Stillbirth On 28th Nov Amp STILL NO AF

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Equuss - January 18

Hi again.... I hate to pester you guys for your opinions & I have looked through threads & threads to keep from having to bug anyone but I haven't gotten any relief from whats worrying me......Here it goes:= My birth bleeding had stopped 2 wks after the 28th.......Hubby & I have been ttc ever since the bleeding had stopped........I know I ovulated during the beginning of the 2 wks...............I haven't had my af show up at all...............I took a hpt, result was neg...But the test can only be used the first day of missed period & NOT six days earlier. (hubby got wrong test).......My questions are:= How long should I wait before I test again? (The hpt box hubby bought came w/ an extra stick so I figured I might as well use it before I go & get a better brand).......Also, should I be worried that af hasn't shown up yet?........Any kind of advice or opinions please???......Thanks for takin the time out to hear me flippin out again.


Val - January 18

Equss - it sounds like you are about 50 days past your miscarriage. It's my understanding that it's not uncommon for your period to be late or irregular during the first few months after miscarriage/birth. After my m/c in August my period didn't show up for 47 days the first month, and 45 days the next month. If it has been at least two weeks since you think you ovulated, I would go ahead and test again. If you have dollar stores in your area, the tests they sell are usually pretty reliable and are affordable! I'm so sorry about your stillbirth, and wish you well in the future.


frankschick2001 - January 18

How come you didn't wait at least one cycle before trying again? I know the feeling of not being able to wait, but it probably would have made this much easier to figure out.


Equuss - January 19

Thanks for the info Val, so glad someone is helpin me through this... Wow, 47 days..thats awhile, bet it had you wondering whats going on like it has me. Honestly, I'm liking not havin af show up. lol ....But I think I'll test again after the weekend & I'll post the results regardless if it was neg. I really do hope its a bfp tho. Normally I would be able to tell if af is coming or not or if I'm pg because I'm tall & skinny but my uterus is STILL alittle enlarged & hard, is that normal??? How long does it usually take for it to go back down to normal? Frankschick2001---My dh & I didn't want to wait because we've been ttc for over 3 yrs w/ no pregnancies what so ever until last yr. Loosing the one & only baby we've ever conceived was devastating to us so "jumping back on the horse we fell off of" is the best thing we can do in order to move forward. Yes, we were very aware the dates would be hard to figure out this way but we are prepared handle the reactions to our actions, thanks for the concern.................Thanks again Val


K - January 19

We've spoken before on another thread. Hope your feeling a bit better. If you remember I lost my daughter in November, my experience was that I bled for a wk and a half, then 2 wks after that got af, now 28 days later I got my 2nd af. My tummy was hard for a very short time after birth but went before first af (though I'm fatter than you sound so that might account for it ; o). I think you need to do a test or go and see your dr. There is a reasonable chance you are pg, happens regularly on this site. I hope so because I understand how you feel. My specialist told us to wait 3 cycles (though if I ov this one we intend to try again). We too tried for 18 mths to catch only for it to be cruely snatched away, and I'm 33 so don't want to wait any longer. However, our specialist also said that it wouldn't be the end of the world if we caught straight away, the chance of miscarriage is slightly higher but depends on the woman. You should also bear in mind though that it can take ages for your cycle to get back on track (even with af don't think I've ov yet). Sorry to ramble on, hope you get what you want, my fingers are crossed for you. xx


Tara - January 19

Hi ladies, i delivered my sweet angel (she pa__sed during the delivery) on November 26 and Im stil bleeding from the delivery. Doctors kept thinking it was hormones and gave me birth control and then they blaimed that as to why I still was bleeding. Well yesterday i pa__sed a huge piece of clean tissue it was pink and no blood came out with it or on it. i was so scared I phoned a new doctor and tomorrow I go in for an ultrasound to make sure I dont have any more and I also had to do a blood test to check for infection. Im so sorry for your losses, I pray for all of us to have healthy future babies.


Equuss - January 20

Hi K.-- How have you been keepin up? I don't know if I've said this to you already or not & you're probly tired of hearing it but from the bottom of my heart, I am SO SO sorry for your loss.... I've been doin pretty good except for the baby dreams I've been having. ... I was a 28 day regular like you so I figured af would have shown up since a full moon usually brings it on.....No af as of yet.......... Plus my uterus hasn't went down completely yet. ...It's weird.... Like I said, I'm gonna test this weekend..& I pray to God that its positve....dh & I have waited sooooo long. I would just go back to my doc. but I'm holding some resentment towards her right now. I guess hpt are gonna be my best friend like they use to be lol. ...I am scared tho......scared to get pg just to end up loosin again.....Did you loose your precious little one to infection or was it something else? (sorry, I don't remember) I had a placental eruption....Dunno if there is a risk for that happening again in a future pg.....I just hope for all of us women in this thread to get pg as soon as possible...I know that it'll bring new worries but it'll also bring some joy into our lives like we had when we were pg....I'm not sayin you & I K are special but women that have had the experience of a stillbirth like we've had, deserve to be pg again right away, in my opinion, the pain is way worse than a m/c. (which I've had also) Just know if ya need to talk, I'm always here & I know whatcha goin through, I've been whatcha went through & I know how it feels....I know what you are sayin when it comes to ttc & age. I'm gonna be 29 this yr & it feels like my clock is just ticking away. I told my dh that if I don't have a child by the time I'm 35 yrs of age, then I'll stop trying all together. The risks go up. Let me just say something positive to ya are soooo fertile right now so I would pop to it. I have a feeling that I'll be hearing about you havin a bfp here real soon. Thank you for your sympathy, my heart goes out to you as well & I'll be praying for both of us.................................Tara,-Do you think infection can prolong af from showing up? Let us know what infection it was & if all is well...---- * Baby Dust *


Equuss - January 24

Just an update::: Af showed up...I'm disappointed....guess my body wasn't ready yet.....Oh well, guess there's always next month.



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