Thread For Women Who Have Had A D C In June

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tonilee7 - July 5

Hi I have posted many other threads but this thread is for women who have a d/c quite recentely......I, myself have alot of unanswered questions about " what happens after a d/c or what to expect after a d/c".......I have been into many different threads looking for answers but find myself skipping from thread to thread looking for answers that I cant find, so I figured I would start a new thread just for d/c questions.....I am not meaning to put women out that have had a natural m/c but from what I have read our body reacts different after a d/c to what they do after natural m/c........I found out I had a missed m/c mid june, So in turn I decided to have a d/c the following week (21-06-06)........I have read that you count 28 days from the date of the d/c and that is when af should show her face, but I was always told that you O 7-8 days after you stop bleeding then af shows up 14 days after you O........this is where I begin to get confused....reading so many different theory's .........this being the reason for this thread....I want to help women get the answers they have been looking for..and hopefully this thread will help do that ...........I have many questions myself so I will start.................Has anyone else bleed for 5 days and then spotted (light brown) for a further week.........if so, when did you O or when did af show her face Any one who can give me any info about your cycle after your d/c please reply. this is so frustrating not knowing what to expect....can anyone help me to understand all this info? Well I know I am not the only one going through this, so I send HUGS out to everyone coz I sure know every now and then I need one.....thanks for taking the time to read this thread, I know it is long....well as I say in all my other threads good luck girls I send all of you lots of ~*~ sticky babydust~*~


llisab - July 5

Hi Tonilee7, I had a natural miscarriage on April 23, but continued bleeding until I finally had a D&c on June 28th after starting to hemmorage. I have been told that Af should happen 20 days after all bleeding stops. I am at 1 week past d&c today, and I think I've stopped bleeding...I hope so anyway, its been a really long haul for me...but, yesterday and today, ive had no discharge at all. I hope my info helps, and anytime you need to talk, i'll be here. Take care of yourself - big hugs to you, and babydust,,,Lisa


tonilee7 - July 5

Hi lisa I just read your post in my other thread you sound like you are doind a very good job of keeping yourself together, I was really bad for the first few days after I had the d/c but i am doing alright now I just keep my mind on ttc again, You only had your d/c a week after me...Are you going to ttc again soon or are you going to wait? keep this thread up tp date, let us know hoe your cycle is we can give people answers to thier questions thanks again ....toni


tonilee7 - July 5

from what I have heard you are meant to O 14 days after the d/c procedure and then get af 14 days from O.....well I am now on CD16 and still no sign of O, this really gets me down I have been waiting to go to the toilet and say yay, I ma Oing but I dont think that is going to happen, what a did everyone elses cycle go after a d/c did you O like normal or did it take longer?


LeahVic - July 6

Hi I had a d/c on 12th june so am hoping to get my a/f on mon or soon after as mon will be 28 days after d/c, I only bled very lightly for a couple of days after d/c and nothing til a white discharge I've had for the past week, will let you know what happens and try and find out some more info, I have heard from a doctor that a pregnancy test can still say positive up to 10 weeks after a d/c so will be sc___pping the test we were gonna do at end of july and wait a couple more weeks to be safe, btw what does CD mean? babydust to all leah x x


gsonap - July 6

Hi, I had my D&C on June 16th. Its 3 weeks past D&C. I bled for straight 2 weeks. From day 1 it was very light. 2 days back I stopped bleeding but then again since yesterday I am spotting. I took anaother pregnancy test today morning, to see if my hcg level has gone down, but unfortunately I could seee a faint second line. From what I have read, you ovulate 7-8 days after hcg level has reached 0. I have come across soo many mixed answers, I am not sure which one is true. Any idea on that??? I am literally waiting for my next period, so that I can start TTC. Good luck to you all ladies.


kristie h - July 6

Hi Tonilee, Its me again. Well i dont know if this will help you but my cycles have been so weird since my miscarriage. I feel O pains through all my cycles which i never had b4 and i have no CM at all since my 1st miscarriage. Just give it time and do lots a BD it may take a while for you to get to know your body again. I know my body has never ever been like this and i am worried that there is sumthing wrong but there isnt. Babydust~*~*~*~



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