Tanning Bed S While Pregnant

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parkermegan - April 7

Can you go to a tanning bed while you are pg??


Kira_lynn - April 7

Um i dont see why not...u could call a respectable tanning salon and ask them...i'd ask ur doctor first.... Thats a good question! I got a faint positive (adaylate) and im getting married next april..i'd like a tan.


parkermegan - April 7

lol!! I ask the tanning bed place I got to (because the owners daughter was recently pg) and she said it was fine! She said it only tans the top layer of skin so there is no possible way it would hurt your baby. Which makes sense.... I mean, wouldn't it burn your organs too if it coudl burn the baby! lol. So, I am not pg yet, just trying...I will ask my dr when i see her on CD21.


littleangel - April 7

hi parker this is what a doc say on the internet when i ask for you. Can I use a sun bed during pregnancy? Answer I do not know of any particular hazards in using a sun bed when pregnant but it's worth bearing in mind that the same risks apply as to anybody who exposes themselves to UV light. Sunbathing in general can affect you differently while pregnant. The chances of skin cancer are definitely higher and your skin is also more sensitive when pregnant because of your hormones. You may find that your skin is more blotchy or becomes more irritated than normal. Pregnant women who sunbathe may develop 'chloasma' which is a change in the depth of colour of the skin affecting the face. The other name for chloasma is 'the mask' which may give you an idea as to how it looks. It usually affects the area around the eyes and over the cheekbones. <br><br>I'm sorry to sound such a killjoy but as a red head who has been pregnant twice, I have become an expert in the havoc UV light can wreak up on fair skin. What I would say is that a little bit of what you fancy does you good, so a short time on the sun bed to make you feel 'sun-kissed' should do you and your bump no harm at all; just don't overdo it! Best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Yours sincerely The NetDoctor Medical Team


parkermegan - April 7

thanks! I never go alot! Maybe 2 times a week at the most. I will probably start going every day for now, since I won't be O for atleast 2 wks. That way I can get some color starting, and if I do get pg I will definately sloooow down on going. I am sooo fair skinned so I usually have to go every day for about 2 weeks to get a base and then I can go 2-3 times a week. I just don't tan!! And I love being outside and I want some pretty belly pics!!


jensenc - April 7

The one thing to watch for is overheating. Sometimes the tanning bed can get hot and your body temp rise so try to avoid that as that can be harmful.



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