Survey Pls Tell Us How Early U Ovulated After M C

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rose - August 18

I know a lot of us here would really know about ovulation right after m/c. Pls post your experiences here. This will really help those who wants to ttc right after or those who would want to wait for af again before ttc. thanks!!!!


daisy - August 18

I had natural mc aug 8 and still have few brown discharge. I don't know if I will O soon. I will wait for some of the posts here. I am sure I will get ideas. Rose, thanks for this new thread for so many are getting very long already! Baby dusts!!!!


beth - August 18

I was on the 7th week when i had m/c in June. I didnt need D&C for I have pa__sed all the tissues out naturally. I had bleeding for a week and ttc right away. I knew I was fertile 2 weeks after. I got HPT positive after 5 weeks. It is too soon but many are succesful so I am taking my chance too. Good luck to all of you!


lindsay - August 18

I am 29 and ttc for months now. Sad to say I lost my 1st Aug 10, no D&C needed. I m/c on the 6th week. Many who shared in this forum said they had ovulated on the 9th, 14th day or so. I just wonder when do u have to start counting --- 1st day of bleeding or last day of bleeding? I am still pa__sing out some tissue-like clots, just very few. I want to be pg again soon. Am I ready to ovulate while there are still brown discharge? Thanks in advance....


Janet - August 18

I had a natural mc on july 6 and don't know if I even ovulated yet. It's been 6 weeks now and still no af. I really want it to come so I can ttc again.


Amy - August 18

Hello i had a m/c may 3 and i o'ed 3wks 3d later and i got pg right away with no af and i'm now 13wks 6d


babes - August 19

wow!!! congratulations to those who made it right after m/c. these experiences shared by everyone here will surely inspire those who are broken hearted due to m/c. I didnt know i was pregnant at 6 weeks cuz i have a very long mentrual cycle. I only knew i was pg when i had heavy bleeding which led to m/c. This was first week of august too. I am still having brownish discharge, not sure if I will ovulate soon, but we will try. Thanks for sharing. Good luck to all of us!!!!!


dm - August 25

I miscarried on 8/8 ( I was 6 weeks) and I just ovulated a couple of days ago (about 14 days later). We started ttc again right after miscarriage so hopefully this month I will get a bfp and everything will work out this time. Good luck to everyone!


Jen - August 25

Had D&C on 5/13, had period (BAD period!) on 6/9--got preg that month. Currently 11 weeks--pray for us. Preg after miscarriage is nerve racking...


mellissa - August 26

wow...i guess i was one of the unlucky ones!! i had a m/c in april and just ovulated yesterday for the 1st time!!! maybe it was the d&c...i don't know...hope it doesn't take anyone else that long!!!


Alison - August 26

Hi Rose, each time I have miscarried i have ovulated 2 weeks afterwards and next AF has come 4 weeks after. Hope this helps-best wishes to you xxx


danielle - August 28

alison, were you always regular before you got pregnate?


daisy - August 28

I don't know if I have ovulated after m/c because of persistent brown discharge and i think my period arrived after 3 weeks of m/c. The 'period' was light and lasted for 2 days. Anyone with the same experience????? Baby dusts to all!



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