Survey Period After Miscarriage

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Tasman Bay Butterfly - April 6

It was 1 months after my first miscarriage and 5 months after my 2nd miscarriage! So, I guess anything goes!


MarieH - September 15

Hi we found out I had lost our first baby at our 12 weeks scan, the sac was around 14 weeks but the baby had gone weeks before. I had a failed medical management procedure and I had to go in for the Op 2 days later.The procedure was done on the 7 June 11. Bleeding was heavy for about 2 days then it went onto more of a brown discharge for 3 weeks then I had heavy bleeding again which lasted 2 weeks. The doctor said this was my Period.38 days later I got my next period on the 6th August 2011 which lasted 6 days and was normal again. It was 38 Days on the 12 September and no period, i did a pregnancy test and it was neg, again I’ve done a preg test 15th September 2011 and still neg and no period its day 41. Is there a chance I could be pregnant, the last time we had intercourse was on the 24th September and nearly every day before as were actively trying for another baby. I have had a light creamy (non odour) discharge on my pants for the past 16days and just a general feeling of tiredness. Has anyone else had similar experiences or can anyone help?


popsy - December 7

Hello Marieh, sorry i cant help cos i am in the same condition as yours. i add an evac at the 7th week. i got my 1st period 6wks 2days after. my 2nd period came 35 days after. My regular cycle was 24-25 day b4 the evac. Now i am on the 3rd and i am still waiting. today is day 31 according to my last cycle. Thou i have been having cramps, i pray it doesn't come. But please marieh, its been a while you posted this, can i know the outcome? were u pregnant or just another delay of period? Pls i will love to know. Another question is this for anybody out there, will 35 days be my new length of menstrual cycle as against 24 days? I need an urgent reply plssssssssssssssssss!!!


JLSR - February 21

I am at 13 weeks post med-induced miscarriage (blighted ovum discovered at 11.5 weeks) and still getting faint positives on HPT. Went for scan 5 week ago to ensure nothing was left in there, and there was nothing. Though, did show large ovarian cyst. Blood drawn showed 130 hcg, but now 5 weeks later, must still be over 20 to show positive. Holding on to preg weight, getting weird acne, like being in a perpetual state of early pregnancy. Anyone else ever have a similar issue- living in HCG hell??


ragazzabella2 - April 6

on 3/7 I started cramping really bad everyday until I started bleeding 3/10. I p ed the baby the night of 3/11. I believe I stopped bleeding on 3/16. I went for blood work on 4/2 my HCG level was a 8. 4/3 I have been having period like bleeding. I have had mixed answers about yet its my period, not its not my period so I don't really know what to think right now..


Amanda86 - April 29

I'm so glad I found a forum from 2017!!  I had a miscarriage March 22, then bled a little bit more for maybe 3 more days.  About a week ago, I had VERY light spotting, some cramps, then nothing.  It's now almost the end of April, what is going on?  Should I be expecting a regular period soon, or..?



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