Thyroid Issues With Ttc

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cbella - June 26

I have recently found out that I have a slight hypothyroid condition. We had just completed the required 3 month waiting period after a methotrexate injection for an ectopic when the thyroid issue came about. My dr wants me to wait until things are leveled out-a minimum of 6 wks- before ttc again. In my recent research, I have found many cases where thyroid issues are not discovered until pg occurs or even after delivery and the babies are ok. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this. I will definately wait the 1st 6 wks, but I don't know if I can wait more than that to try!!!


Val - June 30

Hi cbella... looks like no one has responded... I also have a slight thyroid condition... I got a 3.57 on my test. I've been taking a natural supplement for a couple of months. None of my doctors suggested that I wait on ttc. What were your test results? Best of luck to you...


Jennbj - June 30

I just had my bloodwork taken to test for thyroid. I have a son but then had 2mcs and am having a harder time getting pregnant again. So what is considered a good score?


SaraH - June 30

I don't know a whole ton about thyroid functioning. But here is what I do know. Many mds. treat just the thyroid no matter if it's high or low. Many naturalists and homeopaths however feel that the pituitary plays a large part in it too. I don't remember which one is which, but homeopaths feel that depending on if your TSH levels are too high or too low you should either treat the thyroid its self it its one way, or treat the pituitary if its the other way. There are 2 tests for thyroid that I know of, one is Anti-TPO Antibody (which I believe has just positive or negative results showing if the antibody is present or not, but I am not certain on that). The other one checks the levels of your thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). I believe “normal" TSH levels are considered to be something like between 0.3 - 3.0, but there are some endocrinologist that feel that this is wrong and that it should actually be between 1 and 2. Sorry I don't have more, but hopefully that helps a little. Best of luck to you girls in figuring out what's going on.


Rae1978 - August 8

Hi Sorry to hear about you situation I just recovered from An Etopic pregnancy 2months ago.I have hypothyroid as well and have delived a healthy Baby boy five years ago. I had him by c section which i have learned that surgerys that cause scar tissue can cause etopic pregancies. I had only been on thyroid medicine for a matter of weeks before I got pregnant. The only thing i noticed different was he was 8.01 lbs at birth two weeks early they say sometimes babies of mothers who have this problem may be a little bigger but fine and healthy. Yur Dr will keep an eye on this if he/or she doesnt make sure you push for it.. Best of luck to you.


SANN - August 9

Hi there : ) I had my thyroid tested last year after my mc and I'm boarderline hypo (4.24) but my gynnae didn't put me on anything and doesn't seem very concerned which I felt she wasn't putting an effort on my case then. Well, I found out from my sister's doc, unless your numbers are really high(2 digits numbers) some docs do not treat boarderline numbers immediately after the 1st test's result but would be to leave it for a couples of months to see if it'll regulate itself. Reason being ... you could turn hyper on the hrt meds. Perhaps that's the reason why your doc recommended a 6wks' wait. However, every doc has a different set of principles and views. Is your doc going to do a 2nd test after the 6wks' wait? Hope that helps. Best of luck to you : )



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