Survey Period After Miscarriage

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kim - January 20

toni, i had a m/c @ 5 wks in dec & my b___st hurt so bad :(, everones body is different but i can tell u from my experience, when the doctors told me it was probably brewing for a few days before i actually m/c, i noticed my b___st did not hurt anymore, at all, & the bloated feeling went away about 3-4 days before the m.c took place. but like you, other than my b___st hurting, i never did feel pregnant & having children already, i knew something wasnt right! i hope and pray this is not ur case, & hopefully in less than 9 months u will b holding your little miracle! dont think to much into it hopefully all is well!!!!


toni - January 25

kim, its me again toni, just wanted to keep you posted of my pregancy. last time we spoke i had told you tha i had a miscarrige. there was no heartbeat around the 8 week of my pregancy. this time it happend naturally. i'm 40 years old and i have done 2 in-vitros. i'm having sypmtons of which my breats are sensitive. i was worried that i was not having any syptons of pregancy. i have not had any bleeding as yet and. does this mean that my little one might be acutally still inside of me and growing.


Mary - January 25

I was told my period should return in 4 weeks after the m/c and it did return back to normal. Or you do here some women may have to go on pill to get it reg again, depends if you were reg or inreg ,ask your dr ,also make sure your hcg levels are dropping that needs to happen before your period returns.


buffy2297 - February 5

I had my af arrive on Friday 2nd Feb and it's now Sunday and I've stopped bleeding. Anybody else have a short period after D&C? Is this normal\? I don't think I ovulated either. Could that make a difference? Any advice would be helpful


frankschick2001 - February 5

D&C on October 26th. First period after that: December 17. Mine took a while. Almost two months!


lahodge - February 20

I miscarried starting on January 21-28 of 2006. Had no bleeding until Feb 15th. (light spotting). Went to the doctor today and she told me that I had started my period and I was back in the game again!!! It can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks depending on the person to get your period again.


faerie - February 20

i m/c naturally on 17th november ... bled lightly for 10 days or so but didnt get a period till 30th december (well i started spotting that day and was bleeding the next day) i was so not prepared for how awfull the next period would be


Meena - February 22

I had anatural miscarriage and bled for 3-4 days (light bleeding).I have a 31 day cycle and My af showed up in 5 weeks from the day of miscarriage around 35 days or so.Lasted for 3 days.


sherylB - June 28

I had a DNC in late April and just got my first peroid. However it's been going on for 16 days now. Is that normal?


KMcDougall - June 28

I got my period exactly 28 days from the date that i miscarried. I had a lot more cramping than usual but my period itself lasted 5 days and was gone. I am now 13w4d. (oh i miscarried on january 31. 07)


aguakia - November 26

I found out that i lost my baby on Aug 15 and then had a D & C on Aug 20th. I had bleeding for about two and a half weeks after that with some major clotting, some as big as my hand. I have been waiting for my m/c to start now for 98 days (3 months) I think i started it today. Cross your fingers cause i want to get pregnant again.


HeavenisMine - December 1

I miscarried at the beginning of this year and got my period five weeks or so later :)


mzd313 - February 8

I had a m/c in dec. i bled for 4 days (dec.21-24) ever since then i havent had a period or anything like it since i was thinking i might be pregnant again but two tests came back negative now what??? Could i still get my period or could it still be too early to tell if im so confused...i have a doc appointment at the end of this month but i want sum kind of answer now!!!!!


BeckyBunny - February 8

The first time, it took 35 days to get my period. The second time, it took 41. It varies from person to person.


gem1977 - April 5

I am still waiting for mine as well. I had a d/c on march 8th at 15wks- and it was very hard to do. I am just confused because my dr gave me my first Depo shot last Monday (3/31). So i just don't know when/if I am going to get one? They told me when i had the d/c that I show + on test for 4-6 weeks afterwards? Is that because of how long it taked the hormone levels to go down? orit that because of how far along I was?? I called my dr yesterday and they said it could take up to 8 weeks, but then I might also not get it at all because of the depo shot? So I am just really confused. I got pregnant on the pill-( though I had a normal period for the 1st months!) so I am a little paranoid about things-- since i seem to always be a part of the 1-2% of cases group!!! 1-2% of people have the heart conditon i was born with, 1-2% of ppl get preg on pill, ect, ect, ect. :( My boy freind and I had s_x with protection on like the last day of bleeding from the d/c(I bled for 2.5-3wks after).... and while we were safe...i'm still scared I could fall into that 1-2% group again? I dunno.... anyone had depo soon after d/c? doesn't that just halt things completly? hence them saying i may not get anything at all since i had the shot? Or should i just give it 8wks before i call my dr again? thanks for anyone help!!


Tasman Bay Butterfly - April 6

It was 1 months after my first miscarriage and 5 months after my 2nd miscarriage! So, I guess anything goes!



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