Tests You Should Have Your Dr Do After Mulitple M C

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SaraH - May 10

Hi everyone, I though that maybe it would be a good idea to start an informative thread that lists types of testing/problems you can have done after multiple miscarriages. I've seen numerous tests/problems listed on this forum, but they’re all spread out over different threads. So, I thought that if anyone was interested we could start a thread that lists specific tests you should have done and possible problems you should have your Dr. check. That way when people who've had multiple miscarriages go to their Dr. and want to have some testing done they can have a little more info. on what kind of problems are a possibility and what kind of tests are available. After all, Dr.s tend sometimes to check for common things first and don’t always check for specific less common problems unless a patient asks for it. So, if anyone has some information on things possible tests/problems feel free to share. Thanks ~Sarah


JuJu - May 10

hi sara - great idea! After my 2nd m/c this year, my Ob ordered a wide range of tests; I can't remember all of them but some were....Thyroid, Lupus, MTHFR, Autoimmune diseases, Progesterone etc. They also carried out chromasomal testing on the placenta and embryo, including molar pregnancy etc. What they have found is that I have a marginal blood clotting disorder, where my ANA ratio (anti-nuclear antibodies) is a little too high....which is the likely cause of my m/c's. Although I am now faced with a whole new set of concerns about my blood condition and affects on ttc, I am happy knowing that they are able to pinpoint, and work on my issue. I guess the tests are interesting for me too; because I had a successful pregnancy with my DD (now 18 months).....so this condition I have either developed or got worse after my pregnancy. The body is never static - which is why testing is a good thing. Good luck everyone and I hope that by sharing info on our tests we can have our future babies!


Kristine - May 12

Hi Sarah and JuJu, I have had 3 consecutive m/c's since last August. I have had the bloodwork JuJu mentioned and they have come back normal. My husband and I had Karyotype chromosome blood tests and they were normal. We never tested the embryo because I had a D&C the first time and natural m/c's after that. I have seen a Reproductive Endocrinologist since my 3rd m/c. She is ordering a sonohysterogram after I get my next cycle. She has increased my folic acid intake to 4 milligrams and she will be doing an FSH blood test. The sono will test for fibroid tumors or polyps in my uterus. They insert a catheter into the cervix and inject saline. It takes about 20 minutes.The FSH test is to see the age of my ovaries. Good thread to start!!!


JuJu - May 15

Hi Sar & Kristine - Well, I am off to the OB in 2 days times to get my next round of results - fingers crossed my situation will have improved! I am keen to gather more info about my ANA disorder - will post here if I hear anything new.


Kristine - May 16

Good luck JuJu. What results are you waiting for? I just came back from what I hope to be a final beta level test. I should be less than 2 by now.


katycali - May 16

I am currently going through my 4th m/c. I am unsure the reasoning for the 1st 3 m/c but I know that I have a blighted ovium this time. I also have had all sorts of testing done to include chromosome testing and the sonohysterogram. They all came back normal. Is there a test out there I should be requesting that I haven't heard about?


Kristine - May 17

Katy, I just posted to you on the other thread but I see your answers here. JuJu mentions an ANA test. I called my RE's office yesterday and they said I've never had that test but they'd see if I can have it done. I'll hear back today. Also, have you had the FSH blood test? With all these tests I've had, I'm now going to keep a list so I can keep track!


Angela Mac - May 17

Hi ladies. I have had 3 healthy pregnancies and now 3 mc's. The last 2 were within the past 6 months. I just got my af today and I start my month of testing. Starting Friday I go in for a ton of blood work and the I will do the test where they inject saling into my uterus and then at the end of my cycle they are going to take a biopsy or my uterus lining to see if it can sustain a pregnancy. My husband will have his sperm tested, but we decided to wait to see my results first. I'll let you know how it goes.


jami - May 17

Hi, I have had 4 m/c an am now seeing a RE. We have already had karyotyping done on myself and my dh. The RE has done a series of blood work including ACA, ANA, APA, IgA IgG IgM, & NK. Cultures to check for infection. Sonohystogram. Glucose Tolerance testing. We are in the process now of a complete cycle check, checking different hormone levels at different points and ultrasounds at different points. So far the results include + for MTHFR, ANA ok, NK slighly elevated, sonohystogram ok, day 3 ok, and are now waiting for ovulation.


Kristine - May 17

Hi Angela and Jami, This can be mind boggling. I'm familair with what Angela is going through but Jami, what are the Ig and NK tests you speak of?


jami - May 17

Kristine, I agree this is all mind boggleing, it is like a part time job trying to keep track of what everything is. From what I can remember the ig series and the nk are all immune tests. My ig came back normal but the nk were elevated and have to be retested. The nk stands for natural killer cells, i was told they can be elevated when your body is fighting something even as small as a cold or allergies. I am back to the RE again tomarrow for more blood and ultrasound. My LH surge is not happening, so I should find out more tomarrow. I hope this info helps.


Kristine - May 17

Hi Jami, What will they be doing tomorrow with an ultrasound? So far, I've only been told I'll have a sonohysterogram.


littleangel - May 17

hi ladies, i m/c my DD on 11/1/06 at 21wks and i have just got my results back on the 15/5/06, JuJu knows me from our thread on help through m/c part 3, any way they told me i had some thing called Placenta Infarction this is some thing to do with blood clotting and not producing enough oxygen to the baby, and the placenta dies they said next time i fall on they will give me extra test and scans and inject medcation in to me to help thin my blood. they also test me again for Protien S so i have to wait for them results to come back., i think this is good thread to start and it will help others understand a bit more. thanks SaraH :) to all women sorry for you losses take care jo:)


jami - May 17

The ultrasound tomorrow is to check on the progress on the follicle. As part of the cycle check I had an us on cd 3 and all looked well. I have been doing opk's and have not had much of a change in color so they will decide tomorrow if I need to stop the cycle check this month and try again next month by adding some medication. I had an us last week after having a line show on the opk and the lining looked good but the follicle didnt look mature enough. I hate to think about starting the check all over. I was hoping to have some answers to all of this soon.


Kristine - May 18

Hello Jo, I have never herad of Placenta infarction. So interesting. I am very glad saraH began this thread. Let's keep each other updated as we go through this testing. Jami, which type of MTHFR do you have? I am heterozygous A1298C which three doctors have said is considered very common and normal. The RE upped my folic acid intake though.


jami - May 18

I have the homozygous MTHFR. The RE has me on Foltex (combination of b6, b12, & folic acid) along with prenatels, baby asprin daily and will be adding lovenox. We will see how all the remaining tests go before we get the green light to ttc. When do you have the sono done?


Angela Mac - May 19

Hi ladies, I just got back from my cd3 bloodwork. It was a lot of blood but I feel fine. I go back Tuesday morning for my saline infused sonogram. i just bought my first ovulation kit, I got the clear blue easy tests so I hope they are ok. I have never bought them before so I had no idea what to get. I found out my husband's s____n a___lysis is only $109 so that isnt too bad, we will do that soon. I will let you know how all of it goes. Have a great day ladies.



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