Thanks To All And One More Question

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Katie - July 2

First of all, I just want to say thank you to the people who have responded to my questions, you don't know how much this site has helped me..(well, you probably and I am sorry to all those that have had a loss, this is my first m/c, but I have a healthy 6 year-old son, so we are hoping to try question is, and I'm sure I've already asked it in some form, I'm just scared and paranoid :) ....It has been three days since my m/c. It was natural, ever since I have had minimal bleeding, (probably like a period), and not really any cramps......anyone who has had a natural m/c, did you find out that you had passed everything ok? and how long did you bleed afterward? I've heard anywhere from a week up to 6 weeks....i guess it just depends on the person. I go back to the doc wed, to check my HCG.....I hope everything is ok, as i really don't want to have a DNC....please share your experiences with me on this, and again, thanks to all.


Elyse - July 2

Hi katie, your dr should do a follow up scan to check you are clear of anything left inside if he dose'nt offer it ask luckily i didn't need a d/c.I bleed for about 2 weeks after and on and off for about another week after that I got my first period 4 weeks later, and another 17 days after that you could be a bit mixed up for a few months till your body gets back right.take care now.


amanda - July 2

My doctor did vag.u/s two days after natural m/c (first pregnancy) to check and make sure I had pa__sed everything. I continued to bleed for about one and 1/2 wks after. Mostly light period. I have been to doc once a week to have HCG levels checked since m/c on June 7, and I am finally below 5 (at 4.8) as of last blood test. It took me exactly 22 days (4 blood test) to get back to normal levels. My doc said, as long as they continue to go down, you are good. Now, I am waiting on af to ttc again. I NEVER thought I'd be looking foward to af. ???How long did your doc suggest waiting before ttc again? My doc said one cycle. Good Luck!



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