. It happened suddenly and was very difficult... spend time getting closure for yourself and your family. There are so many things I wish I would have asked for myself and my future children as they will never know her now. Life is hard... all we can do is live well and find the happy things in life to hold onto.... and try to find closure and purpose for the rough things that happen. Thinking of you ladies....


MissP - March 21

Oh girls im sorry to hear that we are all having ups and downs right now. Jstaley im glad you are still with us. I had a feeling you were. Well i know it must be so tough for you with everything thats happening in your life right now. Im sorry girl but just remember what they say about every cloud having a silver lining...something good will come out of the bad times..i do believe that as it seems to happen to me that way. Im thinking of you. Mrs Hath im sorry your dad is ill too. Poor dad. I hope he gets better or at least feels better soon. Have you told any family about your bfp yet? I told my mam and dad yesterday and my brothers (whos wives are both 6months pg right now) and they are all so excited for me, especially now im coming home in a month or two. It made me cry all over again (this is so embarrasing, the crying thing. Any other pg girls like this too??) I also found out one of my friends in the uk is due 1 week after me! So now theres 5 of us who are all pg within 3 months of each other - its going to be a busy year for my mam, 3 grandchildren in 3 months. She said its like the buses, you wait for ages then they all come at once. Also girls last night i had another fright, another attempted break-in, not as bad as last time but still scarey. Lil beany was not happy and i started to cramp up again. It must be stress that sets it off. I hate that! It took me 2 hours to go back to sleep and then i had anther nightmare that dh was shot in the neck and i was trying to save him but he died in my arms. Woke up crying (again) and so now i feel like death this morning. All i want is a few days of peace and quiet and i dont seem to get any!! Smmom/sarah9 - my b___bs are beating yours hehe i was a 38D before and now im wearing a 40E!! I have never been this big before. I swear dh's eye nearly pop out whenever he claps eyes on these beasts. I have to wear a bra to sleep in now because they hurt so much. They are still growing too, dread to think where theyll stop!! Smmom - im sorry about your grandmas funeral today, i hope it isnt too stressfull for you and you get thru it. Judisarah - there you are love, i knew you were around somewhere. I know its bitterly hard waking up every morning and not seeing af - i remember being so frustrated waiting for mine. But if youve got to 5wks theres not long to wait now. Mine came just after 5wks and i think most girls here didnt wait much longer than that. It depends how far you went with the pg i think. Not allways true but in a lot of cases anyway. Certainly those of us who got to 12wks or thereabouts last time seemed to take the longest for it to come. Hang in there girly!! ShanaT i will be praying for a freakishly late ov for you this cycle!! Sarah9 - wow you are so lucky not to get any side effects from the progesterone, mine were awfull. Enjoy your sisters visit! Nanydjc - how are you?? Lisamc congrats on getting to 6wks!! Thats great! Ok girls im very sorry if ive missed any vital points from the last thread - i am so absent minded at the moment (prob a combination of sleep deprivation and preg brain) so i apologise if i missed anyone. Oh - clauds, how are you chuck, whats going on with you? Symptoms eased up yet? x x x x


RyanswifeAllie - March 21

Mrs. Hath and ladies--- just wanted to let you know that if I were you, I would keep taking the baby aspirin..... My story is that I had two first pregnancy and then the one right afterwards. After my last miscarriage, I decided that as soon as my HCG was back to zero, I would start taking baby aspirin and I did B6 (or a B-complex or something) and then try to conceive. The first cycle I didn't conceive, but the next cycle I did!! I took the baby aspirin throughout my whole pregnancy. I also used progesterone suppositories for the first 12 weeks! I had my baby girl in August..... I was sure that I was destined to miscarry all of my pregnancies, but it worked!!! Mrs. Hath, keep taking baby aspirin and your B6, also, did they check your progesterone!!! SSBD!!


smmom2 - March 21

Hello ladies.... love that baby as much as you can...cause even if something does happen...herm will feel loved. But I really Honestly think this little bean is healthy !!!! I think these babies are it for us ladies !!!! I know MrsH it took me a long time to actually acknowledge this baby...I wouldnt talk to herm or touch my belly. But now...we are starting to think of names and wondering about the s_x. JSTAY.... I am sorry about your mom. It must be so hard to watch her go through all that. Hang in there and just be there for her as much as possible for her. That will mean the most to her and you !!! MISSP ....My b___bs get so big they actually disgust me !!!! I still have 23 weeks to go and they are already this big. Then when your milk come sin they get even bigger. They go down after you Breast feed a couple months( even if you dont BF then they go down) but then you lose a half to full cup size. I joke you not. Did you ever call about DH's visa and tell them your are pg, so maybe they would hurry it along. You so need to get out of that house and go home. And weird vivid dreams are also a big part of being pg.



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