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Belief - February 26

I know your temperature is supposed to be high when you ovulate and not when you start your cycle so I'm pretty confused. I was told that I had a chemical pregnancy last week - started my cycle on Thursday - but my temp has remained high. Can anyone relate or have an idea as to why?


JuJu - February 26

Belief; it's normal after a miscarriage for your temperature to remain high for a little while. Admittedly, after a chemical pregnancy it should theoretically drop sooner, but the body does strange things after miscarriage in an effort to sort itself out. Give it another week or so and I'm sure it'll drop. JuJu


sososleepy - February 26

Best guess, you still have some hCG keeping your progesterone up, or it's taking a little while for the progesterone that was up to fall. It might take a few days to come back down (guessing). After my mc, I started bbt on cd8. My temps didn't go down until cd14. That was a 9 wk mc which started naturally, so if yours was a chem your temps will probably drop a lot faster than that, but I think could take another few days. Ok, some one who knows come give us the rest of the story on this :)


Belief - February 26

My HCG was 9 on Thursday when they did my bloodwork. I agree JuJu, the body does do strange things. I wish I had simplistic answers. It would certainly make things clearer for me.


stefkay - February 26

Belief, just checking, this may be a dumb question, but do you use a bbt or digital thermometer and do you take it right when you wake up before doing anything (same time each day, etc.)?


Belief - February 27

STEFKAY - not a dumb question at all. I use a BBT and I take it before I get out of bed at 6 AM. I roll over and reach for the BBT before the alarm...Sometimes I think it is the alarm. This morning it was again 98.2. My bleeding has slowed down but my belly looks swollen. I weigh 105 so it is obvious to my husband who asked what was wrong with me last night when he saw my stomach. I haven't pa__sed anything major like clots or tissue except for last night. There was one piece of what looked like a hard piece of tissue that came out. My husband who is very interested in the process wanted to inspect it but I said that was too gross and flushed it. LOL.....I love him so much for wanting to help me out with this. I'm very blessed in that sense. But since pa__sing it I haven't had any cramps. Strange I say, very strange. My body is certainly a mystery. Do you think that taking the depo shot for 2 years has something to do with any of this - the m/c or chemical pregnancy? I haven't had the shot in 4 years, but I am obsessed with finding a reason.


Belief - February 27

Some one just told me it might be a virus...I'm very scared now........


stefkay - February 27

A virus? Like as in you might have a cold? It would make sense that if you are sick you would be running a fever, but 98.2 is pretty high for morning temps. Some people have higher temps than usual, but then the follicular phase temps are all higher too. I would say if you are still bleeding and just pa__sed clots/tissue last night (I had the same type of clots...very dense and yes, I poked at one with a qtip ((gross))...so if you just pa__sed tissue then it would make sense that your temps are still up. I'm not sure why, but my temps remained up a bit while I was still bleeding heavily and pa__sing tissue. It was right after that was done that my temps started to drop drastically. Belief, I doubt the depo shot did anything. Don't worry yourself too much...I know how you feel and would do the EXACT same thing! :-) There are soo soo soo many women who've done that shot and have healthy babies. You may have answered this already, but since the shot have your cycles been pretty normal (temps, ovulation, etc.)? If so, then I'm sure the shot is't playing any part in it. It's out of your system now so it can't be hurting. HUGS!!!


Belief - February 27

My husband said the same thing to me...I haven't had the shot for four years and yes, my cycles have been pretty normal. Yeah, I need to stop stressing right now....it's hard not to be obsessed when you want to be preggo at this moment. It's so hard to come to work where there are four girls expecting and you are the only one who had a m/c. I'm not sick by any means but the temp in my bedroom is really hot...maybe that is why it is up. I'm just going to stop taking the temp and let nature do the work. My husband loves that theory.



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