Starting Over After M C Or D Amp C 18

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Mrs.Hath - April 30

The girls of Sandwaby (sad and wanting a baby) and Sandhaby (sick and having a baby). Welcome all.


jstaley1228 - April 30

Ooooh, the first post! I feel special. Boy, girls. I am SICK. And whoever coined it "morning sickenss" is an idiot as mine does START in the morning but ends about the time I go to bed, 8 to 8 right now. It's awful! I am really starting to miss food. San Fran is going to be kind of a bummer with me sick (Oh, Erin...dh and I are actually traveling together so I won't be alone, which is good). I hope this doesn't last too long cause I am really miserable. Bummer. I am glad it's all for something that is totally worth it though...bean Mama loves ya! Shana and Lisa, I'm sorry your family is being a pain. Mine totally had their moments of sucking too when I had my m/c. There was one point my dad told me to "get over it". Never disliked him more. He is awesome so I don't know where that came from but I let him have it and he was sorry. People will never understand and that's just the facts. Hang in there. Shelly, I wanna be big too! I'll bet by the time I'm big I'll be feeling better too and that is what I really can't wait for now. I am sooooo sick. No barfing but on the verge all day. Not sleeping either which is weird since I am bone tired. I think I'm not a huge fan of Trimester Uno. I'm only half way there too. Sheesh. Girls, sorry this is short and I may not get to chat with you all until next Monday but I'll be thinking of you and have a great weekend! Actually, by then I'll have to spend all of Monday catching up so it could be Tuesday! Lol. Take care, girlies and I hope AF comes Erin!


Clauds - April 30

Hey ladies, sorry I haven't been in touch so much as been going on. Well I'm 18wks 6days now, I haven't felt any movements yet, that is starting to worry me a bit. My angel's EDD pa__sed and was sad but god pulled me through. My little brother's baby was also born during the same time which reminded me of my lost baby because it should have been here too but my brother is so happy. I am so pleased for him, their baby is beautiful and I have another nephew now! In addition it was my grandad's that recently pa__sed away birthday which hard to deal with. We had a little family gathering for him. He died the day it was confirmed I was pregnant again so I never got to tell him. I also had some b/w done and had a bit of a scare. I got a letter saying to make an appointment to see the doctor rather than midwife asap regarding my blood results. So I was freaking out and worried the whole night I couldn't sleep then I went in the next day and they said it was a mistake! I'm just glad though all was well. I have my 20 week abnormality scan on the 12 May so cant wait to find out if everything is ok. Also awaiting blood results to show if I am at risk of having a baby with downs syndrome. Also guess what 18 weeks on and I am still as sick as a dog, had to take more time off work. I'm starting to think that it will last the rest of my pregnancy but I have to thank god as I remember moaning last time I was pregnant about being sick. This time I prayed hard and said I don't care how bad the sickness is I just wanna keep this baby so looks like I'm getting what I want. Ok onto you ladies as soon as I catch up, I can see I have my work cut out for me.


MissP - April 30

Hi girls, sorry its been a few days since i last posted - i have been very busy and a bit stressed, but ok in general! I havent got a lot of time to catch up with you all but just to let you know that i read all your posts and im thinking of those of you having a hard time with a loss or family members at the moment - and those of you feeling ill/sickness etc...even those of you with bricks in b___bs! I totally know that feeling and it hasnt gone yet, i still needs a crane to put mine in the bra every morning. Seriously!! Anyway Im generally ok, just so busy and a few things have been getting to me - dh is finally getting his visa (hurrah) we took his pa__sport in for the stamp last week and now have to wait for the call to come and get it, should be beginning of next week i reckon. Then we can go back to the UK!! And there lies the problem as we are having a problem finding a flight. argh, just when i though things were simple. Seems i have complication as my middle name. Anyway, the baby seems to be ok, i am still expanding at a rapid rate and feel huge - im still feeling flutters and occasional digs in the ribs, altho i do get freaked out when i dont feel nothing for 24 hrs. Thats horrible. Apart from that i think alls well. We were supposed to be going to the docs this friday but have had to postpone until weds and are having the scan and the docs appt on the same day. So we will get to find out if potato is a girl or a boy!! S many people have said, oh its a boy because its all up front and oh its a girl because of the way im walking (?) and because i felt her so early!! So who knows, and now im having dreams about babies most nights and im usually dreaming about 2 baby twins, a girl and a boy. Except for last night where i dreamed my baby had a big dingdong at the scan and was most def a boy!! That was a funny one. Anyway, so im confused now and have no idea. I dont mind as long as everything is in the right place! So il have to go and get on with some stuff but it was great catching up and i promise not to be so long next time!!! x x x x x x x


Erin_thenurse - April 30

AF ARRIVED!!!!!! and she is horrible. It's ok because I'm happy to start to the clomid on cd3-7. Yeah!!!


Clauds - April 30

There is so so much to catch on, forgive me if I miss some things out. LISA I am so so sorry for your loss I know how horrible it is but you will get through it honey. Stay strong! JUDI SARAH thank god AF showed! I know it is so hard waiting girl. I have been there girl and I know the waiting for AF makes it worse but it will work out. JSTALEY Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah woo hoo I am happy for you, that’s great you got that bfp. You mum must be so pleased. Now welcome to the wonderful world of all day &night sickness and all the worries of bleeding lol Your bean is here to stay this time babe. SHANAT congrats to you too honey. BRYANDI Yeaaaah glad your scan when well, I praying for in this pregnancy. Sorry to hear that your mum doesn’t understand but she does love you honey and in her own I think she is trying to think of you. SARAH honey how is the morning sickness for you? How are you doing in general? SMMOM so happy you got your boy that's great new woo hoo!!! I know that is what you wanted to make your family complete, I so happy for you. MRS HATH praying for your scan we had it on the same day but I’ll be routing for you 2days later. Also I understand exactly how you felt about your brother. Same sort of thing happened to me also. SHABNAM how far along are you now you must be heading toward 3rd trimester by now or there already. Glad your baby condition hasn’t turned out to be too bad but I know its hard not to worry about anything. MISSP sorry to hear about your brother hun. How is he doing now? That is fantastic news about you and dh coming home to the UK and all your strong baby movements I cant wait until I feel something! Sounds like you have had some real up and downs but glad you are ok now. TGREEN, BIGALM0106 & ANY OTHER NEW COMERS so sorry to hear of your losses and your situation. I sure your learned by now you have come to the right place for support. ERIN congrats on AF arriving! COL so sorry about the bfn any more news praying for you! Check when you can. CYNNABABY how are you? I know you must be busy but I'd love to know how the birth went and how your getting on as a new mummy. Take care ladies and chat soon.


ShanaT - April 30

hey ladies.... thanks for all your nice words. MRSHATH..... you always know just what to say! Thank you SOOO much. It's a tough situation. Growing up I was very rebellious and NEVER cared what my mother had to say on anything. Now I've grown up I guess and everything she says hits home BIG TIME! I wish I could tune her out. It doesn't help that I'm adopted either. My sisters (who are our mothers natural kids) have not gone thru this.... and neither has our mom. But me and my two biological sisters have all had a miscarriage. I know my mother thinks theres something "wrong" with me (all three of us) Even tho we have m/c for very different reasons. Its just rough and I'm so dang sensitive about everything. Had to call my dad today and wish him happy birthday.... got off quick as to not have to talk to my mother. DH has been great about this all too. I actually called off work today. I just needed to take a day to myself. Ugg.... all this is so tough and worry-some. I know it will get better. I worked out a plan that next time my mother brings up the waiting thing..... I'm going to very strongly tell her that it is hurtful and offencive to me. Then when we announce the preg to everyone at 16 weeks ( we are gunna have a big July 4th party at the new house.... people will think its a house warming party and no one will see it coming!) Right before the party we will tell her so that she doesn't ruin the announcement for everyone with voicing any of her beliefs or opinions. That's the plan and altho I know she still might try to bring stuff up at the party.... she will know my (our) feelings ahead of time about her opinion not being welcome that night. Between now and then...... I'm gunna pull away a bit. I can't listen to her in my ear all the time about things. She just doesn't get it and I can't expect her to now. ANYWAY..... I'm beginning to feel better. I still worry at every minute about Beanie Baby and if its little heart is still beating in there. I wish I could buy a ultrsound machine and see whenever I wanted. MRSHATH.... I know you'd have one too! That would be the ultimate level of preg crazies I think! I just saw the heartbeat a week ago and I'm already counting down til I can have another round of rea__surance. I just need to keep praying about it cuz I know I can't keep requesting or waiting for another ultrasound. This has just gotta get easier! I'm only 7 weeks! ERIN...... yes I totally know what you mean about your friends comment. But it was my mother who made the same comment to me. She said "I don't want this to sound like you did something wrong but next time you shouldn't tell people so soon. And next time.... don't be so excited and go out to buy things so soon. Wait til like 6 months to do that stuff. I just think you should just be more relaxed about it all next time and just don't think about it and let it just happen" I'll never forget that phone convo that day. I've never disliked her more in my life I felt. I thought to myself..... she's never not known me more in my life than at this exact moment. She had no idea of how long I truly had been waiting to be a mother..... she had no idea at how thrilled and excited I was. She wanted me to just "not think about it" next time and just let things happen without paying any attention to my body and my baby in there. She really has no idea. OKAY I'm done really.... I could complain about her forever. But MRSHATH.... you're right and thank you for noticing..... I am so in a fantastic place of life right now. I do feel like I am getting my American Dream! I just wish she could see that. Later ladies!


ShanaT - April 30

ERIN.............congrats on AF!!! I am SOOO rooting for you ladies getting ready for the May round of TTC! Best wishes to you!!!


smmom2 - May 1

Good Morning ladies.....SHANAT.....Do not let your mom control your happiness ! Simple as that. You can tell her....when ever you get fed up and finally burst out with the Im Pregnant Mom!,,,,tell her I am pregnant and I really need you to just support me either way !!! I dont want to hear I told you so's, or you should have waited. I just want your support !!!! I know easy said then done...but sound slike it needs to be said. Sorry you are scared, unfortunately it does not go away. I am almost 23 weeks and I am still scared every day that Carson could have died at some point. Ther eis no way to describe the fear to people who have NOT been through it. They will never understand. So dont try and make her understand.....just tell her to not say anything. JOURDAN..... Swaddling is when you arap the blanket around your bbay kinda tight to make baby feel safe and secure like in the womb. Not all babies like it. But it is pretty easy..and those awesom nurses like ERIN will show you how to do it !!! As for the weight gain...dont is coming !!! Remember this is my 4th pg. SO I get bigger faster!!!!! Your big belly will start to appear very very soon !!!! And baby will triple in size week 16-19/ you will kinda just pop out then even more !!! ERIN.....still demanding af to show herself for you this one time !!!!!! Then she is sent packing !!!!! SO baby can stick in there !!! As fo rme ladies..I am staying really busy, trying not to focus on the upcoming date. But it is kinda hard cause my brother;s baby is due the same day. So we will have a new baby either way. And they are having a girl also !!! SOOOO....maybe I will just focus on what a good thing that is !!! Carson is a very busy boy in there!! But kinda quiet this am so far. I am gonna go feed my kids breakfast !!!! OH thread...darnit !!! Gonna have to copy and paste !! Have a good day ladies !!!!


smmom2 - May 1

Jill...have a good trip and the sickness is proabbly here to stay. Carson made me sick till 16 wks and both girls til 10-12 weeks. SOrry hun !!!! Lemon drops work wonders. Keep some on you at all times !!!!!! CLAUDS...THERE YOU ARE!!!! Sorry about your grandad....I know how hard it is. Also it is nice that you are happy for your brother, I also know how hard that is. MISSP...glad to see you are ook as well. I know there is all this stuff in your way...but atleast you are going home !!! Ok..sorry to make this short ladies but I have to get the kids off to school !!!


Mrs.Hath - May 1

Hi girls. One more day till Friday. Come on Friday! I want to sleep from Friday night till Monday morning....that's how tired I am. I'm not sick like Jill, but boy am I tired. Also, I still hate the smell of bread toasting or oatmeal in the microwave. I'm going to have to come in after everyone eats breakfast here, lol. Wonder if my boss will go for that. JILL: Have fun in San Fran. Me and DH want to go there really bad. Although I know with work, no nookie and your m/s, it won't be all that great. However, I'm so happy you have m/s and that bean is growing. I too think trimester uno is sucky. Only 3 more weeks for me. Thank goodness. CLAUDS: Well hello! It's so nice to hear from you. I'm so sorry you are still sick as a dog. I can't believe the doctor made a b/w mix up like that. Holy cow, I would have been so scared too. That's a horrible fright to have. As for the movement, I don't know much about that. Have you asked your midwife? Does the baby look okay during the u/s? You are right, it doesn't matter how bad we feel during these 9 months as long as we are blessed with a baby at the end. Keep hanging in there. You are almost half way done. MISSP: I've missed you. I'm so glad you are finally going home. The pa__sport issue will resolve very soon and you'll be on your way. How is your brother doing? I can't believe it's almost time to find out the s_x of the baby. It's going sooooo quickly for you. Everyone has their opinions I suppose. I'm eager to find out the real or blue. When you get back to the UK, will DH be able to work? Just curios how all that works out. ERIN: Yeah!!!!! I'm so happy AF is finally here for you. I know how irregular you are, so this must be a huge relief. AF can be a very horrible horrible wicket (did I say horrible) witch. Keep her far away from me. She's all yours, lol. So, you start Clomid in 2 days. Fantastic. You're on your way to TTC. Woo hoo. SHANA: Well look at you! It seems like you did some soul searching and came up with a very good plan. You are the matriarch of your own family now and you are within your rights to take a stand on how you intend to run your own household. Good for you. I am sooooo proud of you. All that nonsense she said about not getting too excited, it's way to hard not to. DH kept telling me that I needed to "manage my expectations" and not get all excited until after the NT Scan. I was like, "how will I just gloss over my pregnancy for 13 weeks?". Ummm.....not gonna happen. Of course I got excited right away and I don't care! I love your 4th of July plan. What a better way to voice your "INDEPENDENCE" from your mother than to take a stand that day. If ever there was a day to take a's the 4th! Perfect timing. SHELLY: How are you and carson doing today? Is he dancing away? Did you sleep okay last night? I had dreams that DH and I keep trying to BD, but due to our long waited pelvic rest, things just didn't "fit" anymore. It was so weird, it's like we forgot how things worked. Geez, I guess I'm in need of s_x! SHABMAM: How are you and Shireen doing?


lisamc - May 1

Hi girls, well today is two weeks since I found out about my second loss. I should hear the test res___ts on the baby soon and I go in two weeks from tomorrow to do my follow up and schedule some tests for me. I really don't want to go back there but I am making myself as I should know if there is anything wrong. At this point I really don't want to try again, but I am thinking that will change as I heal. I forget - how long until I should see AF? I am not doing the charting or anything anymore, just taking a break. I have lost 11lbs in two weeks, I am not overweight but I had put on about 15 in the last year. I think being pregnant twice in the last five months didn't help. The day after my D&C I cried about how none of my clothes fit me and I felt so fat and ugly. SO last weekend I went and had my roots touched up and nails done and with my diet most of my cute clothes look good again. I am a control freak so being able to control my body and losing weight has done wonders for me. Its like my body just turned on me and I couldn't control anything with those pregnancies so it feels good to take control of something again. JSTALEY: sorry your so sick, but just remember its for a good reason! CLAUDS: 18weeks6days is awesome, I am so happy for you. I know its hard, but enjoy it!!!MISSP: hope all works out and your back in the UK soon!SHANAT: I really don't think anyone can understand how it feels to lose your baby unless its happened to you. Most think its not a big deal and can't understand why you can't move on from it. I never told anyone at work either time I was pregnant (except my boss who lost a baby at 9weeks also)so its actually nice to come in and be normal again. I wish I had more support, but that is why I come here!!ERIN - I will have to go back and read your story. I am glad AF showed, I am waiting for her, but not so I can TTC again, just to get my body back to its normal cycle. After my first m/c the first AF was so easy, but I have heard others say its horrible so I am hoping I have an easy time again. Time will tell!!! MRSHATH: how are you feeling? Tomorrow the big scan? Good luck, I know all is fine with your little one. Well, back to work for me. Have a great day girls! LISA


Shabnam - May 1

Hey gals. I see you have all moved on to a new thread. I get busy for a few days and I'm so behind on the threads it's unbelievable. Clauds its good to hear from you. Jstay, sorry about the ms... have you tried drinking ginger ale. I heard it helps. Shana... sorry your mom is not so understanding right now. But Ihave to say that I do understand what she is meaning in telling you this. My family also told me that I shouldnt get too excited either... not to buy anything till i was 3-4 mths and not to tell people. It's not really to take the joy out of the experience for you, its more to ward off those that could be jealous and "jinx" your pregnancy (an evil eye kinda thing). I am supersticious with those things. I did enjoy every minute of my pregnancy. But I enjoyed it quietly with dh and my close family. All our friends found out after i pa__sed the 12 week mark. But each person is different. And I think if you want to shout it off the roof tops then YOU GO GIRL!!!! MrsH. Keep us posted on your upcoming scan. I know what you mean about being tired. That was my biggest issue too. Smmom, hows baby Carson doing. I am sure he is kicking. Does it wake you up at night too??? I am starting to feel Shireen with stronger and stronger kicks. Its great... but i dont sleep no more. Oh and GREAT NEWS... My sister in law is back... so the dog is gone!!! I am going to be cleaning my house top to bottom today... It is going to be soooooo great! We can finally have people over. Starting with saturday! I gotta get back to work... I swear I will try to check in regularly... but life is so busy it's crazy! You all take good care of yourselves and your beans for those expecting. Babydust for those trying. And prayers for those recovering.


Mrs.Hath - May 1

LISA: I am glad you are on the road to healing. I know it is difficult to go back to the doctors after that. I was soooo upset when I had to site in the waiting room with all those pregnant girls. It was just horrible. Having some "me" time sounds like a great idea. I always feel so much better when I get my hair and nails did. I'm long over due for sure. My scan is not until May 14th. I still have 12 days left. I'm pretty much a nervous wreck. SHAB: I'm so glad the dog is gone. Horay!


ShanaT - May 1

So girls I'm freaking! So I work in childcare I think you all know that. I'm here for like another weekand a half before we move and today I find out that I have been exposed to both HAND, FOOT, and MOUTH and FIFTH DISEASE! A child in my cla__s came dowm with hand foot and month last week and her mother just decided to tell us all. And a child in a room that I subbed in on Tuesday was sent home yesterday (wednesday) with fifth disease (dr confirmed it!)! I'm freakin out! Of course I've already put a call in to my dctor who is suppost to be calling me back! Have you guys heard anything???!!! Please let me know.... anything would be welcome. I did try to get online and find some stuff out.... I just don't know if I should be worried.....who am I kinding.... I'm worried as heck! Please help!


Bryandi - May 1

Hi ladies, I am back...and soo very glad to be back. A full week is too long with the in-laws. So I read up on everyone and you guys only moved one thread while I was gone. I am amazed! I thought for sure I would have to read up on two full threads to catch up. So firstly.......SHANA, cycle buddy, excellent news about your sono! That is about the same as me. I measured one day less than I was and had a good heart rate. It is very rea__suring! You seem to have all your ducks in a row right now. Oh and don't let your mother get to you. It is your body and your pregnancy and you are allowed to enjoy it however you wish. If she can't understand it, then maybe she shouldn't be part of it. I know that really seems harsh, but I think that if your mom truly cares about you and you tell her how much she is hurting you then she will stop. Congrats on getting the house! Good luck keeping everything a secret until July 4th! Jstay, I think it is kinda strange that they only prescribed it for a week. I am on it thru the first trimester. Also about the discharge, it is completely normal. i think the white stuff is whatever holds the progesterone your body absorbes the hormone and then discharges the stuff it doesn't need. I have the same discharge. I also wouldn't worry about the fact that your sono didn't show anything and you are only a little bit behind Shana. This early each day makes a huge difference in the baby. It is amazing what your body accomplishes in the first 6 to 8 weeks (considering the baby has really only been in existence for 4 to 6 weeks) Plus your morning sickness is a great sign that everything is going great in there! Oh BTW SHANA, good to hear you do NOT have a lot of MS. Neither do I. In fact I think the very little I have had is related to the progesterone. CLAUDS great to hear from you again. I was starting to get worried! Good luck with your tests and the big scan. MissP glad to hear you and dh are busy with the visa etc. keep looking. I am sure a flight will come up for you. Smmom I swear I did not bring the rain. I was so disappointed that the weather was sooo cold and yucky while we were there. I had so many cute summer outfits for the kiddos packed to show them off to all the great grandparents and aunts and uncles (we had been having 75 degree weather in Maine before we left) and they didn't get to wear them. Oh well. Smmom, I remember with ds how miserable it was to not be able to eat as much as you want or even enough to make you not hungry anymore because you were so big and uncomfortable. I am not looking forward to that again! MRS. HATH glad you are feeling well....minus the exhaustion. I am sure that I would rather have sickness than exhaustion as my kiddos wouldn't forgive me if I had no energy to play with them. LISA, I am soo sorry you had to go thru that again. The first one sucks, but the second one makes you really worry there is something wrong with you. It will work out for you, when the time is right. Any time you need to vent or talk or anything feel free to run it by us. We are always here with support! ERIN....great that AF finally showed!! I remember waiting for the awful witch. I was so mad that she took so long after my m/c. Now you can get down to ttc again! Judi, so we are waiting on AF number two right?? I am sorry I couldn't find where you had said you thought she would come visit. I bet you are counting down the days. Sarah9, great to hear from you again! Glad to hear that things are going well and your little bean is thriving in there! Ok ladies, sorry if I missed anyone or anything. I am exhausted and beating myself up for telling work I would be in tomorrow. I did get some good news while I was away, though. I had a sono scheduled for this coming Monday, but then got one last Wed because of cramping and lower back ache. Well the doc is going to let me keep the one for Monday for rea__surance purposes. So I will get to see if the baby is growing on target. If he/she is growing like a little bean should be, then maybe I will relax a little bit. Oh and I was horrible on vacation. I pigged out. I am dreading stepping on those scales because I am sure that I have gained a ton of weight. I can't even blame it on the baby since the baby isn't hanging out in my b___t!!!!!!! sigh*** ah well just means I will have to work a bit harder after this one is born to lose the weight again. I swear I am going to get a good schedule where I walk everyday and try to eat better from here on out! Night ladies. I am going to bed.


smmom2 - May 2

Good mornign girls!!!!!!!!! ERIN>>>.YEY !! I am glad af is here. now on to the next phase !!! JOURDAN....dont worry...when the time comes..everything will And you will both know exactly what to do !!! SHANAT....telling people about your pregnancy does NOT make you miscarry. It just means you have to tell more people what happened. As for being excited...I will tell you the same thing I told my opinion...every baby that is in our womb deserves to be loved. whether it is with us for 5 weeks, 5 months or forever...they all deserve to know our unconditional love. That means love your excited and tell who you want to tell. LISA....Af usually shows herself within 30 days. So soon and I hope she isnt nasty to you eiter. I pray you get the answers you need for this next time around. And it is ok to take a few months from ttc and heal.. You need to mentally ok with it also. SHAB....... Glad to hear Shireen is keeping you up !!! HAHA...just kidding. Good strong kicks are awesome !!! Carson gets more active in the evening right before bed...then a few times a night. But no..he doesnt wake me up....I dont sleep at all anyways !!!! SHANA...Hand foot and mouth is not good for pregnant women, but you did the right thing calling your doc. I was exposed to it before I got pregnant with number I lucked out there. But just see your doc and they will be able to tell you what you need to know. glad you are back !!! I hope you enjoyed your vacay !!! Here in the good ol NE !!! OK ladies...I have to get the kids off to breakfast and school !! Have a good day!!!



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