The Clean Slate Part 111

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FrancesM - November 9

Ok ladies, a new thread is WAY overdue! How is everyone? Has something changed on piczo? I can't get in to the CS page anymore. It asks for email confirmation and I think the email address is Kathy's...I would like to put some pics up...Jen, is she here yet? I can not wait to see pictures! Hell, I can not believe you are about to have her! I am sure she will be a doll! How are you feeling? Stef, good for you for starting your work out again. I have been to Curves 2x. If I could get Hayden on a schedule and go everyday I would. When it opens he is just either going to sleep or waking up. Oh well, I will figure it out. Since I had already lost the weight, that is not the issue. It is the toning that I need now. My whole body has changed. I know it can take up to a year to get it back (if it goes back) so I am not too worried right not. I miss chatting with everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for the holidays. We are having Thanksgiving here...yuck. John's family is HUGE and sometimes it is just a pain in the ass for everyone to be here...Oh well. Hayden rolled over for the first time the other day and laughed out loud the day before! He is growing up way to fast! That is about all that is going on here with him. AF showed again for me yesterday. I had one 2 weeks ago too. I was not expecting it at all. I read in my books that some women do have theirs around 3 months so it is right on track. Now why I had 2 I am not sure. If it happens again before 28 days, I will call the Dr. John's niece should have her baby this week sometime. She is 35 weeks. She has been on meds to stop her contractions. They feel she is far enough now (she had steroid shots) that when she starts they are not going to stop her. Well, I just wanted to check in and start a new thread. We have some babies on the way and that is so exciting. I can not wait to hear the good news!! Hope everyone has a good start to their week! I hope to see more activity on here soon! I miss you guys!!


stefkay - November 9

Hey! I'm here....yes, I am so excited to hear the news of the new babies coming! Hopefully the thread will pick up a bit. Frances, that is so cool about Hayden! Ava has rolled over once so far and I thought it was the start of it happening all the time, but she has yet to do it again. I think it was an accident, lol! As for working out, the only reason I can do it is because we have a workout room in our complex almost next door to me. I can walk out with Ava in her carrier and take her in the room with me. She just watches me while I'm on the treadmill. I bring toys for her to play with and she is good. When we move I won't be able to do that so I hope to get a treadmill for at home. I feel so much better and happier overall when I'm actively exercising again. I hadn't done that since months before I got pregnant, not even then really because I was constantly pregnant or miscarrying. Hope everyone is doing well! I'll check back in tomorrow....night night.


stefkay - November 9

oh, and i forgot to mention that Ava turned 4 months on Saturday and I still have not had a period. I figured I never would while I'm b___stfeeding? Should I be concerned? Still we've only had s_x one time back when Ava was like 9 weeks or something like that. I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant, lol.


ZenGirl - November 10

Hi Ladies! Yes I am still incubating little Miss Audrey. I go back for another check on Wednesday so i am wondering if I made any rogress from last week. It doesn't really feel like it though. I have had plenty of BH contractions but nothing much else. I have been walking and sitting on my excersize ball so I am hoping those will help me along. Tomorrow is mine and Patricks's 8th wedding anniversary. I can't believe we have been married that long. I think we are going to catch a movie and go to a nice dinner. We would normally get each other a gift but this year I would rather save money for the holidays since I will be out of work and not sure how that is going to play out with a paycheck. I have to go meet with my boss sometime this week. She is not the most pleasant person to talk to. I took a new belly picture yesterday so I will try to get onto piczo and post it. My little pregnancy tracker is all the way at the end! I am such a visual person and love looking at that! I am 36 weeks and 1 day today....well I better get to work, hope you all have a great Monday!


smmom2 - November 10

Stef...that is great you can work out with little Ava playing next to you. Take advantage of it. I have a treadmill here at my house, but it is in storage as we are finishing our basment and dont have the space for it. I cant wait to break it out and use it again !!! ZEN...I remember that feeling...nearing the end and getting so anxious and excited !!! I am also visual I know what you mean. Pretty soon you will be totally 100% miserable and just want it to all be over....unless you are al ready there...I think that is our body's way of saying ti will happen soon. Like the body is saying...I am over this and and going to evict this baby soon !!! HAHA....then you will hold Audrey in your arms and be so happy !!! That is the miracle !! Anyways.....Tory and Fran..I talked to you both on Facebook...I am really liking fb and all its little features !! But how are things today with you ladies??


cyndilea1973 - November 10

Hello Lovely Ladies, it is nice to see some activity in here! JEN--It is SO exciting to hear that you are getting so close to having little Audrey...sounds like you are getting closer every day! KATIE--Sounds like you are getting along great too! Shelley---So nice to see you pop in again! STEF--It is hard to believe that Ava is 4 months already, man, the time flies. As for me, had a wonderful vacay in TN with my mom. She was shocked at my belly size (I am too). I got to watch my little nephew Quentin who just turned 3 months one of the days, and he was a total doll! I had to take my 3 hour GTT on Friday (boo), and will find out the results sometime this week. I sure am hoping that I pa__s this second one. I was able to put a couple of pics on my piczo page, but could not get onto the cleanslate? If one of you lovelies could email the login info to me, I would SOOOO love to see all your precious little ones and the last of us preggos pics! My email is cynthia dot craig at airtran dot com. THANKS! I will post more pics later this week when I get caught up at work. We have been working on the nursery and I find myself just going in there every now and then looking into the crib or looking at the cute things on the wall imagining having my little boy here with me. I can't believe I only have 10 more weeks to go. Well dearies, must get back to work, talk to you later!+++Cyndi+++


Tasman Bay Butterfly - November 10

Hey Girlies! Wow! Jen, I can't believe it's already getting to be that time for you! Cyndi, it won't be long for you, either. As for me, I had a wonderful couple of weeks with my stepdaughter, Bethany. She had a birthday with us. She turned 9. AF barely showed up this month. It's an improvement, but I think my fertility is not long for this world. Who knows. I just know this isn't normal for me. What will be, will be. Maybe when I become wealthy I can do fertility treatments! I may have to adopt one day. I just always hoped to have a healthy, complete pregnancy of my own.


stefkay - November 11

Mia, I just had a thought...I know this is a long shot and I know a lot of people are very bought into the whole western medicine thing, but have you thought of maybe trying a homeopath or naturalpath doctor? Maybe do some acupuncture too? Really I think these two together could be something worth trying if you've done everything else. Give them your medical history, but they might be able to work on getting your system ready. It seems to me that if you had thyroid cancer/issues in the past, the thyroid regulates just about everything and maybe your hormones, adrenals, etc . are just way out of whack. These people can really do a lot to get you back on track that regular doctors cannot. MDs are so into just prescribing you a pill and if they don't have a pill, then it's not fixable. Anyways, just an idea.


katie37 - November 12

Hey ladies!!! Glad to see some activity here again. Not too much going on. I had another u/s Friday and I got some really cool pics so I will send those out to everyone today. Baby is doing well. She was sucking her toes and had her fingers up her nose. It was so cute, well except for the fingers up the nose bit but I'm sure she is just trying to figure out what 's what in there. It was so cute though. I can't wait till she is here. We went out yesterday and bought the crib and dresser/changing table combo and that was $900.00. But I need everything again since it has been so long and I never thought I would have another child. We also painted her room on Monday. It's pink and green. Pink on the bottom half and green on the top half. It's going to look so cute once we have everything together.. I will make sure I take pics and send to everyone. JEN, can't wait to see little Audrey. Hi to everyone I missed. I have lots of work to do. I will be leaving next week to go to Vegas for a conference for work so I'm trying to get everything done this week. Take Care and check your email!!


smmom2 - November 12

Hi ladies.... Katie.... have fun on your trip !! It's always fun putting together a nursery, even though you break the bank doing it. And how cute is that the baby sucking her toes/ picking her nose...quite funny !! Mia( i a__sume thats you tasman) I agree with Stef, try some unconventional methods...I have also heard good things about accupuncture. Although one of my friends on another forum tried it and it didnt work fir her....but one never knows. You will get your baby one day....Its on God's plan and bad we cannt sneak a peak at that huh !! CYNDI.........I have a bf of mine and a sil who both failed their 1st glucose tests...because of what they ate that day. Then they had to take the 4 hour one....and get poked a lot....and pa__sed. It is very common. Hopefully things went better this go around. Fran and Tory...where you girlies been??? Anyone hear from Kristin or Lori anymore???


Carly67 - November 13

Hey girls, don't know if you remember me because I have not been on in a while. Congrats to all of you that have had babies and congrats to BFPs. I am 33 weeks pregnant now and I just wanted to let you all know. I hope everyone is doing great and I will try to stop by again.


cyndilea1973 - November 13

Hello Lovely ladies. My doc called today with the news that I failed my 3 hour glucose test, I have gestational diabetes. I would have to say that I was bummed about it at first, but then I just decided that I would get educated about what I need to do and keep on going. Funny thing, I was driving to Starbucks to get a frappucino (LOL) and that's when they called with my results, so I just pulled on around and left without that last yummy! I have an appt on Monday with my high risk doc for an u/s to see if my little man has turned head down and also for diabetic counseling. My dh feels sorry for me, I know he will help me through the next 9 weeks. I have already been online pulling up diabetic diet info and getting recipes. I am going to the grocery store on the way home to start buying the correct foods for me so I can go ahead with eating correctly for me and baby. I am also going to get hubby to walk with me after dinner tonite and from now on (as long as I can waddle) to help use up the sugars. I will do anything to get my boy here safely, and I can modify holiday recipes over the next 2 months to make the turkey dinners more carb friendly. Hope eveyone else is doing great, congrats Carly on 33 weeks!+++Cyndi+++


ChattyKathy - November 13

Congrats Carly! Cyndi - too bad about the three hour test. I was a complete chocoholic during my pregnancy, so I can't imagine what it must be like to have to go through that! But good for you, taking the steps to have a healthy babe. Good luck! Gavin is almost 6 months, I can't believe it. He's trying to figure out how to crawl, sort of. He can get his knees under himself, but he can't figure out how to lift the upper half of his body or how to scoot forward. He usually ends up rolling onto his back and then decides he doesn't care about crawling anymore. I wanted to do a half-birthday for him, just a tiny little get together to recognize that he's six months old, but it looks like we wont be doing that. Funny, he'll officially be 6 months during thanksgiving weekend. hah! Maybe I'll just pretend like the dinner is for him. My goal was to b___stfeed for a year, but for some reason, its suddenly started to hit me that i'm just so tired of doing it. I think the problem is that he was starting to do really well with sippy cups, and all of a sudden he's decided he hates them, so its like i'm stuck. But today I mixed 2 oz of b___stmilk with 2 oz of formula and he drank 3 oz total from the sippy! I'm really proud of him. Hopefully this means I can start the weaning process and by 1 year he'll be totally on the sippy cup, although I may still give him b___stmilk past a year. We'll see.


FrancesM - November 14

Hello Ladies. Cyndi Boo Hiss on the gest diabetes. I had it too. It is really not that hard to manage. There are still lots of things you will be able to eat. I would usually have a 1/2 of an English muff in the morning with 1 egg and cheese, a turkey sandwich for lunch with a small hand full of chips and a sugar free jello. Dinner was always the worst for me but I managed. Good luck, you can do it. Also just change your startbucks order to sugar free! :) Jen, congrats on 8 years of marriage. What did you guys end up doing to celebrate? Not much longer and Audrey will be here. I can not wait to see her. Mia, I am so glad that you had such a great time with your step daughter. I am sure you hate to see her go...Are you still ttc or are you taking a break for now? Hey Stef, no you should not be concerned about your period. Some women don't have them till they are done b___st feeding and some start around 3 months. I did a lot of research on the computer, with books and with Tory! LOL Katie, thanks for the pics. They are good! She is so cute! Can you tell who she looks like? Shelly, we chat on facebook but hi to you! :) Kathy, are you going from b___st to sippy cup and bypa__sing the bottle? Wow! That is quite a step. I can not believe Mr Gavin is 6 months already! Hayden is 16 weeks this week so 4 months week wise and almost 4 months calendar wise. I am glad to see some activity in here again. As for us we are good. Hayden has slept thru the night 4 times this week. It is great but it throws me off a little as far as sleep but that is ok. We make it thru the day. He has now rolled over and laughed out loud 4 times. He has starting making this face and I die laughing he will stop and smile and do it again. He is doing it to make me laugh! Smart kid! He is a hoot. Hello to everyone else. I hope everyone is well.


smmom2 - November 14

Carly...congrats on the 33 are almost there. CYNDI....I am so sorry you failed your test. POOH !!! But you are certainly taking the right approach to it !!! GOod for you !!!I know that they sell a lot of sugar free things int he cookies. KATHY....6 months already..I remember when you were picking his name and taking votes...LOL !!! Sounds like he will be crawling very soon. Then you will really have you hands full. And drinking out of a sippy !!! Does he take a bottle at all? FRAN....Hello to you !!! OK ...gotta go get Carson settled !!


Tasman Bay Butterfly - November 14

Thanx Stef and smmom2. I agree with you. I was hoping that things would start to sort themselves out this month. Yeah, every hormone in my body is whacked out, but I've been working on it like a checklist one at a time. Hiya Frances, I really did hate to see Bethany go. She really is my little angel. Kathy...wowzer can't believe Gavin's 6 months old just about! Katie, Sophia's beautiful! Cyndi, that's tough about having the gestational diabetes. It's not permanent, tho. So any good habits you pick up from now on will be just that...good habilts...LOL. Carly, welcome back! Congrats on making it so far along! I will be looking into accupuncture again. I've just started getting more blood test looking into other possible hormonal imbalance issue. My cortisol came back barely there. Diagnosed with hypoadrenia. On cortisol and feeling better now, but still not right. Had ACTH and Aldosterone tests today. Getting a bunch of other things tested on Monday. Can't wait to get the results to see a bigger picture. I hope all you lovies have a wonderful weekend. Stef, how's Ava getting on? Tory, where are you bouncing around at? Did you enjoy Guy Falkes Day? Jen, how did your anniversary go? Luv to u all! xoxo


ChattyKathy - November 15

Stef, once lochia stopped I haven't had a period since. You're fine! I think we may be the lucky ones that don't get it at all. Frances, congrats on getting a full nights rest! I wish I could have that. lol He's gotten SO close, at around 3 or 4 months he went several nights where he'd only wake up once and now he's a monster! After 4 am he wakes up every 30 minutes some days, he gets so restless! We're cosleeping, so it wakes me up too even if he doesn't cry. Gavin had a tough time with bottles. He did so great the first couple of times and then he refused them. I tried so many without much luck. One day he only ate an ounce the WHOLE day from the baby sitter. I looked on (a b___stfeeding website) and alternative feeding methods suggested were sippy cups after 4 months. Surprisingly, he took pretty well to it. I think he likes that its a training sippy. It has a soft spout and handles, so he can hold it up himself. I think that entertains him enough that he can get over the fact that its not coming from mom. I'm really surprised he drank some formula, though. I thought he'd hate it because he's so picky about flavors, but nope! Funny, it smells like Carnation Instant Breakfast. Makes me wonder! lol



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