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Ella82 - February 23

Hey Stef, just wanted to see how you are doing. After a week of on and off spotting and bleeding i miscarried naturally on Tuesday, i didnt pass as much as i did last time but the pain seemed 100 times worse, the bleeding seems to have settled down alot quicker though. My doctor has perscibed me with progesterone cream to take after I O, not sure if this is the exact problem of my m/cs but he said it doesnt hurt to try, I also want to start taking aspirin but we dont have baby aspirin here in Oz and i wanted to know how many mg it was that you can take safely i heard jt was 81mg or something also when do you start taking it??? I also saw my new obgyn he did a scan a couple of days after my m/c and i have pretty much passed everything and shouldnt have too much bleeding left, he also did some blood tests checking for clotting, immune probs and some other stuff will get those results early next week. Dh and I are going to start ttc after my first af so probably sometime in April dh will have to control himself until the!! I seem to fall quickly so hopefully i have all my bases covered this time. I hope you are well, when are you trying again? Take Care xxx


stefkay - February 23

Hi Ella! Great to hear from you! I'm so glad to hear things are progressing well! We sound so similar...I had the wait and pa__sed everything well naturally (thank god as I so didn't want another d&c). I take 81mg baby aspirin daily and for me, I am to take it every day--no certain times of the month and if I get pregnant, I am to continue taking it through the pregnancy (I'd start taking it right away--it also helps to build up uterine lining so I heard a while back and can aid in implantation. First month I tried it I got pregnant). My dr. today said it is ok, but I asked about heparin (blood thinner shots) too and she won't go there right now. She still wants to test my luteal phase, FSH levels and do a hystero something (xray or uterus). It's funny because I fall pregnant fairly easily too (knock on wood) and my dr. told me today she wants me to use condoms for a couple of months (I was like, yeah right) but she said she doesn't want me to go on anything hormonal and I told her I didn't want to--I don't need the problems it can cause trying to conceive again. My old gyn always pushed me to get on birth control and I'm glad this one is discouraging it. I am excited to hear what your tests say, so please let me know as soon as you find out! How long must you wait? I still don't know what all I was tested for. I'd probably have to order a copy of the path reports. I know I had the clotting stuff, chromosome studies, etc. but I don't know about the immune stuff. I'd have to pay a lot of money for that I'm sure. Ok, enough rambling!!! Good luck! {HUGS}


ROBYN - February 23

stef i hope you dont mind me stepping in the x-ray of the uterus is called an HSG i had to have before starting any infertilty process let me know if you want more info ((HUGS))



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