Survey Period After Miscarriage

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Waiting - February 13

When did you have your period after a miscarriage? Mine seems way off...and doctors say different things.


kate - February 14

I lightly bled for almost 2 weeks and now at 4 weeks nothing.I personally don't mind being free of it for now.


Cathy - February 14

I had a m/c and D&C on Dec 27th. My doctor told me that I would have a period in 28 days. Well, I waited and waited and thought "Oh no, I'm p/g again". I took a test and it was neg. But I got it at 44 days. I have always been irregular but I thought that having the d&c would help that out some. Not a bad period, but the use of tampons hurt....Any one else have that with their first cycle after a D&C?


Karen - February 16

It varies hugely. After my first miscarriage & D&C my period arrived after just 25 days, after my second, late miscarriage and labour, my period took 33 days, then after my third miscarriage and D&C it arrived after30 days. But I have heard of it taking much longer than Cathy's 44 days - so I suppose we just have to wait and see each time. Do any of you get the egg-white type cervical mucous before your first period? I only ask because each time I have had far less mucous than normal, and I wonder if I fail to ovulate after a miscarriage ... its not really important of course - its not like I'm trying again or anything! But I just wondered. Each time my period arrived about 12-14 days after the mucous disappeared, so I suppose thats the best way to know when the period will appear.


kate - February 16

I had my D&C Jan.13th and of course, my period arrived Feb.14th.


wendy - February 17

it all varies in each person but most say it takes about 4 to 6 weeks after the miscarriage to have your first period. Your hormone level needs to go back to normal and then your body will start back on its own. For me that was just about right. If you are concerned that it has been too long then contact your doctor and they can induce to help for the first one. I agree with Kate that I didn't mind either and you need to give your body time to adjust. Good Luck to all of you...


Jo - February 17

My first miscarriage 2 years ago, my period took 6 weeks to come,,,i just had another miscarriage on feb 2nd, so i am still waiting,,,i only bled for 5 days and it wasnt heavy. so we shall see, i just may end up preg and not get one.


daisy - February 17

I didn't have a d&c, bled on and off for about six weeks, period came six weeks after miscarriage, it was very painful and heavy. Then I had nothing, no egg white mucus, so I don't think I ovulated. Then a more normal period came 33 days after the horrible one. I was pleased with this coz my cycles were about 33/34 days long before my m/c so it looks like my body is back to normal. This month I'm waiting for signs of ovulation, then wa-hey off we go! Daisy m/c Peanut 25.11.04


Jocelynn - February 18

I have a question as well. I had or am having a m/c. I have had very little bleeding. Just brownish spotting. I went to the dr at 9 weeks ( Valentines Day) and they did an ultrasound and found a yolk sack measuring 6 weeks but no fetus. I guess things just stopped at that point. Or there was apparently never a baby to begin growing. I am wondering if I should be bleeding. Obviously there was something growing so where will that go?? Can I get pregnant if there is still something in my uterus? I am hoping not to have to have a D&C. Thanks for any input!!


missymee - February 21

i found out i was pregnant on dec 22...dec 27th i got a blood test to veriy pregnancy..hormone levels were consistant of being 4-5 wks pregnant...i started spotting, brownish discharge, no pain though..doc did another blood test, levels were going up but not enough, so i tested weekly for 2 weeks, levels started dropping and i was getting crampy every other day, but still only light spotting..had an ultasound done which showed a sac but no baby..a week later, jan 20th, i miscarried at 1:20am..i didnt want a d/c, i wanted to do it on my own, and i did..very bad cramps for the first 2 days which tapered off, but i bled heavily for a week, then it tapered off to just spotting and light cramps..i went a total of 3 days with no spotting/bleeding, and now, i am back to bleeding again..i guess this is the start of my period but i dont have the reg symptoms, like b___st tenderness or bloating or cramping..


Shelia - February 25

I found out I had lost my baby on January 19th and had to have a D&C on the 20th because my doctor said because of how far along I was I probably wouldn't pa__s it all on my own. I was 11.5 wks. This has been the hardest thing I've been through. I still have not seen a period yet and its been over 5 wks. February 8th I had a checkup with my doctor to make sure things were back to normal and they were so we were told we could try again. He also told me that I should be having a period in about a week and its been over 2 since then and nothing. So I called on the 21st and they had me do a blood test. They told me that my hormone level was a 7 and it has to be below 5 to have a period. They said there was a chance I was pregnant again already or that my hormone level is just not back to normal yet since the surgery. So I have to go back Monday the 28 and do another one and see what my hormone levels are then. If they are going down I should expect a period but if they are the same or higher they said they will have to do an ultrasound to see if I'm pregnant. I called them on Monday because I was scared they may be something wrong w/ me not that I thought I could be pregnant again. So this was a surprise to hear that it is a possiblity. I wish all you ladies the best in the future. This is the first website I've been to that has real imput from other ladies so it has been helpful to me to realize that I'm not the only one that has went a while without a period after a D&C.


AmyF - February 28

Sheila- Did you find out anything? I am curious to know. It has been 4 weeks for me and still no af.


stacey - February 28

I'm still waiting for mine too! (although I hope it doesn;t come). My D&E was on the 28th. My dr. said 4-6 weeks. 4 weeks was on Friday- nothing!


For Jocelynn - March 1

Jocelynn, no you can’t get pregnant if the baby is still in your uterus. By now it might already have come out (maybe in a flood of blood, like my third miscarriage did,) but it is always a possibility that an early miscarriage may be re-absorbed into your body. This isn’t likely though, and if you still haven’t miscarried properly yet it means your pregnancy ended more than 5 weeks ago, which is rather a long time, so please get checked over by the doctor so that you know you are OK. I can totally understand your not wanting a D&C, but sometimes its unavoidable. See a doctor!


Kelly G - March 2

It's been 6 weeks for me and still no period...thinking I might take a test or something and if that is negative - call the doctor


stacey - March 2

anyone have a blood test to see what their levels were after the miscarriage. I had mine done yesterday (about 4 1/2 weeks after) and my level was 7. What does it need to be to have a period?


FOR SHEILA- - March 2

sheila- (it's stacey) my levels were the same as yours 7 and your dr. said there was a chance you were pregnant. Were you? I am asking b/c mine said it would be left over from the miscarriage. Please give me hope!!!



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