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sashasmama - December 3

I haven't really been keeping up with the forum lately, I hope you remember me, but I come in once in a while to check your posts, since we are both in similar situations. I can't believe that we are both 9 weeks! I wanted to ask you about the fetal doppler you got. Did you rent it? And if you don't mind me asking, where did you get it from and what kind is it. I've been having terrible symptoms this whole time, I haven't slept a normal night of sleep in weeks. But in the past few days my symptoms have subsided a bit, I'm not as nauseaus anymore and the constipation is going away. I've been planning on getting a doppler anyway, and I can't believe I could wait till 9 weeks (!) to rent one, but now that my symptoms aren't as strong, I'm starting to freak out a bit. Please respond when you get a chance.


stefkay - December 3

Hi sashasmama! Good to hear from you! I'm glad to hear everything is going well... That is sooooo funny that you posted this because I am having the same thing right now. Symptoms are totally starting to decrease and I'm freaking out! I've had 2 good ultrasounds and the last one was last Tuesday and baby measured a day ahead and heartbeat was 175. Then I think around Friday I started feeling better overall and yesterday I hit the 9 week point and just don't feel as much overall as I did a week ago. It's not like they are gone "poof", but are just much more subtle--and mine weren't all that bad to begin with so it really freaks me out! I got my doppler from storkradio. com -- it is the digital Huntleigh doppler and it is the most expensive one they have ($49 per month), but I'm only going to use it one month and then send it back for the less sensitive digital one that is $25 per month to use the rest of the pregnancy if I am b lessed to make it that far! I thought I would get it today but called the shipping company and they said it will be tomorrow, so I'm really nervous about not getting a heartbeat or something bad like that...


sashasmama - December 3

Thank you for replying! I haven't gotten a chance to go to the dr. yet, my insurance is just now coming through. Congratulations on the ultrasounds and hearing the heartbeat! I can't wait to hear mine. Is there a difference in the price? I mean does the more expensive one catch weaker signals or is it because it's recordable or does it give out the heartrate? I want to make sure I find the baby's hb and not mine, but at the same time can't spend too much on the one with the display, so I guess I'll time and count. Well, I guess I spoke too early about the symptoms fading, because I feel like complete %^% today, besides the fact that I'm allergic to the christmas tree, I also can't sleep EVER.


stefkay - December 3

I was told by the customer service rep that the one I got is more sensitive. I guess I'll find out when I get it. I researched a LOT online and never read anything but good comments on the Stork Radio dopplers. The other one I heard good things about was bellybeats. com....most of the rest had mixed reviews. I have to get the digital readout because I'll drive myself nuts trying to count the beats, etc. I'm not feeling so hot now today either, and I've also developed some kind of d__n rash on my side. I've called both my doctors and am waiting for call backs because it's freaking me out...


sashasmama - December 4

Thank you for the information! I'm going to get one from either storkradio or babybeats. Did you get your's in? I'm excited to hear about it!


stefkay - December 4

Yep, I got it today! I tried it and got the seemed to fluctuate a LOT between like 160 to 185, but it held for a bit at 171-174ish which seemed normal. I was relieved, but can't wait until it is stronger and can hold on longer when I catch the beat. I'm still fairly early.


Carly67 - December 4

I hope you don't mind me b___ting in but if you are looking at a stork radio doppler you should check ebay because they (storkradio) sell new dopplers on ebay and you can buy a new one for much less then renting the entire pregnancy. I got mine there brand new --same one my doctor has and it was shipped direct for them for less then if I would have rented it. They had so many up when I got mine so we got it for a great price. Hope this helps.



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