Talks To Everyone But Me

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christopher - August 23

my wife recently had a miscarriage. she seems to okay. i mean sumtimes i see her crying but she acts all fine i know she hurting and i wanna be there for her but she wont let me. she seems to be talking to everyone, shes fine when shes with them. she laughs and has a smile. or she reaches out to her best friend. but when i go to talk to her she says she wants to be left alone but yet she goes on the phone. if i touch her she pushes me away. is this normal ? she wants to be with everyone but me.......


Nicole - August 24

Your wife is going thru a tuff time right now. I think most women react one of two ways...they might want to be closer to their husband or push them away. She probably acts fine with her friends because she doesn't want them to know how hurt she is. With you she can actually show her true emotions. Give her time...and when she is ready she will let you in. Good Luck!


jennifer - August 24

hi christopher, sorry to hear about your wife going through a miscarriage. I too recently went through the same thing. Although its been hard for me, I try to keep communications open with my boyfriend but sometimes I find myself doing the same thing your wife is doing. Please just know its not you, this is a very hard time for her, just be there for her and support her. Take care & good luck!


Q - August 24

totally normal. My bf has been wonderful through my miscarriages, but sometimes I just want to be alone. Like Nicole was saying, she probably puts up a good front with friends, but with you she can't. best wishes


teigan - August 24

i know this sounds weird but has it crossed your mind that she might feel ashamed or awful that she has lost your baby, i did when i lost our 4th, i didnt feel like a woman and couldnt speak about it to my hubby as i thought he would be disgusted.. ormones make us do the strangest things xxx


gab - August 24

dear christopher, my husband and i recently lost our first child. we were both entirely crushed. i saw him in the most vulnerable state i have ever seen him in and vice versa. it was horrible, but he helped me through it as much as he could. but sometimes i wouldn't let him get close enough to me to console me. i felt like i had failed him. among other things, obviously. but just try to understand her side of things, even if they don't seem rational to you. and don't be so wrapped up in trying to stay strong for her that you neglect your own feelings of grief and sadness, you lost someone too. and you need to be comforted also. i hope this helped a little. best wishes



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