Symptoms Of Blighted Ovum

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Scared - February 28

Can anyone tell me if there are any symptoms with a blighted ovum? I am 8 weeks pregnant, have ZERO pregnancy symptoms, have actually lost weight without even being sick, and have had two miscarriages in the past. Also, it took two full weeks AFTER my period was due to have a positive pregnancy test. My OB will not see me until I am 10 weeks along, even with my past history. I can't stand this waiting! Any input would be appreciated.


Ardella Baylor - March 1

Just remember that god is in charge, and you just have to have faith.Think positive at all times.


Claire - March 1

My sympathy for your past loss. I have just miscarried following a blighted ovum and really nobody could rea__sure me and I had to wait for my next scan following my 6 week scan of a sac with yolk but no visible fetus or heartbeat. People told me to stay positive. I did my own research on the internet and realised that in my case I was going to miscarry. I did a few days later. However I hope that next time I will be successful but I know that I will be feeling just like you do now. I think your ante-natal clinic should surely allow you an early scan to rea__sure you that there is a heartbeat (should be heard at 6 weeks +) considering your past experience and your anxiety.I was immediately scanned when I announced that I had some light spotting. Good luck


Bre - March 1

Hi Scared unfortunately I had a blighted ovum in Jan. and I know it is difficult and scary to think about and even worse there are know symptoms. I had 2 very positive HPT and all the pregnancy symptoms. The only way we knew for sure is a confirmed u/s of no fetus all we saw was a sac and declining HcG levels. Is this your first pregnancy....if not and you've had m/c prior maybe you should find another ob. They should be understanding about your situation if you've been pregnant in the past. HTH and GL!!!


Bre - March 1

Sorry I just saw in your post that you've had two prior m/c!! Yes your ob should give you an u/s this early if you've requested...find a new one sweetie that will be more of help to you!! Your in my thoughts!


Me Too - March 2

I had also had a blighted ovum. I had some pregnancy symptoms with it, sore b___sts for sure. I was getting cramps and was having back pain, so I just thought that af was coming, but after about 5 days of mild cramping no af, so I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive. The doctors said I was about 5 weeks along and one week to the day after I found out I was pregnant was when I found out I would miscarry. But I guess I pretty much had cramping and spotting on and off since the minute I found out I was pregnant. So if you are feeling OK, maybe it is a blessing for you. A friend of mine is pregnant right now and she never had one symptoms and she is four months along and everything is perfect. Good luck!


chrysti - March 2

I really felt nothing. My b___st were really tender, no other smptoms. Found out at 7.5 weeks that I had the blighted ovum. that was 3 weeks ago. my Hcg levels are still through the roof, waiting patiently for my body to figure it out. I told the doctor, i felt great, adn that I wouldn't believe I was pregnant until I saw it. I was shocked to see the blighted ovum. Bazzarrrrrrr


Scared - March 9

Hi all - thank you so much for your responses to my post. Turns out that I do indeed have the blighted ovum and now am just waiting around to miscarry on my own. My OB tried to force a D&C on me not even 24 hours after this was confirmed, but I declined. Been there and done that twice, and don't know if I care to partake a third time! Anyway, all the best to you ladies and thank you for your kind words and encouragement. Even though this totally sucks, it's rea__suring to know I'm not the only one who's been through it. Hugs to all and all the best!!


VON - March 18

Hi Scared, I'm in the same situation as you right now. I miscarried last year at 13 weeks, and just went to OB on Tuesday as I was 9.5 weeks - to discover a blighted ovum. I am waiting for nature to take its course as it a__sists the grieving. You have a right to grieve even tho nothing developed. You've lost your dream - just like us again. Take your time


Scared - March 21

Thanks, VON. I'm sorry you are experiencing this yet again. How heartbreaking. It took me about a week and a half to start the heavy bleeding and finally pa__sing of the gestational sac, but it will take me a heck of a lot longer to heal emotionally. Thank God for this site and for you ladies too. If you need to talk or vent, I'm here. I'll be thinking of you as you go through this. Take care of yourself. Hugs to you!!


Heather - March 21

Scared - I just want to let you know I understand what you are going through. It sounds like you had a natural m/c and no d&c?? I do wish you luck. I had a natural as well and it was tough. Hang in there sweetie. I'm think'n of ya.


Beth RN - March 25

You're beta hcg levels are probably very low and that's why you're not having any symptoms as well as why it took the test two weeks to show a positive result. I would get a new OB because for him/her not to see you for 10 weeks is downright cruel when you're having problems. I had a blighted ovum (and D&C yesterday). My beta hcg levels were 30,000 mIU and dropping by 3,000-5,000 a day (a sure sign the pregnancy is failing). My pregnancy symptoms have gone away as my levels have declined. I was 11 1/2 weeks pregnant. My only symptom was one spot of blood and my OB got me in for an ultrasound immediately which showed an empty sac. Hope for the best with your pregnancy but I would prepare for disappointment too.


Mandi - March 28

Make your OBGYN listen to you! I had the same problem at 6 weeks & ended up in ER to find out I am miscarrying a blighted ovum. Don't let them b__w you off. You have a right to be seen.


jena - March 28

i am in the same boat. while i haven't been offcially diagnosed yet, last week I had two blood tests and my hCG levels were 2 and then 12. REALLY low. I had another blood test today so tomorrow I find out if either I got pregnant really really late and my hCG are in the hundreds or I have blighted ovum. I'm so sad and so scared. I'm trying to be positive and am praying a ton - it's so good to read your stories - so sad and I am so sorry for you - but at the same time comforting to know I'm not alone. Anyone wait a long long time for a natural miscarriage? I dont' know about a D&C....


elyse - April 4

I too have had a blighted ovum the scan showed 6 week old sack on march the 4th just knew i was further along i haden't had a period since mid december miscarried on the 12 th March. I kept visiting the Dr's and telling i did'nt feel right but dismissed it and said i would be fine when my hormones kicked in! I to lost weight without no sickness, i had two normal pregnancies prior to this one and just knew somthing was wrong.


LaShanda - April 5

Hi everyone, i'm a ivfer and I just went to my RE and he said for the second week in a row that there is a sac but no fetus, I made them check my HCG levels today, I'm terrified of having a D&C but if my body doesn't pa__s the tissue soon then I won't have a choice, I'm praying for all of you ladies and I know eventually we will all have our bundles of joy in our arms.


SISTER - April 27

Hi everyone my sister is 9 weeks and she had a scan yesterday and saw that there was a sac and no fetas. The doctor didn't really tell my sister what was going on. the only thing he did say was that she could be not as far in her pregnancy then she thought. because she had a blood test done two weeks ago and her level were high. So now she has to wait to see if her levels go even higher. I want to know can she have a blighted ovum at 9 weeks.



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