Thoughts On Getting A Doppler

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Mrs.Hath - April 11

Hey girls, question for you: Has anyone purchased a doppler and/or planning to? With 2 prior losses, I've become a bit of pyscho. I feel bad for my doctor's office who has to accommodate my constant calls begging for ultrasounds to see the state of the baby. Seems to me that having a doppler would allow me to a be a pyscho in the comfort of my own home. I've heard mixed reviews. I'd love to hear from those who have purchased one. Any recommendatons on a good brand? Was it beneficial?


stefkay - April 11

I always rave about dopplers and honestly haven't heard of anyone having a bad experience with them if they rented (DON'T BUY ONE FROM WALMART!) from a reputable place online. It was the best thing I ever did and well worth the $45 per month. That's nothing really when I look at how much I'd spend on my copay to get into the dr's office for one check of the hb and I can do it anytime I want in the privacy of my own home. is awesome. I ordered my first doppler from but was not happy with it and sent it back. I went with bellybeats after reading lots of good reviews (I did a LOT of research online) and later I found out it is exactly like the one my OB uses in her office. It has a digital readout and I was able to get the h/b around 9 weeks and really easily by 10. I know women who have gotten them as early as 8 weeks or so. Their dopplers are 3MHz which is better especially for early on.


stefkay - April 11

Oh and I wanted to add that of course it would be scary if you don't find the h/b or can't get it but it takes a while at first. I also figured that if something WERE to go wrong, I'd rather be able to find out and alert my dr. then wait weeks and weeks until the next appt.


MissingDestiny - April 11

Mrs Hath I rented the doppler from 16 weeks until the end and honestly it is the best thing in the world I would do it mor, afternoon and night and I always counted the hb to make sure they were withing normal, also it gave me a huge peace of mind whenever Destiny wouldn't move bc I would just put the doppler and counted the hb and it always rea__sure me that she was ok (of course they do sleep) but still I would freak out so I would run to the doppler whenever she was not moving, I used to even take it to work LOL obssesive but I loved it...I'll say go ahead and get it althoug I got it at 16 weeks bc thats when I felt safe in the pregnancy to get it...I even have her heart beat on the comp and on my phone I love to hear it specially now that she is not here , you can download it to your comp and phone, I absolutely loved it and for my next pregnancy I'll definetely get it again...Just make sure that is the ones that are FDA approved, and btw the ones they sell at the maternity sotre or baby stores are not really good at all they are not reliable , now the ones for rent online are the same one OB uses on the appoiment , I forgot the website but if you need it I would definetely look for it for you...And don't worry they are for rent but they look brandf new when you get it and they clean it and sterilize them really good....


saramcg - April 11

MRS HATH- you could also check out ebay! i got one on there for 90 bucks and it works awesome!!! i LOVE having it, especiallly after a loss. the one i got was even the one from china, and i have no was a 3mhz one. they have other ones that go as igh as 120-130, but if you are considering it for more than a few months, it may be worth buying one? OH- and you don;t even have to get caught up on the expensive u/s gel. i use the green aloe vera gel and got a huge bottle for 4 bucks!...but it definitely takes a load off of your mind! i still use mine at 23 weeks, even though i feel my baby, it's still nice to hear! good luck!


Mrs.Hath - April 14

Well girls, I am ordering mine as we speak! Stefkay, I'm going straight to belly beats. I'm 8 weeks today, so by the time I get it, I think I'll be in a great position to hear it. I may have to come bug you to get the scoop on how to use it correctly. Vicky, thanks for sharing you story. I am soooo getting one now.


Mrs.Hath - April 14

SARA: Great tip on the aloe. You girls are the best. I'm getting mine right now!


Mrs.Hath - April 14

It's ordered! Woo hoo. Thanks girls.


stefkay - April 14

Holler at me if you need any help! The instructions that come with it are great and know that up till 10 weeks it may be harder to get the h/b, but it depends on how big you are. The smaller you are in the midsection the easier it is to get it early. It takes some patience, but I think you will be very happy!!!


llama8 - April 16

I got a doppler at 14 weeks from belly beats. Unfortunately it did work well. I just didn't feel like something in the pregnancy was right at 18 weeks and couldn't find a heartbeat on the doppler, even though I did previously. At my 20 weeks sonogram, I found out I lost the baby at 17 weeks. The doppler was accurate....although it didn't ease the shock. Unfortunately I had a bum umbilical cord that twisted too much. If it gives you peace of mind...then get it.


Tasman Bay Butterfly - April 20

You could use KY jelly in place of ultrasound gel and remember that doppler is strictly angle dependent so don't get too excited if you have a hard time finding baby's hb in the beginning! I'd go for a 2MHz myself, as an ultrasound tech, but there's not much in it between a 2MHz and a 3MHz.


Mrs.Hath - April 22

Tasman Bay B___terfly: Thanks for the tip. You are so lucky as a tech. You can see your bean anytime! I'm so jealous. I got one from Belly Beats. I'm 9w2d. I have yet to hear anything. Each time I've tried, I have found a BPM readout of 140-156 for a split second. Mine BPM is around I know that must be baby. I can only find it for like a second and I can never duplicate it. I'm just going to keep trying.....


stefkay - April 22

mrs. hath, that is definitely the baby! Congratulations :) I know it is hard to hold it for much time in the beginning, but it will get easier. Also, some tips that helped me are to use a LOT of the u/s gel (or 100% aloe gel) as that makes it easier, also this early do it right above the pubic hair line and try pointing downwards towards your v____al opening. Move the wand slowly as you go from left to right but sometimes pointing downward a bit helps. It's a lot lower than we think and won't move up some until after 12 weeks.



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