The Clean Slate Part 57

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stefkay - November 14

To fresh starts and growing bellies! To old friends and new. To a bunch of fabulous women!!!


AllieP. - November 14

Hi Ladies!!! I see there is lots of good news here this evening!! WAY TO GO STEF!!!! I'm sending you a big hug!! That is awesome!!!! JULIE-you got to see a h/b and that is wondeful too!!!!! I know you aren't feeling great after this visit but you heard that h/b so the bean is kickin and alive!!! such good news!!! LORI-you u/s sound went fantastic today too so there's good news all around! MARIBEL- to answer your question, once you get a postive OPK then you should be ovulating 24-36 hours so definiately do it that day you get the postive and the next day as well to seal the deal!! Okay, Hubby and i just got home, 8pm ugh! we're about to eat dinner so I'll catch up with you girls tomorrow! Congrats again ladies! Job well done! :) =


stefkay - November 14

Oh my, you girls should have seen me this morning...I was an anxiety wreck when I woke up and it got worse as we got closer to the destination. By the time I got in the waiting room I was sobbing and my mom just held me. They must have all thought I was a lunatic, but the fear was unbearable! I can't tell you how much better I feel right now and hope this can last for 9 months :)


pba74 - November 14

STEF - it will last for nine months. Believe it girl, you're going to be a mommy! I am so dang happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ROBYN - November 14

STEF - you have to been thru hell and back your anxiety is completely normal unfortunately is doesnt go away LOL. I still stress about everything but as the weeks go by and you see the bean growing and you get pa__s these major milestones you are gonna breath a sigh of relief everyweek. This ones gonna stick around sweety.


oncemore - November 14

PBA- put down shredded up newspaper in the litter box (without the litter) and the cat should be able to go on that. It will smell like where he is used to, but wont be harmful to the inscision site.


oncemore - November 14

STEF- I sure can't compair to your anxiety in any ways... you really have been through soooo much! But I was sooo nervous today as well. I wouldn't look at the u/s monitor until the tech could tell me there was a heart seemed like it took her FOREVER to tell me it was there! I cried! I hate the room I have to go to for my u/s because that is the same place we found out about Joey not having a h/ I am so nervous about that. I am glad that you will be without such a load on your shoulders and worry in your heart tonight! it sticks around...the anxiety and such, but we will all be here to help out!


AllieP. - November 14

Stef-I meant to ask you how is Jesse taking all of it? I bet he was sad he couldn't be with you today to share in your excitement! I know I will feel the same anxiety when it's my turn. It's only natural!!! Enjoy the next nine months and years to come! :)


ZenGirl - November 14

STEF- i am so happy to hear that all went well at your visit today. you are going to be a mommy. has that sunk in yet? JULIE and LORI- i am also glad for the both of your successful appointments as well. each one is a milestone. congrats :)


oncemore - November 14

ZEN- Thank you so much! My heart still aches for what you have been through. I wish it wasn't so. Big hug to you tonight!!!! Looking forward to better times for you as well!!! Thank you~Lori~


indenial - November 14

Stef, I'm so excited for you. I just wanted to come and tell you that I am thinking of you and your precious bean!!!


Tory1980 - November 15

Stef, fantastic news. I wasn't quite as anxious as you but I was like Oncemore. I refused to look at the screen until the sonographer said all was well and heart was beating. They took me into the same room where they told me we lost our little girl when I had the bleed at 6weeks and I thought I was either going to faint or have a panic attack. best change what week you are in - or should I say move you forward 2 days! Every day counts! Amazing news sweeheart but I could cheerfully hit you that you weren't on earlier last night! LOL! A little bouncing bean - of course a girl - and doing just what she should be doing. Pba, we have alaways had cats - male and female always had them spayed/neutered although mum used to breed the Siamese) and I have never heard of the cat not being allowed to use the litter tray. MIne came home and went straight in - they were done on the same day and no problems.


AllieP. - November 15

Good morning girls! Hope everyone has a great day today! TWo more days until the weekend! TG!


cyndilea1973 - November 15

YAAAAAYY for the great u/s Stef!! Relax and enjoy, I am SOOO happy for you!!!! Lori--Let's read all good things about your u/s too! There was a heartbeat and good that is AWESOME!! It is just so pleasing to have good news in here..let's keep it going girlies...So my mama is coming down Monday afternoon from Tn to take me to my appt seeing that hubby was jumping through hoops to get Tues now I am all set for Tues morn...a little later than I wanted..but still close on the horizon!! Happy Pre-Friday everyone...++Cyndi++


BriannasMummy - November 15

Yay its Friday eve.. get out the streamers!!! I like thursdays much better then mon, tues, or wed's. Stef: I wanna shout it from the rooftops.. im just so freaking happy for you! Cyndi: Glad that your mom is coming to the rescue.. its good that you can finally look forward and hopefully this appointment date is set in STONE! Amanda: I had both of my cats neutered in September.. and they didnt have a waiting time before using the litter box.. it doesnt say anything like that on the "after care instructions". Weird. Where do they expect the cat to use the boys room? Allie: When will u hear about this job? Im tired AGAIN today.. its sad but true. I feel as though Im never going to come out of sleepy land. I get up at 5:45ish on weekdays.. drive Joe to work.. come back home.. get Bri ready for school.. drive her at 8am.. come back home.. and try to watch tv with ka__si.. or talk to her.. or play with her.. and then at 9:30 when Ka__si is ready for her nap.. I am ready for a nap too. We go to sleep around 10 and sometimes we dont get up until 12:30 or 1.. HOW BAD IS THAT?? I dunno what to do with myself. I have NO energy. I do everything I can to clean this house up. I hope after this baby boy.. i can wake up out of this sleepiness! Im going to go change Ka__si's diaper, and then go make Bri a lunch for school.. so Ill probably be back after my nap!! HEHE. Talk to you later! ~Kristin~


pba74 - November 15

Good morning - STEF - I hope you had a good nights rest. This is only the beginning for you, so take things slow and try to relax. LORI - that is what his grandmother said to do, but I have 2 and they share a box....I think he was fine last night. Althought I did wake up and he was licking it...DH said he was biting but I think he was just cleaning. TORI - I don't remember having problems with my other cat, but with him, the vet kept him overnight. I think all will be okay, I just hate being at work today and leaving him alone. Ridiculous I know...Good morning to all................dh and I got into it last night over - s_x! I wanted to he did not. I wanted to try the preseed b/c I bought it and he refused. Said he wasn't going to have s_x at all if I wanted to us it. I said I obvioulsy wasted my money and that I wouldn't use it and like a woman - LOL - he then said he had a headache and went to bed. So this morning do I not only feel rejected but defeated in ttc. My temp rose from 97.7 to 98.2....I'm pretty sure I O-ed...It's so frustrating...wish I could just go to the bank and withdraw when I wanted to withour relying on him.


FrancesM - November 15

(in a sing songy voice) He stayed IN!! He stayed IN! My temp is even higher! Ok, now on to everyone else....Woo Hoo Stef! Way to go! I am so thrilled for you! That is wonderful news. That baby in planted deep and is not going anywhere! Great news! Hello to everyone else, I did not gave time to read everything yet since ly. gotta take dsd to school and hit Curves while I am at it. Yea again Stef!! Be back shortly.



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