The Clean Slate Part 59

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ZenGirl - November 25

FRANces- that is a good quetion...nothing from her. i hope everything is alright. ROBYN- l love the first pic you have on the pizo page of Justin. he does have some cheeks! do you think those are his ears in that same pic? i love sticky out ears! he looks like a real cutie. i wonder if he will have hair when he is born. i did, dh didn't and clay did but then lost it all and was bald looking (so blond it couldn't be seen) until after he turned 1. well, i made dinner and the in lawsand dh's cousin came over and we decorated our tree. it needs a little fine tuning but that will have to wait until tomorrow. i don't want to go back to work tomorrow!! isn't amazing how quicky we can adjust to NOT going to work? except for you AMANDA, who is the hardest working woman in show business!! time to put Clay in bed and read him a story!! nighty-night ladies :))


smmom2 - November 25

Hey Frances...thanks and I am STILL on the pie...I can not help it. It is like smoking...I just cannot stop!!!! And Zen...I agree...I SOOOOO do not want to go back to work. That means getting up at 5 or 530 am. It also means all the running around. But it might get me away from the pie!!!!! And Tory.....I hope all is well, worried about ya hun....Maybe DH made her stay in bed after the red walls !!!! That was alot of work!!!! OK ladies...I am anxiously awaiting Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters!!! Then off to bed so i can get up!!!!!! Does anyone here wanna trade places with me and go to work for me???????/


AllieP. - November 25

Just wanted to say hi real quick before I go to bed. I have a question, I'm in the two week wait now and lets say I am pg are there any cold medicines I can take that won't effect me? I am dying here. I know Robyn was taking Tylenol PM so i actually just took a half of dose of that. In about a half hour I will be in bed and I can't wait! FRANCES-welcome home! When do you see your faminly next? Christmas? It's just few weeks away! MAGGIE- glad the m/s lightened up but thats pretty normal going into your second tri. I know what you mean, it's nice having symptoms to rea__sure you. SSMOM-sounds like your body is teasing you a little. I hate when it doesn't make up its mind about AF. I hear you on how quickly we adjust not going to work ZEN! I dread waking up at 6am tomorrow morning! Luckily I'm not teaching spinning first thing tomorrow, thats Tuesday. Okay ladies, have a good night. Im going to attemp sleep.


oncemore - November 25

Hi all! Some of you are heading off to bed, and I know I can't wait to do the same! I am tired in a big way!!! Only had time to skim again, so so sorry. I will be back on track tomorrow and in full "thread mode", lol! We just got back from being out at dh's parents house, and on the way there (just about two miles away) we came VERY close to getting into a very very bad accident due to some idiot that wasn't paying attention and went to full on turn right infront of us!!! Dh had to swerve one way and then back again... It felt like the van was going to roll at any moment, but it held it's ground amazingly! The kids got shuffled around a bit and i went into full on sobbing as Kayla was crying and my ds hurt his shoulder in the shuffle. It was like a flash back to my accident almost 4 yrs ago and I swear I could even smell the wreck and hear the gla__s crush again....very very eerie!!!! I was having some cramping after that as well. But all is ok now. Thank you so much for the welcome back ladies! I sure love this place!!! Guess what I almost forgot about? Today is my due date with Joey (by lmp it was on Thanksgiving day, but by u/s they moved it to today). So I am pretty proud of myself as I didn't have a melt down, just said a little prayer to Joey to let him know how much I love him and how much we miss him and would have loved to have him here with us. I haven't been able to find the baby's heart beat and my m/s is gone. I am still peeing alot, so I am trying to remain happy and hopeful that all is well with the pg. ALLIE- too funny about the tissue up your nose! I bet we have all done that a time or two! I don't know of any cold meds that you can take. Sorry you have to deal with this cold. FRANCES- when do you plan on testing girl? Your chart looks real good! You are the first to test in the 2wwer's aren't you? Who is next??? There is gonna be some excitement around here very soon! MAGGIE- can't wait for your scan! It's gonna be wonderful! Glad you are starting to feel better and here we go into our 2nd trimester (does it start on 13 wk day? Or day after you hit 12 wks?...anyone know that... I can't remember). Anyways... you all have a nice night!


oncemore - November 25

KRISTIN- thankyou! LOL.... I just looked up under this site... "2nd trimester" and it brought me to a thread that you answered that same question on 11/7/07...too funny! so thank you! 13.3 wks. Got it!


oncemore - November 25

Oh and Erica.... you ARE tall! ahhh, it's just not fair to us 5'3 and under girls! LOL! You ARE tiny too!!!! So sorry you had to bump your head on a towel hook though! Dh does that sort of stuff all the time as well...he is 6'6" tall. I am happy that both of my dd and my ds will be a benificiary of his height genes, but not as much as he got. ds is supose to be around 6'2" and dd, Sadie, is going to be around 5'9" or 5'10"...not bad at all! We wont find out until dd, Kayla's 2yr old dr check up on how tall they see her getting...I guess they use the height they are at that age, and use some formula or something to figure out an aproximate height for when they are an adult. Pretty cool. Anyways... you look adorable with your little belly pic!


ChattyKathy - November 25

ALLIE, go ahead and take something to make yourself feel better. Right now the egg hasn't attached to you. Its not receiving any nutrients from you just yet, so go ahead and get the relief you need. MPEAR, I'm not sure where this one is from as my mom happened to stumble upon it in a store and bought it for me! But I know some of the ladies around here have tried out bellybeats or babybeat, I can't remember which one, but both of them seem to be pretty good. Maybe some of the other ladies can help me out? LORI, my doctor thought I'd be lucky if I made it to 4'0. lol But here I am, a whole foot taller! It is pretty cool, though! ----- Wish me luck with my appt on thursday, ladies! I am a wreck. My mother is a bit of a procrastinator and didn't get the doppler sent out yet, so I'll be anxious to hear the heartbeat. I also think my bacterial infection has come back (I'm not sure if its normal pregnancy yellow or infection yellow as it looks white on my finger but not on the tissue? sorry TMI) So I'm a mess about that, too, wondering if I do have an infection if its going to hurt the baby. Ugh! This week is going to go by so slowly!


Tory1980 - November 26

Going to start new thread so will see you all there hopefully!!



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