The Clean Slate Part 47 Skipping 46 S

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FrancesM - October 16

A place for support, laughter, tears and just about anything (and I mean anything!) else you can imagine. Welcome "regulars", "new-comers" and anyone else who likes to pop in on occasion. Here's to patience, future pregnancies, and precious bundles that are already on the way...


FrancesM - October 16

Ok, Cyndi and I were thinking the same thing so we are skipping the 46's. Sorry ladies and welcome all...


FrancesM - October 16

Temp today back up to 97.0. I actually checked twice and it was the same both times...Is this a good thing?


FrancesM - October 16

Lori, your children are beautiful!!


FrancesM - October 16

I was on piczo to check to see if Tori happened to post anything and I saw your new pictures...So cute!!


BriannasMummy - October 16

Just wondering.. why was 46 skipped? Curious mind wants to know. ~Kristin~


ROBYN - October 16

Wow 3 new threads in 5 minutes this is incredible!!


FrancesM - October 16

I was starting 46(wow) and Cyndilea1973 started another 46 so to avoid confusion which we did not avoid, I started 47...Sorry gals! Robyn, I think 3 threads in 5 minutes is a record! lol


ROBYN - October 16

I knew we could talk but man i think we have beat every forum on this website LOL. Well no Tory again that really upsets me i truly believe she is in the hospital. i hope not for the remainder of the pregnancy but if thats what keeps her out of labor till shes due than better there. But i do feel something obviously isnt right if she hasnt posted in days. Tory thinking of you and wishing you the best. Anyway hello to everyone else i am going to get a shower i literally could just lie here all day.


oncemore - October 16

Hi there girls! LOL about the threads! Sheesh! I am worried about Tory too. I am hoping that all is well and she is just on bed rest keeping that precious child inside her for a little longer. I did see a news clip we had on the local news about premies and "kangarooing technique" and there was this mom on there that had her little baby girl in her arms on her chest and they told about the reason for "skin to skin" with premie babies...well, long story short (good news clip), but the baby was born 3 months early! And she only weighed a little over 2 lbs. She is doing very well today at 2 months old, but still in the NICU to gain weight....soooo cute! And NO problems! So I have alot of hope for Tory!!!! We are thinking of you Tory and wishing only the best outcome!!!!!! Girls, I haven't even looked at charts yet, but I HAVE to go do some "yard-fall prep" for my rose bushes and such before our big storm moves in tomorrow. I will come back on later. Thanks for the compliments on my kiddos Frances!!!! ttfn!


FrancesM - October 16

I wish we knew something too. Maybe Robyn is right about them keeping her to keep the baby in. I hope she is ok. I just wish we knew something, anything!! I signed up for the vip program on the ff chart. I did the 3 months for $16. I don't know what advantage it has (cause I am a dumba**) but it seemed like the right thing to do...


duckiec - October 16

Wow I really thought I missed something when I saw three new threads. Just checking in hope everyone is well and was hoping to hear from Tory but I agree they're keeping her and her little one safe in the hospital- we all know thats the only way that lady is gonna get bed rest she needs. Hee hee thanks for asking Cynn still mostly in regular clothes, though its starting to get a little silly/uncomfy and I'll probably make the "switch" this weekend, since I'm going away I'll only pack maternity stuff. I can't believe you're hiding that cute little baby bump of yours at work still! Frances that viagra story is cla__sic, but who cares it worked out for ya! KATHY I was a nervous wreck to announce anything, and I still get anxious about it thinking it will curse something. Had I known I'd go this long still looking chubby I coulda kept it much longer! Sorry to those I missed back to work yet again ... sigh. Allie- cruise is soon?!? I'm gonna stay busy and working til our vaca we just planned- Aruba for 5 days! I'm anxious about flying (this weekend, too) but my drs. said it should be ok. I want more than "should!" but we're going. How was it for you, Cynn?


cynnababy - October 16

Thank you everyone for saying my little is cute. Sometimes, i do feel like a big whale especially when I couldn't get up from my couch or from the floor. I am sure there are some ppl who are suspecting something is going on with me and my ever expanding waistline, and the new clothes i am wearing. (all empire waistline blouses) Lori, nice story you read on the paper. I hope tory's baby is not coming out yet. Duckie, the flight was fine for me, just had to get up to pee a lot, and move alot to prevent DVT. Make sure you get aisle seat for your flights. I am going to Vegas in December for a conference, and i would be around 6 months pg. Fun!! DH is going with me, so we will definitely have fun. Our last vacation as a couple, i think! Alright everyone, I have to get back to my meeting. Everyone is fighting in this meeting. FUN!!



hi girls how are yah doing hopeing everything is well well were are the ladies in the 2ww any sym? hope everyone is doing good hope tory that your doing your very best praying for you


AllieP. - October 16

Hi girls! Sooo FRANCES...I wanted to comment more earlier this morning but i was still have asleep...Viagra, huh? hee hee. Did you notice a difference? I mean did your DH last longer? ha ha I was always curious about that! I'm so glad he didn't pull out! Whoo hoo for you! YOu are in the two week wait. You girls are funny... i got nervous for a second and wondered how I was going to read all the posts but then saw that the threads were only like two posts long! LORI- i've heard similar stories about that and premies. It warms your heart to know that they made it and are all healthy. I really think Tory is going to be fine along with her little one. SHe seems like such a strong person and she has three beautiful children and this one is going to be jsut as beautiful! DUCKIE- I've heard wonderful things about Aruba! Lucky you! Zen is the one who went on the cruise. She comes back on Thursday. But I wish it was me! :) ROBYN- go ahead...just lie there all day and make all of us jealous! :) I wish I had that option! I'd cut off my left pinky toe if i could! lol LORI- if you look at my FF chart you'll see I went back and changed Sunday's temp to 96.9. I just don't know which is the accurate temp, the 96.9 or the 97.6 I took two hours later that day. It's driving me nuts and i really don't have any more gooey cm. It's sort of wet today but not egg white consistency at all. It's almost like it's drying up. This stuff is driving me crazy!!!


FrancesM - October 16

Sooo Allie...yes, it makes it stay hard longer. I would say maybe 2 times what it normally would, maybe 2.5 times. We had to take a said it did not feel any different but the timing was affected for sure. He said "whew, I don't need any more of those!". It was funny. It can sure wear you out esp if you really don't need them. He was ready when he got home. I was laughing! I am with you on the crazy cm, temping etc. There is no rhyme or reason to my chart! Did you get the cross lines? Duckie, I have never been to Aruba but my folks have. It is nice! They have 365 beaches. I am sure you can find one to plant yourself on! Cyn, sounds like you are having quite a day at work today! I hate fighting meetings! Good luck! Maribel, I might be in the 2ww. I am not sure when I O'd but I have my fingers crossed. Glad to see you checked in. It looks like it is going to rain today but so far, nothing.


cyndilea1973 - October 16

Maribel, I think it's Julie and myself in the 2ww...I have about 6 more days to test..but I can't predict O because of my dnc..It took me 35 days to get AF. I am going to start charting so I can better determine the big O. I have been tired the last couple of days and had some pink CM when I went to the restroom at lunch. BUT I don't want to read into anything YET (but one can always hope!) Sorry for making a duplicate thread earlier! ++++Baby Dust to all++++



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