This Close To Losing My Mind

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Liz - October 7

I only visit this site when I know that another month has disappointed me. I m/c at 13 weeks in March and now have my 7th af since and wonder if I will ever be able to get pregnant again. Did the d&c hurt me? Was my first pregnancy an illusion? How is it that I have done everything possible to get pregnant these months... and nothing? I know that I was lucky to get pregnant the first time in the first month without really trying. Now, it seems that it will never happen. I don't really stress out the rest of the month, only my first two days of af so your replies don't need to ask if my stress level is causing a problem, I don't believe it is, I was way more stressed before I got pregnant. Is there anyone that has been trying this long after miscarriage too?


Kara - October 8

I am so sorry to hear you are still struggling to concieve. I am not going to tell you any of that c___p about how it will happen when its supposed to...blah, blah, blah. I cry every month when my period starts, even when I'm not actively ttc. Its just an annoying reminder of a perfectly good egg that was wasted. What does your doctor say about the difficulty concieving? Does he have a game plan as to when he wants to start testing for hormone problems or blood clotting problems? Has he considered doing a HSG to look for scar tissue or growths in the uterus? If he isn't giving you a time line and a plan of action, find a new doctor. Have you considered using clomid? I read about using it only during the second half of your cycle at a low dose to basically juice up your hormones. I have been going thru oodles of testing and every time I walk in that office a have a folder full of articles I have found online about different treatments I want to discuss. It shocked her the first time, but now she just smiles and asked what my research has found this month. I had to focus my disappointment on something or it was going to eat me up. Don't be afraid to get mad and get aggressive. Its your body and your fertilty. Good luck!


js - October 8

Sorry to say, yes. I have had three in a row, then had my son who is now 11. We have been trying to have another since then. About 6 YEARS into trying, I had an ectopic and then 3 YEARS after that, I am finally pregnant again. I am currently 15 weeks with no problems so far. I know the pain you go through month after month after month of those d__n af's!! Years worth. I have been tested, he has been tested - other then only having one side after the ectopic, there was no reason why I wasn't getting pregnant. Just keep the faith and know that when the time is right, it will happen. Unfortunately, it's never the time frame we want :) We want the here and NOW - not the someday... Have faith, it will happen... Best of luck! Yes, I guess I am dishing the it will happen when it happens c___p because I lived it... YEARS worth of living it so I can say it...


gocrzy - October 8

hi..just let u know u not alone..We conceive our first child right away first TTC..unfortunately it m.c at 14 weeks and we have no answer why..We waited for 2 cycles and try TTC #1 but look like make matter worse my s_x drive is very low..and we growing older each day..It's so hard to see other pregnant ladies or family with kids..I hope God will give us a least one..So hang in there..Try not be be stress and TTC on your ovulation weeks..If no result after a while go see a dr..Like I will go see a dr to see what's the deal with my s_x drive..


Liz - October 8

Thank you all for your responses. I know in a week I will be feeling better but right when my af arrives I am so down in the dumps. My doc said that I have to be ttc for a year before any testing can be done. I have just started taking Dong Quai to see if that helps. I would have taken Maca, but my periods are very regular so I think the Dong Quai is a better choice for me, besides, I am a borderline anemic so I guess the Dong Quai helps add iron to your system... have any of you tried herbal remedies? Hey GOCRZY - my s_x drive took a major dive after my miscarriage because of depression and because I was charting and knew exactly when I was ovulating. My hubby and I now know approximately when I ovulate but don't focus as much on it because it takes the romance out of it. If that is the case with you, try to focus on romantic nights instead of "honey, come to bed, I'm ovulating." Baby dust to all of us!!!!



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