Still No Period After D Amp C

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Jeter - November 30

Hello, first time on here. I had a D&C 8 weeks ago still no period. I did have s_x 2 weeks ago but I'm not considering that I could be pregnant. I still have symptoms of getting my period since the D&C, but no period. Has this happened to anyone?


Mrs.Hath - December 3

Hi Jeter. Yep, I'm in the exact same boat. I had a D&C 5weeks, 4 days ago and still no AF. Many of the girls on here are saying about 6-7 weeks, so 8 seems a bit long- though not unheard of. I've had symptoms of having my period for the last week and half. Every day I'm hoping to see it....and NOTHING. It's so weird. I also had s_x 2 weeks ago (just once). I took a HPT and got a it's back to the waiting game. PS- so sorry for your loss. I do hope you get AF soon so you can start BDing again.


Mrs.Hath - December 6

Hi Jeter. Just wanted to check in to see if you got your period yet. I got mine today. I'm exactly 6 weeks to the day of my D&C. I truly feel like running brought it on. I've been running 3-4 times a week over the last two weeks and it seemed to help my body, but I can't say for sure.


MEKA2008 - December 6

Hi Jeter, I am in the same boat, I had a D&C on October 30, 2007 and had very little spotting afterwards. On November 29th I started having cramping and back pains like I was going to get my period any moment this has been ongoing for a week. I took a pregnancy test on December 2 and it was negative. I had s_x on two occa__sions the 24th and 27th of November. Other than feeling like I am on my period, I don't have any other pregnancy signs which I would love to... I know the doctors says to wait for a period before trying again...guess I was being hard headed.


Jeter - December 6

Hello! It has been 9 weeks since my D&C and still no period. I called my Doctor's office and I will be going for blood work. I'm getting various kinds of symptoms like running to the bathroom to see if it came, nauses and feeling faint. Sorry for your loss!!


Mrs.Hath - December 6

Yes, the nausua, felling faint, back pain.....all of it I had for 2 weeks before I ever got my actual period. So weird. I also took preg tests and it was negative. It was so frustrating. It sounds like it right around the corner for both of you.


abi_77 - December 6

You might be pregnant. Get a blood test.


dnrainwater - December 14

I do not have the answer, but to anyone who has had a D&C. Does it hurt and what exactly do they do? I am in the middle of a miscarriage right now, and I have been bleeding for 5 days. My doctor told me that if I haven't stopped bleeding by next week, I will need to have a D&C. I'm so nervous!


Jeter - December 14

I had a D&C and it was fine. I was told that I would have some cramping and I didn't and also I only bleed when I went to the bathrrom for 3 or three days. So Sory for your loss!


Jeter - December 14

Just wanted to fill everyone in. It's been 10 weeks since my D&C and still no period. I have had s_x quite a few times. I had blood work done over a week ago and I'm not pregnant. I still have pregnancy symptoms. Mostly light headed, faint, dizzy, and nauses, but with period symptoms. Has anyone been through this?


sonnywife - January 8

I also had a D&C done 9 weeks ago for pcos and still no period. I have had pregnancy signs but i took a test and it was negative. does anyone else here have pcos? if so is there any hope that one day i will become a mom?



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