Survey Period After Miscarriage

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Rhonda - November 20

Laura, that's great news! Now I guess we just pray everything goes smoothly with these pregnancy's and by the end of July we should have some babies:)


Tammy - November 21

I had mine about four weeks after the miscarriage and it was horrible I bled really heavy with cramps. The following month I had two periods and pa__sed a huge blood clot. The third month after I had a normal period and now I am expecting again due on July 25th. I hope this helps, good luck.


Erin - November 21

I have had four miscarriages. Every time I have had my period 4 to 4 1/2 weeks after a D&C (three times), and 4 1/2 weeks after (one) natural miscarriage.


Sabina - November 23

I have a problem different from most women in this forum but it has made me very tense....pls help. I had a miscarriage within 10 weeks of pregnancy for no known cause. I had to go through DNC. I bled after a few weeks of DNC for many days. It has been about 4 months now. My periods are regular...only they are much lighter than before. I used to bleed far more than am bleeding after the dnc. I am scared....hope I have not started with any ovulation problem due to the dnc???? can anyone help?


to sabina - November 24

i had miscarriage at 8 weeks July 31. i didn't need a d+c though. ever since miscarriage my periods are also a lot lighter than before and shorter. gynecologist not worried about anything. i had bloodwork done to see if ovulation is occurring and everything fine. you might want to see about getting bloodwork to determine if ovulation is occurring


sabina - November 25

Thank you for your advise.


L (comment for M) - November 27

I too had a mc at 6 wks and found out at 9 wks that was on Sep 13. I had a D&C. Since then I had a light period on Oct. 28 and then a REALLY heavy one with lots of cramping on Nov. 23. I had nausea, headaches, b___st tenderness, fatique, and cramping a week before. I thought I might be p/g again...but obviously I got my period so perhaps this means my body will be back on track again.


Emily Nichole - November 29

I'm still waiting 34 days later


Jen - November 29

Mine came around 23 days after mc. I have a feeling everyone is completely different.


dany - December 1

hi I had bligh ovum.On 9th of nov I had my D&C done and today on the 1st dec (21 days after my d&c i have my period). I had spotting after my d&c for 5 days nothing in between for so long and now my periods have come normally. did this happen to anyone of u? I am worried as it looks to early for me. with my last miscarriage I got it in the 8th week. please respond


Terri - December 1

I had a D&C on Oct 19th and bleed for 2 weeks. Last week I had light brown discharge and one drop of blood. I had all the symptoms of getting my period... should I count that as my period?? It's driving me nuts cause I was told to wait til I got my period before trying to get pregnant again!! Thanks


eso - December 1

I had m/c on 10/27 at 7wk and got my period Nov.29th. I have no clots but a heavier flow.


eriel - December 2

Hi. I had a d&c on 10/7 on 8th week of pregnancy. I had my next normal period on 11/2 - it was a bit longer than usual, but not much heavier. I took hpt today, 12/2 and it's positive. Has anyone gotten pregnant so soon after having d&c? Any advice would be of great help. Thanks..


Kodi - December 2

I miscarried and had my d&e done on 10/27/05 and I started my period on 11/28/05. It started out like a normal period (with a lot less cramps) and then the 2nd day it turned into the heaviest it had ever been. Hopefully my body is getting back to normal because my period came when it normally would have. Maybe with any luck and lots of prayers my husband and I will conceive quickly and have a healthy pregnancy. Good luck and for those that are still waiting to start hang in will come!


kelly - December 4

i miscarried nearly 8 weeks ago now and i still haven't gotten my period. i was 11 weeks along so i had a d&c. doctor said period would return in 4-6 weeks. i'm not especially concerned but would like to know if anyone knows of a helpful website, perhaps with appropriate stats. thanks!


mell - December 5

HELP, I had an ultrasound on Nov 2nd-12 weeks- and found out that there was no baby- a missed m/c- I started natural miscarriage 2 days later. An ultrasound in mid Nov showed that all the tissue was gone. I had stopped bleeding at that stage but started again a few days after that. Doc says that I am fine and there is nothing to worry about. My problem is that I have been bleeding and spotting for over 1 month on and off (4.5 weeks)... has anyone had this happen to them, what was the outcome... any advice? I am thinking that I had long bleeding after the miscarriage followed by a period but when will this bleeding ease up???please help.



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