Survey Period After Miscarriage

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FOR SHEILA- - March 2

sheila- (it's stacey) my levels were the same as yours 7 and your dr. said there was a chance you were pregnant. Were you? I am asking b/c mine said it would be left over from the miscarriage. Please give me hope!!!


chrysti - March 2

I found out 3 weeks ago that I had a blighted ovum. I have had my blood drawn 3 times since. They were 15,000, then 15,600, then 15,000. My last test was 5 days ago. It seems like, if nothing ever developed and I would be 10 weeks now, wouldn't I have started to bleed by now? My hormone levels are dropping too slowly. I'm tired of waiting. How much longer do I have to wait???


amy - March 2

I just had a m/c on 2/18 and have been monitored very closely by a fertility levels went to 0 some time between 2/22-2/ MD stated that I should ovulate approx. 2 weeks following a 0 HCG reading.(i'm very regular). They did an LH test and sure enough..I should ovulate on Friday (exactly 2 weeks from M/C). We are definitely trying again this week..hopefully I will become pregnant again this month and everything will work out for us..if not, I should expect my period 14 days from ovulation. Hope this helps..wish me luck..and good luck to all of you!


stacey - March 2

So amy, your body needs to hit 0 before you ovulate? Just trying to get it all straight so I can start trying again too!!! (don't want to waste too much of his baby juice :) If I'm at 7 now, how long doyou think before I hit 0??/ I'm hoping next week- can't take too much more of waiting. You're sooo lucky that you went down so fast. I was hoping to be pregnant this time. Thought I might have implanted on the 22 b/c I had a big drop in temp- but doubt I'd only be at 7 a week later :(


amy - March 2

Hi Stacy..i think I responded to your post on another question!!! :)


Jessica - March 2

Been exacly 30 days since m/c (6wks 3days) and no period yet. It's kinda rough because I want to be p/g and not knowing where I am in my cycle makes it hard to know what to expect.


stacey - March 3

thanks AMY!!


Misty - March 3

Can any of you help? It has been over 7 weeks now since I miscarried and still no period. I don't have a doctor and can't afford to go to the ER unless absolutley necessary. Why would it take so long. I haven't even had any spotting. Nothing. Please help


Kelly G - March 3

My blood test showed me at an 8 when they found out I was miscarrying and that was on January19th! This waiting is horrible!


Joy - March 3

I miscarried on 01/22/05. I bled for 10 days. My first period after my miscarriage arrived on 2/23/05. So, far my first period after my miscarriage is lasting longer than my usual periods which normally last 5 days. I am now going on 7 days of my first period since my miscarriage. Keep in mind that all bodies are different, so your body will not recover like other women. Just relax and let nature take its course.


Nicole - March 3

My first period was 6 weeks after the D&C. However, my second period was only 3 weeks after the first. My hcg level still isn't where it needs to be. This whole process is so straining.


sam - March 4

I had a miscarriage around the 8/9 March and have just come on just now, it was weird, the last time i was bleedng i knew i was losing my baby and now it feels weird bcos ive got my period.


bex - March 14

i miscarried on the 6th of january at almost 12 weeks, i had a d/c when i found out two weeks later. i bled for six days. then got a urine infection, a uterus infection and then another bladder infection. its been ages and i still haven't had a period... i'm silly and haven't used contraception so there is a risk isn't there? help me.. i'm young confused and i don't want to go through another miscarriage


Dina - March 14

I had a m/c on 1/11/05 and bled for 10 days. Then I got af on 2/19/05 (almost 6 weeks after m/c). It was really heavy and lasted about 9 days. I think I ovulated last week and now I am waiting to see if I'm pregnant!


Alison - March 15

After my first m/c I bled for about a week and my period came 28 days after the m/c started. After my second m/c I bled for a week or so again and period came 29 days after m/c had started. I was told by the doctors it's usually between 4-6 weeks.


rach - March 16

i had a complete miscarriage on 1/21/05 it is almost 8 weeks later and still no real sign of a period. i had some light spotting earlier in this week but nothing even remotely like a period. has anyone simular experience or advice please?



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