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ROBYN - July 14

Welcoming AVA and ANNA !!! Our newest precious additions!!


ROBYN - July 14

Hey all thread was taking forever to load. AMANDA - sweety my heart goes out to you i am so terribly sorry you know we are here for you (HUGS). JEN - CONGRATS CONGRATS A girl what did i predict??? I have to check. STEF - Ava is gorgeous i already emailed you. KATHY - have you been handling this mostly on your own with Gavin? That would make tons of sense why you are at your wits end by the end of the day. Justin is a completely easy baby and i still count the hours till Jason gets home from work because no matter what i need a break at the end of the day. I know its got to be hard when the only way he will sleep is with you, how is he doing at night is he in your bed? or co-sleeper, PNP or his own crib? Do you swaddle still? Maybe sit down with your b/f and tell him what you need him to do and how much happier you will be if he contributes more with Gavin. During the week since Jason works i dont make Jason get up but if we have nights like we did a few nights ago when Justin woke every few hours then its not a question i EXPECT Jason to get up. I always tell him your sleep is not more special than mine and if its during the week and i need you you will get up. So he does. But once Friday night comes its all him. He takes over at night even though for the most part Justin wakes only 1 -2 times a night he gets up with him and feeds him and changes him. I deserve to sleep too and so do you. Also when Jason gets home from work he takes over because thats the only time he has with Justin at night. We give him a bath, and then we take him into the nursery together Jason feeds him his bottle and we put him in his crib and say good night.


stefkay - July 14

I'm miss lazy and so far behind I feel like ! :) I could only skim everything because so many posts were up just in the last few days, but JEN, OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!! I knew it was a girl, but I just don't remember if I told you that or not, lol ;) How fun! CYNDI, I can't believe you are 20 weeks already! wow! :) I'm feeling better today and yesterday just getting some things done that got behind while I was in the hospital and JEssie is being awesome with helping with Ava since my mom left. He loves his time with her. I keep yelling to him out in the living room though asking if she is ok, lol :) He's exasperated with me! Ok, off to appet_te is good I just keep forgetting to eat :O


ROBYN - July 14

STEF - i dont think Jason and I ate for the 1st week we were home. Jason lost 10lbs we were like holy c___p we never ate today. Well i barely eat once a day now i have coffee in the morning and maybe something once during the day and then dinner. Its such a bad habit but i get so consumed in my day that i just dont think of eating. Thats wonderful that Jesse is so great with her.


april baby - July 14

Hi Ladies!!! I am so sorry I have been a way for so long. I am so busy and don’t have much time right now but needed to stop by. Congrats to Sara and Stef!!! I am so happy for both of you. Stef – remind me to tell you about my dream. Right now I am so busy and the dream was so real and crazy. Amanda – I am so sorry. It is so hard. Please vent as much as or as little as you need to we are all hear to listen. I just had my third m/c and they just don’t get any easier. Jen – Congrats on the girl that is great!!!! MissP, I am so happy you stopped in. I am sorry that your pg is not going as smoothly as we all hoped it would go. Congrats at the same time for getting to the third Tri. Please know that I think about you and only hope for the best for you and your little one. I really know that I need to shout out to more of you Frances, Kathy, Tory, Cindy, Robyn, and Cynn. Allie – where are you in your cycle? I am on CD8 starting tomorrow and will be bding starting Thursday. I have my blood tests on Wednesday. I am not sure what they all include in this testing; the only thing I know is that they are called habitual abortion blood tests. Well ladies I know I have more to catch up on but right now I really need to spend some time with dh. So I will be back on hopefully in the next couple of days. Hang in their Amanda ((hugs)). Jenna


pba74 - July 14

Just got home from work and since dh is still away on business I don't feel like going to bed. JEN- I'm so very excited for you! How did your dh react...i'm sure your little man is excited to have a sister. TORY - sorry about the computer - can't wait to hear from you. JENNA & ALLIE - did either of you have any kind of testing done other than the standard bw? CATHY - my brother, SIL and two kids are coming in. They are very close to me and I'll probably talk to my SIL about it - we are pretty close and she is pretty understanding even if she has never had one. ***I'm going to apologize for not addressing everyone individually - a new thread was started and I can't scroll down to remember what I read. LOL....BUT, thank you all. It's going to be okay and we are going to get back on the horse *wink, wink* and keep trying. Don't get me wrong...I had my episodes of sobbing today and then reminded myself that I will have a baby - I know this is a fact. This is my third m/c - 1st was a missed m/c and the other two chemicals (since there was no sac seen on the u/s today I guess that is what it would be called - I'm going to ask my RE on Thursday)....I've had every blood test done, HSG, dh had SA done and EVERYTHING comes back normal. I'm perfectly healthy and take my vitamins regularly....what gives? Did anyone have any genetic testing done? Is that my next step? DH has been phoning me all day asking what our next step should be and I really dont' know. My RE is leaving town for 3 weeks on vakay and he is sending my records over to my OB just incase anything should happen while he is gone. FRANCES - thank you so much for the info you sent me today. I actually forwarded it to dh and he said it was very thank you! It shed some light on it for him - he is now getting frustrated and wants answers...unfortunately, I don't think there are many as my RE thinks it is all chromosome abnormalitiy solution for that right? He did mention waiting 6 weeks to do testing but didn't go into what kind....actually I think he said what it was but my head was fuzzy and I can't remember. I'll ask Thursday...I should not have to wait to try again was only a chemical. Two pyschis predicted August for me so we shall's not too late. Anyway, hope this makes sense...I'm rambling and am too tired to close my eyes....thank you all once again - I will survive this and will try again. Thank you all...nite nite


cynnababy - July 15

Amanda, I am so sorry for your loss again. You are so strong, and I really admire your strength and att_tude. I know you will get pregnant again one day, and you will have you precious baby with you soon. Hang in there!! Robyn, sounds like Jason is a very wonderful dad and husband! My DH does the same thing too. We both work, so we take turns to go into Jaz room when she fusses at night. We bathe her together, I nurse her, then he sings to her and put her to bed. He is a morning person, so on weekend, he will take the baby in the morning when she get up at 6am, so that I can sleep in till 8. When she naps in the afternoon on weekends, DH will nap with her. I will watch her, and get her if she gets up from her nap. I can't imagine to do all these all by myself.


stefkay - July 15

Girls, if any of you are interested I posted my birth story on the third trimester board. I'm going to hopefully get my piczo all updated today too. AMANDA, I'm so sorry you are going through this again :( I'm glad to hear that your doctors are going to start testing though. I know the waiting for that and then the results is excruciating. You listed a lot of things you were tested for, but did you have any of the blood tests done for clotting issues and immune problems? Anticardiolipins is a big one that many women test positive for. Lupus, Factor V Leiden, Protein S & C, ANAs, MTHFR, etc are all things I think that are tested for in a miscarriage panel. Just ask for the most extensive panel you can get. If a dr. decides to leave one thing out of the testing, that one thing could be your problem. Good luck to you and I know it WILL happen :)


saramcg - July 15

good morning everyone! AMANDA---I am SO sorry that this is happening to you again! you are in my thoughts and prayers, and I am very glad that you are so upbeat about trying again, You are right that it will happen for you! I hope htat AUgust is your month! ZEN-----CONGRATS on the GIRL!!!! I knew it (even though I am usually wrong) I bet I know exactly how you felt b/c I though SO strongly that mine was a boy too!!! a shock at first and then instantly so exciting!!! You will love it!!! I thought at first I wanted Mikie to have a brother, but having this little girl here is so amazing!!! now you will get to have fun experiencing the other side! congrats again!!! 20 weeks!!! that is great!!! I can't wait until your u/s in a few weeks!!! OH and I have the normal crib where the side goes down. I prefer that so I can lay down the baby easier when they are I always thought it was cool to get a cute toddler bed for them, so I didn't worry about the convertible thing. Right now Mikie has the step 2 fire truck bed in his room and he LOVES it!!! but whatever you think you will use , go for it!! Right now I am just using the pack n' play with the basinet in it and it has the changing table attachment, so that being in my room for the first few weeks works out good...I doon't like to cosleep b/c it scares me, so her bed is right next to me. I can't believe you are getting stuff now!!! I am so happy for you!....FRANCES-- how are you holding up??? it won't be long for you now! ...STEF- I read your birth story and it sounded so perfect!!! I am so happy for you and glad that you are feeling better!!! how is she sleeping for you??? Anna definitely has her nights and days totally mixed up, which is getting hard with an almost 2 yr old around, but we are trying to fix it! I can't wait to see a pic of her! ....ROBYN and CYNN, your men sound just fabulous getting up to help. My dh has been really good this time around...A lot better thatn with my first. OK so I am sorry that I missed some, but it is hard ebing on here for any period of time with dh home. he took the week off of work, so I would like to spend as much time with him as I can. I promise if I get a chance, i will post more pics...she is so cute! She is up to 5 lbs 14 oz and got the "all clear" from the doc yesterday! Shirts on her look like dresses!!! my BIL stopped by yesterday with some premie clothes, so that will help me dress her for a while. I hope everyone else is doing well, and I will be back when I get a chance.


FrancesM - July 15

OMG ok, just got back from the Dr and she told me that next Tuesday, YES, 7 days from today could be the day. She is going to check me again on Tuesday to see if I have dilated,k if so, I will go in on Thursday. (I am a finger tip today) If I am not dilated, she will put me in Tuesday night or Wednesday morning to get things started. I am totally freaking out. I will go back and read but just wanted to post this first. OMG!


AllieP. - July 15

Hi Girls! I only have a minute...SO much has happened since I last posted......DH and I are moving back to NJ next week!!! We found out yestserday afternoon they are shutting us down. Of course I go into panic mode as I'm seeing this RE here in WV. However, this girl from another thread is actually from my area in NJ and she told me about an RE near me and I got an appointment already for July 29! yea! So i'm not losing a month! Thank god!! I have my cd15 u/s this sunday here and then I will ask to get my records copied so i can bring with me to the new RE. I hope its a smooth transition and I like this new doctor! Anyway, so if I'm MIA for a bit it's because my life is in a state of flux with moving!!! ZEN-congrats on the girl!! Yay! FRANCES-OMG next week!!! My cell phone is ready and waiting! ;) AMANDA-i'm sorry you are going through this again. I hope with testing you find some answers. I see an RE now and its the best thing I could have done. STEF-Ava is precious! SARA-same with Ana! JENNA-i'm on CD10 and i'm already getting ewcm. weird. I never get it this early. Also i'm quite h__y ! LOL I think its the adrenaline pumping through me with all the packing! Okay girls, i've got to run, I'm so sorry i didn't touch base with each of you but i have SOOO much to do!! For those of you who have my work email after next week it will no longer exist. You can email me at apvanta__sel at gmail dot com! talk to you girls later!


MPear - July 15

Robyn, Lori and Tory: If you see this could you email me at maggiehpearson (at) I have baby questions and am just desperate for experienced answers! Hope everyone else is well! xxoo


Leslie Lynn - July 15

Hi ladies.....Well, I had my 2 week ultrasound to check the growth of the baby. I was so nervous. Bean was measuring at 2 lbs 5oz....he is growing, but still 2 weeks behind. My biggest problem is that my blood pressure was extremely high. It was 180/106. That's NOT a typo....I was admitted to the hospital, and my doc said if it does not come down, I will have to deliver asap. I am so scared !!!! I am only 30 weeks today. They started me on the steriod shots for his lungs. Doc is hoping to hold off on delivery for at least another 4-6 weeks. I am just beside myself....I don't know what to do. I am truly petrified......I will keep you all posted.....Thank god I have this new laptop....It akes for easier posting for updating....I will check back as soon as I know more....


Leslie Lynn - July 15

Girls, I just wanted to apologize for not touching base with everyone personally, I just have so much going on right now.....I wanted you all to know that I do think of you all daily even if I don't get a chance to post. ((((hugs))))


katie37 - July 16

LESLIE, sorry to hear about the bp. I hope they can get that under control. Try not to stress too much because that will make it worse. JEN congrats on having a baby girl. LORI, where are you? I miss seeing you on here. I will email you. ALLIE and JENNA how are you ladies doing today? SARA and STEF how are the girls doing? Is the bf getting any easier? Talk to you ladies later. Hi to everyone else.


cynnababy - July 16

Leslie, so sorry to hear about your high BP. That must have been really scary!! Please don't worry too much about the baby's weight. u/s is not accurate, it can be up to 1 lbs off. Being so worry and stressed out is not going to help with your BP. You are 30 weeks now, just a few more weeks, your little one will be bigger and safe to come out.


stefkay - July 16

FRANCES, yay!!! I hope it is next week for you :) How awesome! LESLIE, I'm praying for you and your baby...please hang in there and let the people in the hospital trake care of will all be ok! I know it is early, but you are getting the shots which is most important. A girl in my due date group delivered her son at 28 weeks and although he was in NICU for a while he came out perfectly! ****As for me, everything is going ok, although I'm feeling a bit caged right now at home. Jessie goes back to work Monday and I'm already scared. I cried last night to him about it because he went to his brother's for a bit and I realized how hard it is to get things done because I'm so afraid to leave Ava out of my sight for too long when I'm running from room to room cleaning or doing whatever I am doing. I have pediatrician appt. today for Ava and am nervous for some reason.



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