To All The Girls Who Have Had Miscarriages

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GimmeaBub - October 17

Hey Girls Well I miscarried 2 days ago, I am still bleeding light cramping but nothing thats making me sick, or having me double over. According to my calender I should have been 6 weeks today but my levels were only at 73, very low, so they said a baby that should be 6 weeks is measuring at 3 weeks. I went into hospital, they checked my cervix it was still closed, I was bleeding but not very heavy at all. They said If i started o have heavy bleeding and panful cramping i should go back in for a scan, however this hasnt happened, yestderday morning i lost a large clot, more than 3cm long, It even had like a little bag thing around it, so as far as I am concerned thats that, I rang the hospital they told me not to worry about having a scan if I am in no extreme pain with bleeding. They said because I was so early in pregnancy the Baby would probably expsell naturally. So I been letting nature take it's course. I have had moderate bleeding all day, sometimes heavy sometimes light, no pain, went to my dr she said the bleeding may last about a week, well i did a HPT and got a a very dark BFP, i know the hormone stays in your body for a little while, how long do you girls think i should bleed for? I am supposed to reurn to my Gp in week to make sure my bleeding has eased off and my levels have dropped. I am more scared I suppose that My body is doing everything right. My Dr told me all going well I may be very fertile after this miscarriage and I may have much luck fall again. Does whats happening with me sound normal? Should i be alarmed that I'm not bleeding heavy, or passing huge clots? I am coping with this well apparantly as far as my dr sees it, I suppose I am happy i can concieve but I am scared that that maybe my levels are taking a while to drop, and my br___ts still hurt from pregnancy. Baby juice


HopefulK - October 17

Hi, I'm so sorry for your loss. I haven't had an early miss like this, mine were blighted ovumn with growth stopping at 9 weeks and d&c and a late loss of my daughter at 28 weeks. However, I've been on this site a while and as far as I can tell an early loss like this can differ hugely with either much cramping and heavy bleeding or just a heavier than normal period like bleed. Wouldn't expect great big clots as little one was tiny at this stage and so probably wouldn't be more than normal period clots. As for fertility, your normally advised to wait a couple of months after a miss to try to give your body a chance to recover. So that might be worth thinking about, but if your doctor is happy for you to try and proceed then I can defo confirm once you've been pregnant once, your body kinda remembers and goes for it again quite quickly (barring any underlying problems). Good luck and please give yourself time to grieve your loss. I know it was early but the loss is acute all the same. xx ps I now have a very healthy baby boy so there is hope x


GimmeaBub - October 17

So should i be concerned with having a D/C my mum says not to worry about ti cause i was still rpetty early , she miscarried at 3 months before me and had to have a d/c cause hse had gush of blood, I am just scared maybe letting nature do its course isnt a good idea, she fell pregnant with me the next month after her miscarriage, I dunno if it makes a difference, just scared thats all, I dont want to have to get a d/c if i dont need it


Stephanie_31 - October 17

You will only need a D&C that early if your body doesn't get rid of things on its own. That is why your GP wants to see you in a week, to make sure the bleeding is letting up. Because the loss was so early and they said the baby was only 3 weeks, the bleeding will probably be more like your regular cycle than heavy and painful.


FrancesM - October 17

I am so sorry for your loss! I believe I read on another thread where you had gotten you bfp. I had a dnc with mine. I was 10 weeks. I did not bleed very much at all. I kept waiting for it and it did not come. I am thinking that for you since you pa__sed the clot that should have been the fetus and the sac. You may not have a lot of bleeding with it. Then again, it might take a day or 2 for things to get going and you might have some heavy bleeding. Be sure to follow up with your Dr. He can do an u/s to make sure everything is cleaned out. That is good that he said you would be really fertile and could get pg again right away. Good luck with everything. Again, I am sorry for your loss and I feel your pain.


cynnababy - October 17

Your loss is very early, and the hcg level is very low now, i think your body should be able to expel everything. My first loss was at around 6 weeks too, and i expel everything out naturally. I bled then spot on and off for about 2 weeks. You only need D&C if your body didn't expel anything out, and there will be risk of infection.


BriannasMummy - October 17

I am so so sorry to hear about your loss.. its a very hard thing to go through. I had an early loss like yours in April I was about 6weeks and 4day. I went to the hospital to confirm that it was a miscarriage that I was having. They took my hcg levels and it confirmed everything. My bleeding lasted about 5 days.. some people bleed for a couple weeks.. it actually depends on the person. I hardly bled at all, with no cramp, with no clots. I had an u/s the day of the m/c and it showed the sac right above my cervix. 10 days after that date I had another u/s to confirm that everything had cleaned out itself. Mine was kind of like a light period. I never needed a d & c.. my body did everything on its own. Sounds as though your body is doing wonderfully. As far as the hcg levels go.. each woman is different.. some women take forever to have their hcg go to less then 5, others happens basically overnight. Give your body a chance.. i seriously think its doing everything it needs to do. After my m/c I had one Af in May and then in June I became pregnant.. I am now 19 weeks pregnant.. and I only hope that it happens that quickly for you! ~Kristin~


GimmeaBub - October 18

Hey girls thankyou so much for your kind words, yeah the bleeding has really eased off heaps, It's gone mroe light pink i pa__sed anohter much smaller clot this morning thats it, I havnt had any cramping and i feel pretty fine, The bleeding is continous but turning into light spotting then it may go to medium flow for about an hour. I pretty much know my body is doing this on it's own now, as I am not in any agony or losing alot of blood fast. I still got pregnancy symptoms but i am sure thats just my hormones going down, my b___sts are still sore and I am still nauseus but thats expected. A friend of mine comforted me today told me she had 5 miscarriages in between her 3 children, she told me the longest pregnancy she had was 8/9 weeks and miscarried naturally like me, she said my body knows what to do. I feel much better, and finally I am starting to get interested in s_x again lol. I was too terrified before. I havnt done any mroe pregnancy tests because otherwise I will only end p being obsessed, i am just going to wait till next week and head to the doctor. Baby Juice Ladies and may this be the beggining of a journey to our hopes and dreams of Motherhood!



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