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H - February 18

Well this sounds kind of wierd but I need to know, if someone has a stillborn do they get the baby out naturally or do they get the baby out some other way?


Karen - February 18

If the baby is dead inside the mother, it depends how many weeks gestation the baby is. If its quite big (depending on the doc's opinion,) they will induce labour or wait for it to happen spontaneously. If its a small enough baby they will suggest a D&C or D&E, or wait for a natural miscarriage. Largely the decision is up to the woman - but no-one would guess that in most hospitals.


sister - February 20

Hi H, my sister had a stillborn at about 28-30 weeks. They induced her labor, and she had the baby naturally. It is a difficult thing to do. I was with her when she had the baby, it was very hard (emotionally). They let you hold the baby, and they even take a picture of it (may sound disturbing). Hope this helped.


Tracy - February 21

I just had my stillbirth that is on the 38 wks of my pregnancy. It was really hard to accept, when my husband got to know that our baby heartbeat has stop, my husband wants the doctor to bring the baby out by cecarean immediately, or it may affect my health.


Tammy Fredette - March 26

hello I lost my baby girl do to a still birth 7 months ago and they take them out naturally what they do is give you patosin and take it from there...she was so beautiful and wonderfuly awesome. any questions [email protected]





bella - April 8

I had a still birth at 39 weeks, they put me on ptosin and an epidural this is very hard for my husband and I. My husband wanted them to do a caeserean but there might be a risk to me so I delivered my son naturally.


response - April 8

i almost cried reading yoour stories. thats so awful! can i ask why you lost your babies when you were so far along? i thought it only happened in the beginning. i guess your never in the clear.


Becky - April 12

I also had a stillbirth at 21 weeks. They gave me a drug stronger than petocin and it was a horrid experience. I held my baby girl. She was tiny.



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