Tara And Mrs R Just Wanting Updates

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Cabbie - June 23

thinking of you both...let me know how you are


Tara S - June 24

Cabbie how your little boy? Im doing fine, I think Im always paranoid! I rented a doppler and listen to the heartbeat often , its so beautiul to hear life in me again. Im 10weeks 5 days if you go by Lmp or ultrasound Im 10 weeks today. Mrs R, How are things going for you? Take care ladies!


Cabbie - June 24

Tara, so glad to hear all is going well. You are almost over that first trimester hump! yeah! Do you have another ultrasound coming up? We are all doing well. Cooper is a little over 3 weeks and sleeping and eating like a champ. I can tell you that I never lost that paranoid feeling even as I was delivering him. I had a great fear I know I told you about throughout this whole pregnancy. It was downs syndrome. I just had this feeling I carried right through until delivery. Once I got over the miscarriage fear, I was on constant guard for preterm labor, preeclampsia, etc. It never ended. I drove my hubby insane, but in the end Cooper is healthy and happy. I have to think the paranoia and fear are normal after the hell we have been through. I did have my tubes tied during my section. I can't do this again. After going through the fear of infertility with my two girls and then the grief of miscarriage three times, this little one is our miracle and our last. We also did the cord blood collecting with him and feel really good about that. It was rather pricey but we are looking at it as another type of insurance policy. If you ever need to talk and stress over the paranoia, I'm here for you. You will hold your baby soon and you will have this feeling of awe that it finally happened again!


Tara S - June 24

Thanks Cabbie,im so happy that Cooper is a healthy little one. I remember the fear with my first, I was even scared after she was born, I guess its part of being a mom.Im having a nuchal ultrasound to check for downs syndrome on July 13. Im at no greater risk then other women that are 29 years, but they are offering me it because of what happened to Treya.I then have to wait until 18 weeks to have a detailed ultrasound. Im not doing the amnio, I don't want to risk it in case its a healthy baby and chances of Turners syndrome are less then 1%. I have a greater chance of losing this baby from an amnio then chromosome disorder. If i have a cesarean I too will get my tubes tied. Im tierd of being pregnant and just want a healthy baby and to enjoy my family. If I lose this baby I might quit at that, because this has been so stressing on our family.I can't wait until this first trimester is over, it feels like its taking forever.


MRS.R - July 14

Hey ladies, How are things going? Doing well here.. We are not ttc Yet.. I just am not as Brave as you guys yet.. How is lilltle Cooper doing Cabbie? Tara update us on how you are doing... Take care ladies..


Tara S - July 14

Hi Mrs R, Glad to hear from you. Yesterday I had My Nuchal Scan and results came back really good combined with my blood work. Im starting to really show now and thats unusual for me because it doesent happen until 18 weeks for me, but I guess having so many pregnancies the mucsles are not very strong. The nuchal scan doesent gaureentee that all is going to turn out great,but it gives you a number as to the chances of it happening based on the results of the fluid on babies neck and blood work. This little one wanted to show off and did a hand stand. We decided to tell the kids at the appointment and my daughter was so excited. She asked me if I and daddy put all the right ingredients into this one (she meant chromosomes) I just told her I wasent sure,but I hoped so. Ill be 14 weeks on Monday, my dates were right on this time. I know about feeling really scared, this has been an emotional rollercoaster ride for me. I worry about everything and not allowing myself to enjoy the pregnancy like I should be. I wonder if you ever get over the losses with all weve been through.Mrs R, when your ready to try again Ill always be here for you .Cabbie, I guess I didn't have the infection I thought I did. Results came back as yeast even though doctor said it looked like bacteria vaginosis. Im not 100% sure the results came back right, If this is yeast its the worst Ive ever seen. Thanks you made me feel so much better after talking to you!


Cabbie - July 14

Mrs. R, so good to hear from you. I think you should take all the time you need to be mentally ready to try again. Tara, that is great news about your scan and blood work. Cooper is 6 weeks and we are having a great time, but I did forget exactly how exhausting but thrilling it all is!



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