The Clean Slate Part 112 Happy New Year

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FrancesM - December 26

Time for a new thread ladies. Please be sure to check 111 for any recent posts. First, I would like to say Congrats to the new bfp's that we have gotten recently. I am so happy for you guys. I would also like to say to Cyndi, best of luck in the upcoming couple of weeks. I am excited that Kellen will be here soon. Seems like yesterday when you got your bfp. Katie, I don't think you are too far behind Cindy. Time does fly for sure. ABJj will be 5 months on Monday! Unreal! I am not sure if I posted this or not but he has his first tooth! He is still chewing on anything and everything he can get his hands on so I am sure more are on the way soon. He is such a happy baby and I am so blessed. He only fusses when he is hungry or tired. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year. I will be in Atlanta next week for a few days as John is going to be out of town working. You guys are the best and I hope our little support group will continue...To the new pg moms, please keep up posted through out!! XO


AllieP. - December 26

I just want to say thank you girls for all your wonderful wishes! It sure is going to be a busy 2009! I just found out that two of my girlfriends are pg too, We're all due within two weeks of each other so that's pretty cool! I guess we were all getting busy around the same time! :) JENNA- your progesterone sounds really good! I honestly am not sure about the hcg as I've never had that done so early before but it sounds very promising! CYNDI-I agree, enjoy these last two weeks but I'm sure you are sooo anxious for the 9th! Again, thanks for the kind words. I can't believe Monday I'll be 14 weeks already!


FrancesM - December 28

Allie, that is so fun to have people pg when you are. I had 2 of John's cousins pg when I was and we always compared notes. It is nice to have that support system. Jenna, everything sounds great. Please keep us posted. Well, I am off to get ABJj and me packed. I will check in in a few days!!


AllieP. - December 28

Jenna- Happy Birthday! (i'm pretty sure it's today! )Keep us updated on your numbers! Frances- safe travels. Hope everyone else is doing well and enjoyed their Christmas.


cyndilea1973 - December 29

Thank you all for helping me through the next week and a half....I am SO excited that I will have my little man here with me next week. I washed up all his clothes yesterday and sorted them by sizes...I just love all the little hats, socks, is all the extra blankies and sheets we received as gifts. My DH and I were out and about Saturday getting last minute gifts for DSS who came in yesterday (he is such a sweet boy!) and my DH told me that I was such a cute preggo and the happiest pregnant lady he had ever seen...he also said he would keep me knocked up and I nearly c___pped myself! I would like 1 more...but staying barefoot and pregnant would make the jolliest person evil LOL. I have my u/s tomorrow and an NST (I think?). I am going to tell the high risk doc that the regular ob didn't know why they were doing an amnio if we were taking Kellen at 39 weeks....I really do not want to have the procedure done if it isn't I will give him a chance to explain the medical reasoning for it. Am I crazy to not want this done? I mean, if we were taking him WAY early I could see doing it, my DH also agrees that unless there is some reason that we don't know, they really shouldn't have to do the amnio. We'll see how it goes tomorrow. Congrats on your numbers JENNA. Congrats on 14 weeks ALLIE! FRANCES--ABJ has his first tooth, how sweet! It is hard to believe he is 5 months already! I will post more tomorrow after my doc visit. XXoXX Cyndi


katie37 - December 29

CYNDI, wow I can't believe you only have 1 12 weeks left. I personally would not do the amnio at 39 wks. I am being delivered at 39 wks and I know my doc is not going to do an amnio. Supposedly, you are full term at 37 wks and the only reason they would do one then would be to check for lung maturity. Maybe your doc just wants to be sure Kellen's lungs are mature before doing the c-section. I would definitely ask. ALLIE another wow! Can't believe you are already 14wks along. I'm so happy for you and your DH. JENNA, did you do another blood draw? Keep us posted with the numbers. I'm sure they are rising. As for me, I'm getting more and more uncomfortable as the days go by. I had an u/s on Saturday but it was very disappointing because the baby was hiding behind the placenta and the tech was not very friendly and did not even try to get any good pics. Instead I got pics of my placenta. I did catch a glimpse of her though and as usual she had her toes in her mouth again. I swear this child is curled up in a little ball. Everytime we see her, her feet are right up around her face like her hands. I guess that is why I am carrying her all in the front like a little ball. I have a hard time sitting up at work because I feel like my insides are being crushed by my ribs. I had my glucose test last Monday and pa__sed with flying colors so I don't have to have the 3 hour test which is wonderful because I thought I was going to puke after drinking that stuff. The fruit punch flavor was worse than the orange flavor. Anyways, I have 2 appointments this month and then I start going every week. I hope January flys by. I have a baby shower here at work on the 7th and then my dh's family is throwing one on the 31st so I'm looking forward to those two dates.


smmom2 - December 29

ALLIE>>>>>CONGRATS>...14 weeks into a healthy pg !!! I am so happy for you. FRAN....have fun on your trip girl !!! CYNDI>...only a few more days till little Kellen is here and it is all over !!! LOL about your dh saying he wants you pg dh keeps telling me he wants another boy....HELLO...we cannt control that !!! Not to mention Caron is only 4 months old !! As for the amnio...usually hospitals are required to test if the baby is being taken more then 10 days early....but you are within a week of your due date so I dont understand why they are making you. I am glad you are asking about it....That isnt a procedure they should make you go through a week before your it can be painful ( some women it is and some dont feel much) and I am sure they make a pretty penny from it. ANyways...The main thing is that Kellen is healthy and you as well and that baby will be here very very soon !!! are you and Ava doing??? How are the rest of you girlies?? KRISTIN...did you break the news to anyone at CHristmas time??


smmom2 - December 29 are you and little Audrey doing>??? Have you adjusted to life with a new born?? How was everyone's Christmas....All the babies first Christmas' special !!! Happy Holidays to everyone...hope you all enjoy the new Year !!!


stefkay - December 29

Hi girls! Allie, I logged in here after I got your email and did not see a post yet but now I see it! :) Soooooo happy for you guys! It's awesomely wonderful news and also fabulous that you have friends to share it with! Cyndi, good luck on your csection coming up!!!!! My birthday is January 5, so now I will have a fellow Capricorn arriving :) Ava is doing great, she's not gotten sick yet (knock on wood) but i am sick as a dog right now. Sinus infection, but it feels like bronchitis. Anyways I started antibiotics today...yippeeeee! I am still b___stfeeding exclusively and we started her on rice cereal a month or so ago but she got sick after doing it for about a week and the dr. said to hold off a couple more weeks. I am waiting until she turns 6 months then. I wonder if b___stfed babies don't take to cereal as early as formula fed ones do? She vomited the last two times I gave it to her and when I took her to the ER (yes, the ER) -- I was freaking out--they said she was fine, no illnesses or anything, no fever, etc. Sooooo, we'll see. I hope to try again after we get back from our vacation the first week of Jan. and then if all goes well I'm making her baby food and will start her on veggies! I'm excited :) She is growing so fast....she can sit up on her own now for a while, but will topple if she gets too excited. You ladies on facebook can see her pics. I keep them pretty updated. Let me know if you have it or find me on Tory, Frances, Allie or Kristin's page. Anyways, hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I'll check back in soon, but I'll probably be off the computer for a week around Jan 1-11. It's gonna suck, but probably better for my relaxation :)


ZenGirl - December 30

Oh I am LOVING my little lady!! She is growing so fast already. She was 1 month old on Christmas day. Her belly b___ton stump FINALLY fell off! She has a cute little outie for now :). I got out of the hospital yesterday. I had to have my gall bladder taken out. it was an emergency surgery. very painful and it kept me away from my baby :((..


smmom2 - December 30

STEF....I sent you a friend request on FB. Some babies simply do not like rice ceral...or their tummies dont handle it well....I bf all three of my kids, and I dont think it makes a difference vs formula ( my oldest I only bf till she was 4 months). I would ask her pedi...maybe you can try oatmeal instead...or try mixing the ceral with baby food...sometimes the flavor helps alot. My pedi always told me to start verggies and fruits at 6 months..with my 2nd dd I started veggies at 4 1/2 months cause she was so hungry all the time.......but I have a new pedi with Carson and she told me to start veggies at 5 months and fruits at 6 months. Unfortunately.... when I started him on rice ceral a couple weeks backed him up so bad he didnt pooh for 10 days....( apparently bf babies can go a couple weeks without poohing) so I gave him prunes mixed with his ceral a few days and it helped !!!! ANyways.....sorry for the life story...hope something helps. you have a fb page?? How scary about the4 gall bladder...what happed??? I am sorry you had to be away from audrey....I know that must have been so hard especially since she is so new. A whole month old already...WOW...time does fly !!!


cyndilea1973 - December 30

My dear ladies, my doc appt went differently than expected. My bp was sky high and didn't come down even after lying down for the u/s. Doc said fluid was lower than he would like and said that he didn't want us to wait a week. I agreed with that as it has been a long hard road to get this boy this far. I succ_mbed to the the amnio with the intent of getting a c section in the next day or now I am waiting for the results of the amnio. I called doc at 4 pm my time like he said, and of the 2 tests they did on the fluid, 1 was in from the lab and showed Kellen as mature, we are just waiting on the other one. Doc said he'd call me back on this today and we'd go from there. I am a bundle of nerves and the anticipation is just killing me. My DH has been pacing here at work like a mad man and he has been showing off the 3d pics I got today. He looks just like my DH and has the most adorable little cheeks! I am trying to work on a way to get my mom here...we had bought a ticket for her to fly, but the airline doesn't have a flight open today or tomorrow. My airline will have a seat available Thursday, she would have to drive 5 hours to ATL to catch it though. She of course said that if I have the surgery tomorrow, she will start driving today. OYSH, stressful, eh? Good thing is that my DSS is here with us and will get to be here for the birth of his baby brother, bad thing is that his Grandfather in NC died today..we are going to have to tell him when we get home from work. He was just there visiting with him in the hospice last week, so it really sucks that all these things are going on for him at once. So now we must go and get the pack and play so that we will have it upand ready for our little man. I am SOOOOOO excited and anxious. I apologize for not personally shouting out to everyone and being selfish with my story LOL, when I get word I will post to let you all know what's happening. love you all, Cyndi


stefkay - December 30

CYNDI, GOOD LUCK!!!!! I hope everything goes well and you are holding your little man soon :) How wonderful! Maybe he will be a New Year's baby? Don't you get free stuff if the baby is the first?LOL! Keep us posted...


katie37 - December 31

CYNDI, don't worry about being selfish. This is your time now! Good luck with everything and keep us posted. Maybe you will have a New Years Baby and get some free stuff.


AllieP. - December 31

Have a wonderful New Year ladies! Good luck Cyndi! Zen- I hope you are feeling better! Stef- happy travels! I think you leave for FL soon! I was hoping to hear from Jenna on her numbers. Hope all is okay! Hi to everyone else, Katie, shelley, frances, kristin, tory, lori, mia, amanda and everyone!


FrancesM - December 31

Happy New Year ladies! Cyndi, wow, I am sure you guys were SHOCKED! Please let us know when your little man gets here. Best of luck! Jen, boo hiss on the gb surgery! I hope you are feeling better. Stef, sorry you are sick. Have a great vacation. Hi Allie, Katie, Shelly! Will write more later! Just wanted to check in.


april baby - December 31

Hi Ladies! Wow Cyndi Kellen could be here very soon! I am so excited for you. Katie, sorry you didn’t get someone nice for your u/s I hope you get better pictures of you little one next time. Jen that sucks about the emergency surgery I sure hope you are feeling well. Allie, thanks so much for the happy birthday and for being concerned about my progress and congrats on getting to the 14 week mark that is wonderful news. As for me a lot has happened, first off I don’t know if I have mentioned this but my mom found out earlier this month that she has b___st cancer and that it was progressing fast. So my mom had a double mastectomy surgery yesterday so I am kind of dealing with a lot. We also found out from the surgery that the cancer had spread. I am not sure at this point what that exactly means but I’m scared to death. My mom is like my rock and the rock of the whole family. I tell her everything and now I don’t feel like I can because I don’t want to worry her. I only want her to concentrate on getting better. Which brings me to my pregnancy. I am 5 weeks today. Things are not looking as great as I had hoped. My first blood test was 32 on 13dpo (good). My second blood test was 54 on 16 dpo (bad). My third blood test was 183 on 20 dpo (okay). So the first set of test was not good at all and I came home crying after holding it in all day at my new job. The second test come in today and the nurse said that it is still with in range. So tonight I checked out some hcg calculators on line and according to that it said that the two-day hcg rise was 87% and was doubling every 2.2 days and is considered adequate so I am still hopeful but know of the possibility of a m/c. The nurse is asking for a repeat blood test next week and the following week. I will have my first u/s at 7 weeks. I really hope this will still stick. I actually read earlier tonight of a lady with very similar hcg levels but maybe a little low than mine that had her healthy baby girl. I will keep you update. It has just been a long week and when bad news hits me I need to take a little time to process it. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and I hope we all get what we want in this New Year to come. Thank you all for your support I truly do appreciate all of you. Take care, Jenna~



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