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jr - November 8

Why did baby die at stillbirth


Lilu - November 9

I lost my daughter at 34 1/2 weeks. I had a healthy pregnancy & went for a check up the week before and she was fine. I didn't feel her move all morning so I called the Dr. and I went in for them to check her. They couldn't find her heartbeat. After I delivered her still, I wanted an autopsy. They checked my placenta and cord. There weren't any knots or clots. Both Sophie's and my bloodwork came back healthy. The Dr. told me she was a healthy baby. So I have no reason why my little girl died. I did alot of reading and in my case, I believe she must have compressed the cord and let up after she pa__sed. I read that a mother's blood pressure drops while she's sleeping and if the baby compressed the cord, they stop their oxygen intake. It's so scary. There's nothing we could have did. It's hard not to blame yourself since she was healthy. I'm trying to pull the positive out of her being healthy, that hopefully, my next baby will be born healthy as well. How far along were you? Did you get any results back yet? I'm sorry got your loss and it's hard to hear this now but with time, it's gets easier. Good luck...


lilE - November 11

maybe its god way of saying sophies not ready for this grandmother had still born his name was alan on nov 11th.then 2yrs later she gave birth to my father alan on NOV 11TH and here the kicker SAME BIRTH TIME FOR BOTH ALAN'S. my father Has visted the grave of his twin as we call it. I SEE IT AS GOD SAYING IT WASNT HIS TIME TO BE BONE YET. gl hun. i myself have had mutiple m/c and still trying!


kim - November 12

My baby was also stillborn 6 months ago.I was 38 weeks pregnant when I woke one morning not feeling any movement.After visiting my local hospital I was scanned and was given that devastating news.Nearly 7 months on and I am still in a state in limbo.I completely agree that pregnancy can be very unpredictable as just like you,all my scans and antenatal appointments had all been fine prior to that horrible day.When my son was born 2 days later after being induced he was perfect.An angel.A few weeks later when we went to see our consultant he told us our sons post mortem showed he had a chromosomal abnormality and that he would not have survived had he been born alive.Our consultant told us that it would be unlikely that this would reoccur in a future pregnancy.Fingers crossed.



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