Survey Period After Miscarriage

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rach - March 16

i had a complete miscarriage on 1/21/05 it is almost 8 weeks later and still no real sign of a period. i had some light spotting earlier in this week but nothing even remotely like a period. has anyone simular experience or advice please?


Alison - March 16

Rach, it could be your periods are trying to settle down, or it could be you're pregnant again and you've had implantation bleeding. (ovulation usually occurs 2 weeks after a m/c apparently and you'd be very fertile as well having had one quite recently) Maybe you could try a test to check? If you are I've heard of people conceiving right after a m/c before their first period and having a healthy pregnancy so think positive (I know it's hard to) Take care x


Jo - March 16

i finally got my period, 5 weeks and 3 days after m/c.


Nichole - March 17

I stopped bleeding from my miscarriage on the 15 of Jan. Had my period Feb. 10-15.. and am now waiting on my 2nd.. right now i am on cd 36


Norzum - March 17

Hey friends, I had my D and C on Jan 5th after 8 week of pregnancy. Now, its more than 10 week and still no periods. I know I'm not pregnant b/c i'm using contraceptive. Also, my pregnancy test is negative. Any advice please.


stacey - March 17

Norzum, you should see a dr. if you haven't gotten your period by now. I'd say something is wrong. There still might be some tissue still left in you. Most drs. say you should get it by 4-6 weeks. Mine took 6 weeks. Ask for a quantatative blood test to check your hcg levels.


stacey - March 17

ON A DIFFERENT NOTE: I am wondering if anyone has gotten their 2nd af since the m/c. I just had my first one, but my cycle was all kinds of mixed up- I used to be about 30 days, this past cycle was 40 days. Just wondering if I should expect my next one to be as long, or more normal. Anyone?


rach - March 18

Thanks for the advice Alison. I did do a home pregnancy test and it's a definate positive exactly 8 weeks after my miscarriage at 8 weeks, some weird irony or what. can't quite get excited yet think i might if and when i see a normal scan with heartbeat et al... keep u posted


Norzum - March 18

I had my ultrasound done about a month ago and it says everything is ok. Also, I talked to dr. 3 days ago and she asked me that I shoul wait for another month and if my periods don't come by then she will start with medication. I really don't know if this advice is OK...I'm really worried.


stacey - March 18

Norzum, I would try to see another dr. and ask them. I was told if my period wasn't here after 6 weeks to call for another appointment.


Pam - March 20

I had a D&C on 2/3 and I just started mine. It took about 6 weeks for me. I bled for about a week after the d&c and no spotting in between the d&c and my period.


Julie C. - March 20

From what I know, you don't start your cycle clock again until your hcg reaches below 5. Since everyone hits this low at a different time, our periods will come at different times. My d & c was 4 weeks ago. As of last Friday (at 3 weeks), my hcg was still at 9. Will find out tomorrow if the levels finally are down to under 5. So, it looks like I still have 2-3 weeks until a cycle. The waiting is really hard. I feel like I'm on hold. We've been trying so long (3 1/2 years) that the loss was bad enough and then the waiting is like more wasted time.


charlotte - March 20

I am still waiting for my first period after miscarriage as well. I miscarried on January 17, it has been 9 weeks tomorrow. I went to the Dr. after 6 weeks and she told me that some people take a lot longer to heal after a m/c. She did not do any bloodwork, but told me to go for blood work if I have not had period after 8 weeks. I did go last week and are waiting for results. I am not pregnant as I have done to HPTs and had (-) results. Reading this forum gives me hope as I do not feel alone. However, the wait is agonizing.


Julie C. - March 20

Charlotte, I'm very sorry for your loss and I completely understand how you feel about the waiting. I did a blood test 1 week after the d & c and my level had dropped from 4,000+ to 155. So, I thought another day or two would do it. 2 weeks later, I was at 9. Hopefully, last Friday's test will show I'm finally under 5 (which counts as 0). I was really upset after the second blood test because I was already counting toward my next cycle. Now, it looks like I may hit 8 weeks as well. So, all I can say is, hang in there. You are definitely not alone if you're frustrated. This whole getting pregnant thing is about waiting, waiting, and more waiting. You wait to ovulate, you wait to see if you're pregnant, always thinking, maybe this month. Then, with the pregnancy, you're waiting for that first trimester to pa__s successfully. Waiting for blood tests. Waiting to start over. Ugh. Some days it feels unbearable.


stacey - March 20

I am so sorry I complained about having to wait 6 weeks for my level to drop to ) and get a period! I would def. be worried and anxious for my test results- that stinks having to wait! I would be wondering if there was anything left from the m/c still in there causing my levels to still be not at 0. Sorry, I don't mean this in a neg. way. It's just as JulieC is saying- waiting- I couldn't wait to have a normal period so I could ttc again. It would /does stink to have to wait long when some people get back to 0 after 2 weeks- that annoyed me when I was waiting to get back to normal cycles and people would say it took them only 2 weeks!


Julie C. - March 20

Stacey, Don't worry about complaining. I think we're all a bit jealous . . . us 8 weekers are jealous of you 6 weekers. . . and you 6 weekers jealous of the 4 weekers and so on. But it's not a bad jealousy - just a "I wish it was me!" I'm glad that your waiting (for that part at least) is over. Good luck this month. You got pregnant so quickly last time, maybe this time will be the same.



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