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Xxx - January 5

After a stillbirth how long are you recomended to wait? luckly i also concieved my first time trying with my angel so is it more likely that ill do the same this time round or does a stillbirth effect your chances of concieving? anyone who knows anything, please let me know :)


Lilu - January 5

Stillbirth does not effect your chances of canceiving. My doctor gave me the okay 2 months after my delivery.


x - January 6

Lilu im so sorry 4 your loss, how far along were you?


onetwothree - January 6

I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my baby at 36 weeks. My DR told me I could start again after aone month. That was too soon for me since my body was still healing and then after that, my heart and soul needed to heal. I ended up waiting a couple of years out of fear that it would happen again.


Tara - January 6

How long did you ladies bleed after having your babies? I had my daughter on November 26 and its 6 weeks now and Im still spoting. Im going to wait a few cycles before trying agin, but it hard to plan when Im still spotting and s_x is out of the question.I was also but on birth control 3 weeks after the birth. I was only 18 weeks 5 days with my sweet angel and I had a natural labor and placenta was attached to my little one when she came out. So sorry for everyones losses! Ill be praying for all of us!


xxx - January 7

Im so sorry for all your losses. i lost my baby on the 7th of december and now its the 7th of january and im still bleeding, but i think its my peroid because i spotted for awhile and then this whole flood came at once! women get after bleeding and there period back to back and they dont even kotice so you could of had a cycle. Good Luck to you all, may u have a better 2006!


onetwothree - January 8

I do know that when I had my first baby, I had about 4 or 5 weeks of bleeding and then got my period. Fun. I think after my angel's birth, I bleed for about 6 weeks.


Lilu - January 10

x... I was 34 1/2 weeks. My lochia stopped at 4 weeks and I got my period at 5 1/2 weeks. I've read that your period can come back to back. My girlfriend's did. They say it can take up to 8 weeks for you to get your first read period.


Tara - January 11

Hi ladies, Still bleeding and its almost 7 weeks. I know its not my period because im on birth control and I will get my period when I go off for seven days haere in two days. It seems strange to go off to get a period when you havent stopped bleeding since the delivery. Lately Im really getting the baby blues and would love to have a baby in my arms, but really don't want to go through another pregnancy, because of fear. I don't mean to sound gross, but was your ladies bleeding at the end pinkish and more when you have a bowel movement. i spot most of the day and then its heavier when I go to the washroom. I just hope the end is soon so I can heal from all of this. Prayers for all you wonderful ladies and your sweet angels.


Lilu - January 11

Tara... I do believe that it is the end. It's more when you have a bm b/c their discharge in there. That's good. It's sounds like everything is going back to normal. This is how I was. What week are you in with your pills? Is you're period due soon? I didn't take birth control after my delivery so this is probably why you haven't had your first cycle. I understand your fear. You just need time to grieve your little angel and when you're ready you will have another.


onetwothree - January 11

Tara, I know how you feel about wanting a baby in your arms. My arms would actually ache from being empty. The only way I could sleep was by hugging a pillow. To this day, that is how I still sleep.


Tara - January 11

Thanks ladies, Im on day 20 of my pill then I go off for 7 days to get a period. Sometimes the blood is bright red after I do chores or exercise lightly. I was so concerned I phoned my doctors office and he told me to stay on the pill and we will know if the pill is working after 3 cycles. Does that mean I bleed for 3 more months and then they will put me on something else, yikes! I sure hope my doctor knows what he's doing. Onetwothree, I know what you mean! When my milk came in I just wanted my baby to feed , I felt so empty. I even now try to remeber her kicks and how she would be so quiet in the morning and so busy in the evening. Lilu, My bleeding seems to be alot when I wake also, i bet its because Ive been lying down. i wish i didn't have to stress over this. take care


Lilu - January 12

Tara and the Doctor said it's okay that you're bleeding is still heavy at times? Do you have any cramping? I think it should be subsiding with occasional spotting and colored discharge by this time. Tara... I felt the same as you with the milk. I woke up in this horrible pain which made everything so much more real and it lasted for a week. I too rub my belly and miss her so much. I'm so thankful to have you guys & to be there for you guys b/c we're experienced a simular loss.


Tara - January 12

Lilu, Its not really heavy like when you get your period, but its not getting lighter either. Its mostly pink/ yellow and brown and sometimes when I lightly excercise or do chores theres a little bit of red not a lot though . Sometimes I go a couple of hours with nothing and then I feel it coming and sure enough its there. I feel wonderful though, no cramping or fever. Im praying that the bleeding will stop and I can get back to grieving for my daughter. Im so stressed about this that I havent had time to really grieve for my little one. im going to the gym and I heard some ladies holding babies in the daycare joking that they have to still have to lose thier baby fat. I felt bad because i have the baby fat, but no baby and I would do anything to just have my little girl even if I gained a 100 pounds. I miss her so much right now. take care ladies


sarahmarie - January 16

Xxx~ I am so sorry for your loss. My daughter Alana Marie was stillbirth at 40 weeks full term one year ago on Dec. 13th 2005. I know you are having a very difficult time. Please feel free to email me anytime if you need a friend right now @ [email protected] God Bless You.



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