There Is Hope

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Mary - February 22

After having an ectopic pregnancy last year and getting much support from this group, I disconnected myself from it, due to the pain and sorrow I have been in. It has been a hard couple of months trying to settle with the idea of trying again ... suddenly, I just found out I am pregnant again! I am scared and happy at the same time. I have been trying for so many years and perhaps now I will succeed. To each of you out there that is about to loose hope like I was ... hang in there, your time may come... There is hope! Remember that ...


S- - February 22

Mary thanks for the positive message :) Good luck to you!


mulgajill - February 22

Good on you.... and of course there is hope... happy pregnancy... dont worry too much... after i had two m/c my subsequent pregnancy was great (if you can call reaching whale like proportions great)... Congratulations!!!!


Mary - February 23

Thanks so much! I got my first HCG back and it was 256 - which is above average for the date I had it done. I am having another one done today to compare the numbers. I can feel everything is A-OK this time. :) I will keep you posted.


AmyF - February 23

CONGRATS, MARY!! Definitely keep us posted...


Think positive - February 24

My boyfriends Mom had six miscarriages....SIX !!! And when she did have a scuessful pregnancy she lost her baby in a cot death. Just to let you know se had 3 sons and is 5 months pregnant right now. Dont worry there is hope !


Kelly G - February 24

Congratulations Mary! Sounds like everything is going great! Pa__s that baby dust along :-)))


levi - February 24

congratulations mary and take care.


Mary - February 24

Thanks, my prayers are with all of you .. and much babt dust to all!


brandy - February 28

congratulations! I recently had a miscarriage at 16wks i was heart broken to say the least now me and my husband are talking about trying againand I am so scared but I think and pray that everything will go great for you and your new arrival that is on the way



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