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smmom2 - July 12

: We are all here for the loss of our children. Some of us are begining again, and some of us are trying, some of us are just trying to cope. We support eachother through every moment of life now, maybe with a little help from Sandwaby ( stands for Sad and wanting a baby) or the rest of us in SANDHABY ( sick and having a baby) . And now we even have a STANDHABY ( second trimester and having a baby) . All os us have come a long way !!! We have become more then support....we have become friends. So either way, come on in and join us...everyone is welcome!!!!


MissP - July 14

Hi girls, its been a quiet sunday so i just wanted to say happy monday to everyone! I woke up at 6am and this is the best chance i get to catch up with you all. Dh has a big interview today so im going to be busy ferrying him around and also applying for my maternity allowance, got loads of forms to fill in and get sent off. Wow im glad im not working. Ive got to prepare myself for tomorrow aswell, the next big scan. Tuesdays are going to be like D-day from now on for me. Still i guess it has to be done. Tylers been quite active all weekend and started doing those weird slow movements where it feels like hes elbowing you from your groin to your ribs. Its so weird when i feel it, still havent got used to that one! The kicks and the flips are fine but that one is bizarre! Well, not much to say this morning from me, but il post tomorrow probably and let you know about the scan and dh's interview. Think positive for both of them girlies!! Take care x x x


MissP - July 14

Oh yes, i was gonna say your shower sounded very sweet smmom and im glad you had a good weekend. I dont even know if il be having a shower seeing as ive no idea when hes coming. I should probably have one soon! Ah so you are 33 wks and shabnam is 35. That puts me next at 28 and then how many is sarah9? Jstaley / Bryandi / shanaT how many do you have? Just trying to make a timeline here, it helps my poor brain which is working at half speed right now. Ok, im off again, see you later girls x x x


lisamc - July 14

Hi girls, sorry its been so long, I was off on Friday and just enjoying my weekend… now that I am back at work, I am ready to update with you ladies… see where my priorities are? Ha ha ….BRANDYI: Yes the birth chart says boy… I had that beer for you… but I would trade it for what you have! It will all be worth it once you have your baby here…. How are you feeling? KENDALYN: I am so glad that you are past the dnc…. How are you doing? Just think – that is behind you now and you can focus on getting healthy and then ttc again when your ready… best of luck girl, and if you need to talk – we are here to listen. MISSP: Sounds like you and Tyler are doing well, I am so happy to hear that. Before you know it … he will be here in your arms, healthy and perfect. You have been through so much and you deserve it. My thoughts are with you tomorrow as you go for your scan. Please let us know how it goes. JUDI: I had similar results with my testing, there wasn’t a single thing they could find to explain either of my losses, on one hand I wanted there to be something a reason if you will so they could fix it… its hard to accept, it was just bad luck.. that is what they keep telling me though. Just be glad there isn’t something terrible wrong with you, maybe its just gods will.. I don’t know. I wish I did know why I lost two babies, but I strongly feel someday it will be clear to me. There is such a small chance that the antibodies caused your m/c that if that was the case, like you said deal with it at that time. At least they have something to look for. Good luck! SMMOM: Glad you had fun at your shower! Does it feel real to you? I always wonder when I get to be pregnant again, how will it feel? Will I let myself get excited and anticipate the baby or will I live in fear the whole time? All you pregnant girls… do you ever relax??? Where are all my ttc buddies? I am on CD10 now… I usually O on CD11-13… so this is my week! I haven’t mentioned to my DH so as not to put pressure on him. I plan on using the preseed this month again…. Wish me luck girls. I am not using OPKs or temping, just bding every other day and hoping for a sticky bean…..Happy Monday to you all……


Lexxy - July 14

Morning ladies, hope everyone is rested after the weekend! I'm on cycle day 11 right now, getting some wierd ovulation pain on my left side - I don't think it has been this noticeable before. I wasn't expecting it to be this DH and I got started on Saturday and I ended up spotting afterwards??? What does this mean?? Like Lisa, we are using preseed...I'll be thinking of you everyday this week girl! All us cycle buddies should set a schedule and maybe with the power of numbers and all of us TTC at the same time, will create a whole extra bunch of sticky beans for everyone ...ha ha ha. Better get back to work before anyone catches me :) I will check in again later.


jstaley1228 - July 14

Oh, wow…it’s getting to be THAT time for all our ttc girlies! Lisa, Lexxy, Erin, Judi…who else? I’m keeping it all crossed for ya and a constant flow of baby dust coming your way! Miss P, I bet that is so awesome to feel Tyler just rolling around in there like that. It must do wonders for your peace of mind. I will say a special prayer for your dh’s job interview. Mine is taking his bar in two weeks! So close. I can’t wait for him to be done with that so things can get back to semi-normal, anyway. Shelly, your shower sounds like a blast! I can’t wait for mine…which is still month’s and month’s away so I’d better get over it. My mom and dh and I went and bought all our nursery furniture yesterday. That was so much fun. It won’t be in for a few months but that gives me something to look forward to anyway. Well, I’d better run and grab lunch before I get too hungry. Later, ladies!


lisamc - July 14

Yep this is it for us girls... our big week to catch that egg! Lets hope in about two weeks time we all have some great news to share!!!!


Erin_thenurse - July 14

Ladies, today I had my cd 12. I have 8 follicles on the right ovary with the largest 10 x 8. Left ovary has 9 follicles and the largest 12 x10. They said that if I ovulated, it would be in the next 5 days, which makes sense since I ovulated on cd 17 last month. They are just so nonchalant about my fertility. Allen thinks that since I am 25, they don’t take my infertility seriously. If I was 35 then they would be so much more aggressive. Anyways, they just really frustrated me today. They said that the clomid might take a few cycles to work and they may need to up my dosage. This is already my third cycle!! How long do they want to me to wait?? The 10 years?? UGGHH! They just drive me crazy sometimes. We are trying bding every other day this cycle. Anyone ovulated yet?? How are all my ttc girls doing?? Sorry I have been gone so long!!


Lexxy - July 14

I'm with you Erin - we are on the every other day plan this cycle too...but my body is really confusing me. I feel like I am ovulating (pain and CM), but I test and it's it's a little early for me (usually around day 16). I also had very small spotting on Saturday and today. I wish there was a more clear cut sign - like a big "O" on your belly or something!! I'm thinking of ya girl!


decbaby - July 14

hello ladies, you all will find me new to this thread, even though i have been constantly checking in to see how you all have been doing the reason why i didnt write before was that i had just had a miscarriage and was not ready to share at the time or i felt that i had nothing to say i guess i was just too devastetated and shocked and reading how most of you had similar experiences i felt that i had nothing to add. any ways MISS P i hope that every thing turns out great for you and little tyler you're always in my prayers, jstaley I can imagine that the waiting is exhausting and exciting both at the same time, I hope that you’ll get to throw you shower soon and that it will be great. For all of you who are ttc I wish you all the best of luck as I will be ttc soon again perhaps next month and this scares me to death as I can’t imagine going through another miscarraiage plus there’s also the fear of not being able to conceive at all, Erin im so glad to know that your 25 so am I. I hope that you guys don’t find me imposing or unwelcome.


smmom2 - July 14

MISSP.....I hope dh gets his job..that would be great !! And I hope that Tyler hangs in there a few more weeks for you !!! And 28 weeks is awesome !!! You are getting so far. Trust never gets used to those across the belly movements. I say...if all goes well..have that shower this week. LISA>.... I dont think we will ever relax....We have all lost a baby..and that takes away the innocense of pregnancy. You will let yourself be excited, when you feel that this baby is with your for the long 9 months...but you wont ever fully relax. You will be scared !! And it wont go away after the baby is born either !!! That is a new set of fears though. GOOD LUCK with your bding this week!! I am throwing you lots of sticky dust and hoping this is your cycle...all three of you ttc ladies, Lexxy, Erin and Judi !!! This could be it ladies !!! are you feeling these the m.s. going away finally ???? You have your scan this week...or is it next??? The BIG exciting !!! ERIN...I have a friend that is 34....she has 2 healthy kids...and one m/c in between the kids. She just got remarried and has been trying for 10 months. She went to a fertility specialist and they put her on Chlomid and told her if that didnt work they could do some U/S or something on her to see what is going on. So they are SOooo not being aggressive with her either. The first time she went they told her to come back in 6 months. SO ...I hope that makes you feel better. Lets hope this is your month !!! All those follicles better!!!! LEXXY...the spotting could just be left over blood from af coming out...or just from bding. It happens sometimes. DECBABY>>>Welcome to the thread...and you are always welcome. I am so sorry for your loss. I know the fear of losing another makes ttc hard...but it can also be rewarding. I am now 33 weeks along with my little boy...and I lost my little girl at 12 1/2 weeks last OCT. It is never easy. We will all be here for you routing you on !!! AS for me ladies...I am having bad pains today...and of course back to not sleeping at all. i am also back to getting nauseas every afternoon.Also the fatigue. I am hoping this all doesnt last the next 7 weeks. But Carson is worth it !!! I have dd's bday this weekend...and her big girl bed should be I can put together her room and Carson will be bunking with us for I will be putting his stuff together. Then maybe i will feel like everything is ready !!! ALl I need to do is get him some clothes to wear in public !!! Ok ladies....I need to go get the girls ready for bed. !!!


lilymummy - July 14

Welcome Decbaby and sorry for your loss. I can tell you right now you are in the right place for support, so keep on posting. At the moment I am lost as to whether to expect AF, ovulation, or what as I am about 5 weeks from my d and c. I am hearing about people who are 12 weeks pregnant and feeling down as I should be about 14 weeks now, but I am trying to keep my chin up and say to myself "not to be". Miss P it is great news Tyler is kicking up a storm, each kick is a beautiful thing. I'm getting so excited that soon there will be some birth announcements on this thread, not to mention some beautiful BFPs.


smmom2 - July 15

Good morning ladies.....Hope you all have a good Tuesday. LILLY....Have you gotten first AF yet??? I think once that happens you can expect to o around the nrmal your cycle. And then it is the dreaded 2 ww.. I pray there are lots of sticky beans this cycle for all you ttc ladies so we can have more BFPS !!!! Have a good day ladies !! MISSP.....good luck today with Tyler !!! Please post and let us know what happens!!


Shabnam - July 15

Hey ladies! Sorry I have been MIA. I am studying for my last exam before I do the accreditation and its driving me nuts. I can't wait till its over. I will finally be able to catch up with all of you. Decbaby, welcome to the thread and I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. Smmom, so glad you had a great baby shower. I can't wait till mine... I just hope I don't deliver before... MissP, It's great that Tyler keeps moving around. I know feeling Shireen gives me the greatest peace of mind. I saw the dr. yesterday. Everything seems to be fine but from the ultrasound it seems her left kidney is still dilated at 8.2mm. So she will need extra care once she is born. Dr. says she isnt worried but for some reason that doesnt make me feel better... Nothing can be done for now so I guess i need to deal with it. On a brighter note. Shireen finally has nursery furniture! YAY. Dh was so excited to put it all together lol. Anyhow ladies, I need to get back to my studying. You are all in my thoughts. My TTC ladies, I am shipping a tremendous amount of babydust to you. Kendalyn, I am glad your D&C went well. How are you feeling now? The pg ladies, hope you are all enjoying your pregnancies... even with all the aches and pains. Love you all; hugs n kisses.


lisamc - July 15

ERIN: How frustrating for you! I bet your DH is right, because your young they don't take you as seriously as if you were 10 years older, that isn't fair at all. I am now on CD11, so O could happen for me anytime between now and Saturday, I am going to also bd everyother day this week and see what happens. I can usually tell when I O b/c I have cramps so i am going to try to tune into my body and see if I can get any signs... good luck!!! LEXXY: are you taking the OPKS once a day? My Dr. told me that you should take them twice a day because you could miss the surge.. don't know how true that is as I don't use the opks anymore (they frustrated me!) and found temping to be a great way to track my cycles, but right now I am not doing anything but next month if I don't get my bfp I plan on temping again. DECBABY! Welcome girl! I am so sorry about your m/c. Its a unique bond all of us girls share here, you are more than welcome to join our group. I promise you that you won't find a group of ladies who are more compa__sionate than these chickys.... we have all had devastating losses but now you will find many have gone on to have successful pregnancies, and those of us who haven't yet support eachother and hope.... its nice to have a place to chat with women who understand exactly how your feeling. SMMOM: thanks girl! I hope that baby dust works! Sounds like your nesting! How exciting... Carson will be here before you know it! I am so excited for you. LILLYMUMMY: is there a chance you didn't know when you O'ed? How frustrating for you! I hope your body starts cooperating with you!!!! MISSP: Praying for you and Tyler today for your big scan... I have everything crossed that it goes good for you. I hope you all have a great day! LISA ((HUGS))


Judi Sarah - July 15

DEBABY - sorry about your loss. you are more than welcome to join us here. i hope we can give you the support you need to get through this tough time. SMMOM - i am so glad you enjoyed your shower. i will email you soon. MISSP - it's awesome that tyler is doing so well, God bless. tell us about the scan today. ERIN - that is aggravating that the drs won't give you more attention. have you tried finding someone else? i think you need someone more sympathetic and proactive towards your situation. SHABNAM - when is your shower? how exciting that you are rounding out the last trimester w/SMMOM. LISA and LEXXY - i hope the pressed works and that you fall pg this cycle and i hope ERIN and i fall pg this cycle too! LILYMUMMY - i understand how you feel, i think we all do. believe me, everyone around me is getting pg and just yesterday i was crying and thinking that i should have been about 38 weeks today. my edd is coming up in about 2 weeks and and i will be hurting knowing that it was the day our son would have been born, but i will be absolutely ecstatic if i am pg w/another. talk about bitter sweet. JSTALEY - i can't wait for your dh to get the bar overwith too, haha. it'll be such a relief that it's over and both you and him can then go back to enjoying each other's company (of course w/the stress of the results, which i am sure will be fine!).


Judi Sarah - July 15

as for me ladies, i think i need your support more than ever. i am so upset right now. basically... when dh and i got married, we both wanted children, but not right away. but the last 2 of the 4 years we have been married, dh has been telling me he does not want children. whatever his reasons are, i don't care b/c i want children. when we got pg w/our son, it was not planned, but we were both so excited. of course, we had our fears and concerns, but we were really happy. then when we had our loss, we were both very upset and we talked about having a baby in the near future. then finally the time came for us to start bd-ing again and he dropped the bomb on me that he does not want children. i don't know what to do. after fighting, arguing ang crying, we managed to bd on sunday but that's CD13 and the dr suggested to start bd-ing starting CD14 and every other day thereafter. now i don't know if i O-ed or not b/c i haven't been charting properly or checking CM. i wasn't expecting this to happen. i am hoping and praying that i can convince him that we should bd this week, as the dr said and that God willing we will get pg this cycle b/c i am losing this uphill battle w/him and i know if i don't get pg this cycle, God forbid, then next month will kill me in fighting w/him again. i don't know what to do. i know he will be a great father and he loves kids, but i don't know how to make him realize that his fears and selfishness is not warranted. please pray for me ladies, please. i need all the thoughts and prayers i can get b/c i can't go through this alone. it's one thing for God to decide if we shouldn't have our own children, but i want to at least try. btw, does anyone know whether i could get pg on CD13 of using clomid on CD5-9? God, i hope i get pg this cycle with a healthy baby. ughhhhhhh



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