Symptoms Gone Suddenly

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mjd - February 24

I'm really worried something has happened to my baby. I am almost 19 weeks. Until this past week my stomach was big at the top and now it's very low. I have a fibroid on the right side between the placenta and round ligament, so I've been in pain for weeks. Last night I felt a feeling like a very, very fast heartbeat. Just as suddenly as it happened, it stopped. This morning, I did not have any nausea, vomitting or headache (I have had it most of this pregnancy). I ate a full meal for dinner without feeling sick. I did not feel any air bubbles today. Is there anything I can do at home to check if the baby is okay? Did all the symptoms just disappear overnight for you? TIA


Kara - February 24

Call your Dr. The chances are low that something happened because of how many weeks you are, but I am a firm believer in following your gut instinct. Not to make you feel worse, but I new at 13 weeks something wasn't right, but I just waited for my appointment at 15 weeks. We did find out that the babies heart had stopped 2-3 weeks earlier. There wouldn't have been much the dr could have done, but knowing the baby had been dead for those two weeks added to my grief. There is nothing you can do from home, the dr would need to listen for the heartbeat and maybe do an untrasound.


hi kara - February 24

i live in the united kingdom and we get 20 week scans to measure the baby. has anyone offered you one of these.


mjd - February 24

The NP suggested I eat something sweet to see if I feel anything. She said I can come in for a doppler if I still feel weird. I do have a 20 week u/s but that isn't until late next week. Thanks to you both for responding.


mjd - February 24

Kara, I am sorry about the loss of your baby. Take gentle care, mjd


Mj - July 7

Hey girls yea ummm jus wanted to ask if anyone is familiar with bleeding and just mild cramping during early pregnancy. i am 5 weeks and 3 days pregnancy and suddenly today i wake upw ithout nausea and throughout the day there is no tiredness or sign of fatigue that did not bother me until i noticed a rush of blood just flowing down...i am really scared that something could be terribly wrong i know this could be a miscarriage but i read this could be normal as well...anyone been in this situation before??? :'(



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