Survey Symptoms Of Miscarried Pregnancy Vs Normal Preg

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Lizzylou - February 7

I have been reading on the net that if you do not have morning sickness that you are at a higher risk of miscarriage. I did not have morning sickness with my first pregnancy and miscarried at 13 weeks (missed miscarriage-baby stopped developing at 8 weeks). I am fortunate enough to be pregnant again and this time have very bad morning sickness. Has anyone experienced a difference in symptoms between a healthy pregnancy and one that ended in miscarriage? Is more symptoms a good sign? My doc is putting me on progesterone as a precaution... do you think that the first time my body just wasn't producing enough for symptoms?


AshleyB - February 7

I don't really know about comparison because I've only been pg once and miscarried. But I had horrible morning sickness that started about 8wks. I couldn't keep ANYTHING down. Not water, nothing. The dr. put me on zofran, and I was instantly better. At 11wks I found out my baby had died between 8 and 9wks. So I wondered if that was why I was sooo incredibly sick. I still don't know, but it's coincidental at the least. I noticed my other symptoms decreased towards the end, like really really sore bbs, but I read that was normal for 11wks, so didn't think anything of it. I had no clue that my baby died. It was quite a shock. I thought the morning sickness was a really good sign. Who knew?


jas - February 7

I lost 4 and had morning sickness with 3 of them... I really don't think that has anything to do with it. I got pregnant with my son and didn't have morning sickness until the second trimester. I really didn't notice a difference in symptoms, although I know you are looking for rea__surance, I am sorry I am not much help.


JuJu - February 7

Hi Lizzylou- I have had two pregnancies - my first was successful (15 month old little girl) and I had morning sickness from week 7 to week 12. My second pregnancy I miscarried and didn't have morning sickness - although that could have been b/c I miscarried quite early at 8 weeks. I was concerned that I didn't have any symptoms; other than being very moody! When I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn't have any symptoms at all until week 7 - other than moodiness again! I haven't ever had b___st tenderness etc when pregnant, as many women do. My mum tells me that she had morning sickness with some of her babies - and none with others. I have read though, that there is a slightly higher risk of m/c with no morning sickness, but it's by no means conclusive. Hope this helps-


frankschick2001 - February 7

LIZZYLOU: I had NO nausea and miscarried at 8 weeks. THe baby stopped developing about a week before that. I've had that same question, does nausea mean a healthy pregnancy? I can't really say because a lot of morning sickness may not start until after 8 weeks, so who knows if nausea would have eventually shown up. I am hoping for morning sickness the next time around. I think most people who have never miscarried would not understand that wish, but any rea__surances would help me next time. Also, I was on progesterone suppositories last time, obviously they didn't help or may have just prolonged the inevitable. There is such a debate on whether they help or not, so I really couldn't say.


Susan W - February 7

Actually, in studies only about 50% of all women who go to term have morning sickness. So that means about half who have a baby never were sick. . . . I had less morning sickness with my second pregnancy, the one I lost, than with my first. But I thought there were several factors causing that: 1) many women told me they were less sick with their second 2) I'm still nursing my toddler, and that seems to have a protective effect 3) I started taking extra vitamin B6 several months before ttc which has been proven to decrease m/s. I was truly grateful though, as my first pregnancy was terrible because I was so ill all the time. I never threw up, but I wanted to constantly. However, with baby #2, I had all the other symptoms of increased urination, painful b___sts (and imagine nursing!), moodiness, clothes getting snug and retaining water (I start that at conception!), and those symptoms hung around after the m/c for a while. So it was a terrible shock to lose what I thought was going to be the perfect pregnancy.


Susan W - February 7

Oops, didn't answer your question . . . Nobody is really sure what causes morning sickness. It's thought that it's HCG that causes a lot of the morning sickness symptoms, but they also think maybe it's as the uterus expands, the increasing blood volume and all kinds of things. Progesterone is a hormone that causes your body to continue a pregnancy. If he's putting you on it, it's probably because he thinks you doesn't produce enough on its own to sustain a pregnancy.


Kara H. - February 7

My b___bs have never been that sore with any of my pregnancies (all ended in m/c) until this one (almost 13wks now). I can hardly stand for the water to hit them in the shower! My bras are even painful.


iakram - February 7

Hi Lizzylou....I would not take that at face value. I've had 1 MC and let me say I had MS 24/7 - even after the baby stopped growing as in my case - at 10 weeks at the 12 week scan my symptoms were still there, the chest became a little less sore, but the MS was still there. No that I am preg again, my MS wasn't that bad it only lasted 3 weeks or so...and so far the baby's healthy! So good luck to you


Angela Mac - February 7

With my first daughter I had no morning sickness or symptoms at all except missed period and with my second daughter I was so sick, couldn't even drink water that I lost 25 pounds. With my m/c I had some symptoms like throwing up after smelling mustard. I think each pregnancy is just different. There isn't any science to it. Try not to worry yourself.


Lizzylou - February 8

Wow, thanks for all of the responses. I am disappointed that I didn't get the answer I wanted. I'm just looking for something to rea__sure me that it is ok to bond with this baby. I am so scared to that I don't even have the mindset of being pregnant. I go through the motions of prenatals and such but I don't have this love aura around my tummy (if that makes any sense). I guess I just have to play the waiting game. Ashley - is zofran completely safe or is it only for severe morning sickness?


AshleyB - February 8

Hi Lizzylou, When I had ms. I told my doc that I was puking like 7x a day and that I couldn't keep anything down except for Mcdonald's french fries a Chocolate Ice cream, other than that I threw EVERYTHING up. Anyways after I got put on zofran,(my doc said it was totally safe) My m/s was instantly gone and I felt great! Well 2wks later I founc that my baby died 2wks earlier (at about the time I went on zofran), and the doc asked me if I'd had any cramping of anything, and i told him that i went on zofran, and he said, that it wouldn't make any difference, that most the women that come in end up on zofran during their pregnancies. I've done some research on it, and it sounds perfectly safe during pregnancy. It sure helped me, I was able to get hydrated again and get healthier. I was soooo sick before I went on it. Worse than ANY flu. Good LUck, I wouldn't be afraid to go on Zofran again, in the future. Even though(unfortunately) I ended up losing my baby, I dont' think it had ANYthing to do with the zofran meds.


iakram - February 8

Hi Lizzlou - I know it's easier said than done, but try not to let your previous MC take away from this little baby you have growing. All your fears and apprehensions are normal and with time they will go away soon you'll be talking to this little baby and buying it clothes and all :) I think once we see our belly's growing that will put us as ease. I'm 15 weeks and still no belly! So it's still a bit hard for me to realize that I am preg again!


Susan W - February 8

LIzzylou . . .Don't worry about bonding now with this baby. I didn't bond with baby #1 until well after he was born and felt no aura of love, and most of the time with baby #2, I forgot I was pregnant because I'm busy with baby #1! The bonding will happen when you are ready. . . . . What works for me for the ms/ is those Preggie Pops in the sour fruit flavors (the lavendar and ginger are yucky), bits of ginger, stone wheat crackers from Trader Joe's and not drinking plain water but flavored water, and not drinking with meals. I also have to avoid prenatals for the first 16 weeks because those turn my stomach and take a multi and extra folic acid instead. . . . My midwife didn't think my m/s was bad enough for Zofran, even though what I read of it sounded safe and much better than wanting to vomit 24/7. I sure was ill, and I can totally sympathize. Maybe your doctor will sympathize too if you are vomiting a lot. Hang in there, as it does pa__s (even though you think you will die first!).



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