The Clean Slate Part 3

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stefkay - March 5

Please join in whether you're grieving, waiting, actively ttc again or if you just want to lend support!


stefkay - March 5

Hello hello! Robyn, I thought I'd start out here...that is all awesome news for you guys! And Whisper gooooood luck! We need to get started on a luck roll here and keep it going FOREVER! hee hee :-) xoxoxo


Whisper - March 5

Yay new thread! I kind of fell asleep just after my last post and just got up lol, so I still need to get groceries! So tired! My fingers are crossed that it means something! Okay, I'm going to really go to the store now! lol.


tiffany79 - March 5

Hello! Im new here, posted a couple times.. think i will join this thread. I was on the pill for 10yrs, went off 11/06, and got prego in Jan.. was SO excited, since this was our first! However.. i miscarried less than 2 weeks later on Feb 6th. My HCG level was only 44 the day it happened.. obviously i had a chemical pregnancy. I often wonder if it has something do w/ the pill..being on it so long, Maybe my lining wasnt thick enough yet?? i am now, awaiting AF to arrive ANY day!! I plan to ttc after this cycle..i cant wait to try agian, but of course, im SOO nervous. This place is great, all the support! Good luck to everybody ttc!!!


stefkay - March 5

Hi tiffany! If it helps at all, it's probably best that it was a chemical pregnancy the first time instead of a m/c later on, mainly because chemicals happen quite often so there is a pretty good chance it was one of those "rare events" that won't repeat itself. Most miscarriages are rare too, but when they occur later it seems like there may be another problem that needs investigating? Just my thoughts...I'm not a doctor!!!


ROBYN - March 5

Hey i am here Jason just came home with a bottle of wine i will be back just a lot of good things happened today so i just hope it continues. Maybe God really has listened to me these past few weeks. Will be back.


tiffany79 - March 5

Stefkay.. thanks for your thoughts. I agree too..better sooner than later, and better a chem pregnancy then a "real" miscarriage. Hopefully it was a 1 time event.. i cant wait to be prego!!!!!!!!!!


Belief - March 5

Hello ladies.....well, hopefully in a few weeks I can say I got a bfp. It works out well since my O and my DH's birthday are the same day - or about. We're pretty excited to try again, but I gots to tell ya'll....I feel not so great today. My head hurts, my throat is a tad sore, I just want to sleep, which I did all weekend. AND....I had a dream I had twins! Freaky, eh? The weird part is that I "thought" I had boys, but in my dream I went to change their diapers and they were girls. Don't know what that means or if it is a sign, but interesting nonetheless. Here's hoping we all get BFP's this month! Cheers


Whisper - March 5

Well.. I tested, BFN :(. Could be just too soon or that I didn't use FMU, but I'm going to just say I'm not pregnant and must just be imagining things cause I want to be so bad. I would think it would of been a BFP by now if I actually was pregnant. I used a FRER, so, chances are slim I'm gathering. Oh well. Theres always next time! =). Still don't know why I'm so tired though! In fact I'm going to go take another nap now, having a hard time keeping awake. :/ Guess I need to schedule a doc visit and see whats wrong with me. I'll be back later. =).


LanaK - March 5

Hi girls; glad that everyone is doing well. Whisper, I am with you on not feeling well; I am also having a lot of fatigue and dizziness and feeling very sleepy. Even with the morning sickness, I felt much better when I was pregnant. I believe that the rapid hormonal change probably causes all of this for some people. I hope we both start feeling better soon :)


kellywall - March 5

whisper, I really have a good feeling for you....I don't even know you but maybe you tested to early. I know how you feel that we are ttc I notice every little feeling in my body and I think sometimes were over a___lize things. You seem to have so many symptons though...fingers crossed for you nonetheless....nothing new to report on this end of the world....just trying to coax DH into bed early tonight *wink wink* He works in a club so he's not tired at 11 or 12 like myself to sometimes it's hard to get him into bed....wish me luck and ni night *tosses baby dust around the room* take care everyone


duckiec - March 6

Hi all on this new thread. Nothing new here either- I think I've hit the "indifferent" stage where I'm not motivated to do anything. Im sure this will pa__s and I'll be a obsessing testing fiend soon enough... though for now Im just "done" with everything and could care less. Hope you feel better ladies!


ROBYN - March 6

Morning everyone, did i tell you all that my IVF clinic called yesterday morning and they are gonna see us Thursday instead of making us wait till the 28th. I am so happy we wont start this early but hopefully i will get a protocol this early and something to look forward too. My son came home with straight A's on his progress report which they give you before a report card and my job gave me my longevity check without making me go back to work for 80 hours to get it. So I will be officially resigning today after 17 yrs its gonna be really hard but I am asking to be a part time dispatcher instead and that will be 24 hrs a week max. So I am hoping after they get my letter that they will let me do the part time i dont want to completely give up my job i am an adreline junky and love when the crazy stuff goes down so i dont want to give it up just yet. I just dont want their hours and no life and being married to the police dept. Anyway Whisper maybe it was still too early but I am still sorry if its a BFN. I am feeling pretty much back to normal again my b___bs have went back to normal and hopefully the spotting is stopped for good. But I am not as depressed and trying to think positive again. Anyway hope the rest of you are doing well will check in later.


Whisper - March 6

Morning/Afternoon ladies! Well today I have what would seem to be morning sickness. Like, I woke up just dry heaving, and it got worse when I went to brush my teeth. I also have a lot of nasal congestion today. I went to bed at 3:30am, just got up at 12:30pm, and again, still feeling exhausted. I thought about taking another test today but don't want to disappoint myself so I've decided to hold off until the weekend to test again if no AF. I'm trying to figure out whats going on with me, something is definitely not quite normal, I'm just afraid that if I'm not pregnant it might be something serious (again, hypochondria probably contributing to that, but still) I'm just not sure what to think. Guess I'm going to lay back down, I don't feel too well.


Jenny K. - March 6

Hello! I am new to the board. I have made a couple of post. My dh and I started ttc in February, 2007. We have been together for almost 5 years. We got married 2/18/06 and on our honeymoon, me and dh decided to quit taking bcp. Had an af on 3/12/06 and kept waiting for my next af to start so I could start tracking it. Well it never came so around the end of April, I took a hpt and it was a bfp. I was so happy. About 2 weeks later, we went in for our 1st u/s and they couldn't find a h/b. We were totally devastated! Had to wait for about 9 months to start ttc thought I might have had a partial-molar pregnancy. Finally got the ok to start trying again in the beginning of Feb, 2007!! Well, my af just came last Saturday, so I am in cycle day 4 and waiting to o!! I hope it doesn't take long. I am so anxious to be prego again! I have been really bummed since my af showed her ugly face. I'm trying to be optimistic, sometimes its really hard... GL to all the women on this board. Barrels of baby dust to all the ttc'ers!! Jenny


stefkay - March 6

Hi girls! Jenny glad you're here! Isn't the waiting the worst? I don't think I could pull off 9 months! I feel so down about having to wait out this month and possibly next that it's just made me so unmotivated in a lot of things. AF coming sucks and is depressing for a few days, but then if you know you can at least try that month it's like a new beginning each month. Try to think of it that way. You have another chance to catch ovulation and another chance to plan for that possible pregnancy! Whisper, I'm sorry to hear about the sick feelings, unless of course they are due to pregnancy! LOL :-) What cycle day is this for you? I think I'm losing track here of who is where in their cycles. Robyn, I can't wait to hear what the dr. says Thursday! I am still waiting for the results of the s____n a___lysis from last week and still nothing. I don't know if I should call the office or not? It'll be a week tomorrow. *sigh*


jdstrong80 - March 6

Just a quick note to say hi to all--good luck whisper if you hpt again; robyn with the moved-up appt, and stefkay on finding out test results. hi to tiffany, duckie and jenny. nothing new with me, af is gone so dh and I are happily bd'ing and i'm trying not to seem too crazy tracking dates and symptoms and trying new "hope this will help!" things ("what?? no, I always sleep with my legs up in the air afterwards...") Anyways, I only have 3 days left at my awful job, then taking a week off and then starting new job the following week, so hopefully lots more good things will start to happen soon. I'm not very religious but do think things happen for a reason, so maybe the m/c in Dec then losing out on a big project at work in Jan were just signs that I needed to with a new job and a better, refocused att_tude, hopefully a bfp will follow....take care and good luck to everyone!



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