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parkermegan - May 19

Susan....hadn't seen any post from you in a while....I am not on the m/b much....just wondering how your pregnancy is going??


Susan W - May 20

I'm around, but I'm only consistently reading two threads here . . .I'm 17 weeks now, and I see the specialist Monday for another recheck u/s to see how the hematoma looks. I had a really really bad bleed about 10 days ago, and we are hoping that was the hematoma pa__sing out. We will also find out then if it's a boy or a girl, and I sure hope that's the last u/s!! I see my midwife Friday for a basic prenatal appointment. Meanwhile, I'm tired out. I don't get to nap :( I've got family coming into town the end of this month, so I'm trying to get on top of cleaning. My best mare lost her foal, so I was really busy with that :(((( So I've been busy . ... How bout you?? Did you get a bfp??


parkermegan - May 21

Susan...I am doing great!! I got my bfp about 4wks ago!! I am 7wks tomorrow!! I got to see the beautiful heartbeat and my little bean Thur. and Fri.! I found out I do have PCOS....but that isn't really something I am worrying about since I am pregnant now! I didn't read anything about you having a hematoma....I hope things go well and you get what you want!! Here is the link to my u/s from 6w4d


Susan W - May 22

Wow, that's GREAT!! .. . . What happened was I kept bleeding. It started around 28 days post conception. It really looked like another miscarriage. Finally at 8 weeks, my midwife and I decided to have an u/s done to see what was going on. Healthy baby, but nobody could tell my why I was bleeding. That continued until 11 weeks, and I woke up pouring blood. Midwife couldn't find a hb, so she sent me to a specialist for an u/s. Healthy baby, but huge subchorionic hematoma. So I see the specialist and my midwife, and I hope this thing resolves. . .. Yeah, I wouldn't worry about the PCOS either at this point. It's something you can think about later, or if you decide to have another baby. No biggie :) Again, congratulations!


parkermegan - May 22

Well, Susan I hope everthing works out for you! That must have been so scary for you to have to go through right after a m/c!! I'm sure everything will be fine now...seems like you have everything under control!! I am 7wks today and feel like celebrating since I have never made it this far!!! Good luck!!!



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