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FrancesM - December 6

That sounded kinda selfish. I did not mean that eating was more important then the news, I just hadn't had the chance to flip in on cause I was cooking and then on the phone!


oncemore - December 6

Good morning girls! KRISTIN- that is so so terrible that your 1st grade teacher told you and your whole cla__s!!!! Who did she think she was???? She should have gotten big time in trouble...that's a parents job...NOT a teacher's job! Ugh. I was hoping to get my kids to about 11 before telling them about Santa.... I think that is when I found out....but I don't think I was ever talked to...I think I just figured it out and went along with my parents...cant remember. One nice thing about having the age gap with my two older kids and Kayla and the one I am pg with....Corbin and Sadie can help with the "magic" and keep it alive in our home for the younger two...ya know. With being a mom... it's like our children are REALLY only "ours" while they live inside our womb....and then...when they are born... they are constantly learning and growing into their OWN little person and then into a big person....they learn to crawl then walk then run...and start running away from us in giggles...only to little by little getting further away from our protedction.... but we can't keep 'em in the womb forever I suppose...LOL.... but it's still sad/happy to reach all the different mile stones in parenting...ugh! Yes, I forgot how recent our mall shooting really was just this past February that it happened! I can't stop thinking of all the families in Omaha.... how awful it is especially BEFORE a major holiday. At least the families in Salt Lake City got to have one last Christmas and New Year before losing them...ugh, it's just awful. JOURDAN- great news about the red sea!!!!! Soon you will be on your way to baby making!!!!!! FRANCES- sounds like stretching pains from the inside. Don't worry... you labs are gonna be great! beta was VERY low compaired to everyone elses around here and I am still pg! ZEN- your chart is looking promising. Even with all the is still up! How are you feeling? Any symptoms so to speak? ROBYN- hope your dad will be ok. Let us know how that goes. Hope you don't get sick and that Jason is feeling better too! TORY- hope you had a fun time shopping! HELLO to Maggie, Shelly, Precious, Stef, Erica, Duckie, Cyndi, Cynn, Kathy,...who have I missed? Hoping you all have a wonderful day!!!! By the way... when I first heard of the mall shooting yesterday... I couldn't help think about how I am so happy that my dh has gotten into the spirit of shopping since the last couple of years and that we do almost all of our shopping online! We don't have to go out into those busy places.... just have it all come to us! That is how it's gonna be for many more people I'm sure... after this happens again and's just terrible.


ZenGirl - December 6

FRANCES - it is home/13df82. i really can't tell either way with my body or the temps.... i have have seen them be up on other charts them take a nose dive and af starts.... i dunno!! :?S


FrancesM - December 6

Jen, as you know I am NOT a pro, I just want to see. In the meantime, it is time to start a CD63. ***COME OVER LADIES TO THE NEW THREAD***



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