To Jill From Alison

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Alison - April 21

Jill how did your scan go yesterday? Hope you got my reply on your post to me the other day. Been thinking of you xxx


Jill - April 23

Alison-my scan went fine. sorry I didn't respond right away, but sometimes it is hard for me to come onto this site. I don't know the results of my scan yet, but I am hopeful that everything will be okay. did you have your scan yet? I hope everything is going well with you. I was feeling really down the past couple of days and didn't want to come on this site because I thought I might get more sad if I read the wrong thing. Do you ever get that way. Anyway, I am doing better now and am just trying to work through my emotions before I ttc again. Who knows when it will happen, but I am trying to stay positive. Are you ttc right away, or are you waiting a while? Keep me posted on how you are doing.


Alison - April 24

Jill I completely understand. I find I quite often read the wrong thing and upset myself-my DH is not keen on me going on here at all as he worries I'll get upset, but I have received support from some lovely ladies and I can only hope I've been of some help to them too. Sometimes though it's wise to step back as you did. So anyway I completely understand. I hope you get the results of your scan soon-did they say anything at the time? I'm praying all will be well. I had been feeling better but the past week (since ovulation really) it's been getting very sore again. I now have pains in my right leg too. I was told they were doing the latest referals at the hospital Friday so I should get my appointment card in the next few days. The doc had said it was ok to keep trying so we have been and I'm still holding out hope for this month but in my heart feel discouraged because of the cyst. It's day 24 today so I'll know soon enough. It's been a rough week for me too for various reasons. My first miscarried baby should have been due last Thursday so that was hard. You asked about if I'm ttc, well my second loss was in December. We waited 2 periods before trying again and this is coming to the end of month 3 of trying. I'm sorry to hear you've been really down Jill I've been thinking of you. Please let me know how you get on with scan results and look after yourself xxx


Jill - April 24

Alison-I am sorry to hear that you are having some pain, and I am very sorry to hear that you had a bad week. I had a hard time when I would have had my first u/s to hear the baby's heartbeat, and i can only imagine how you must have felt last week. I do hope that you get some good news regarding ttc. I will say lots of prayers for you and your husband. You have really been a blessing to me, because I feel that you have helped me to get through some really bad days. Hope everything goes well. Talk to you soon.


Alison - April 25

Jill you are so sweet-the day of what would have been the first scan is very hard, I sympathise. Thank you for your prayers I am praying for you too. You sound like such a lovely person- I'm sure you will be a great mum to your baby when they come along. We'll both get through all this and when we do and we have our own babies in our arms it will amazing. It's just hard to visualise just now-remember on day at a time. Take care and stay in touch re. scan results. I'll let you know about mine when I get it too xxx


Jill - April 25

alison-I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know I am thinking about you and hope you are doing well. Talk to you soon.


Alison - April 27

Hi Jill thank you-I've been thinking about you too, how are you? I got my appointment card for a scan and it's not until August! I saw doc yesterday as cyst is really sore & I don't know if I can cope till August! She said she'll try & get it moved forwards for me. Also just before I left in the morning to see the doc I had a mad moment & took a pregnancy test. It was really silly as cysts can affect results but I was having a crazy moment (day 26 so AF not even late yet!) Anyway it was a faint positive! I told doc & she has arranged to see me next Thursday to see if I really am or if AF has shown and is just the cyst. (which it could well be!) So I want so much to be excited and happy about it but if I do and AF comes I'll be so gutted!!! Also doc was saying with my history of miscarriages she'd want me scanned early not just to check on cyst but also generally which makes me feel concerned about the pain! A friend told me before she had a cyst during one of her pregnancies and it just went away after a while. So anyway it's going to be a long week! Hoping and praying is not a false positive! If no AF by end of the weekend (day 30) I'll test again. I think I'm going to go crazy soon. Hope you are ok? xxx


Jill - April 27

Alison-I am sorry to hear that you have to wait so long for you scan. I will say a prayer for you that your positive test will result in a beautiful healthy baby. You definitely deserve it. Keep me informed and take care.


Alison - May 3

Hi Jill how are you getting on? Have you had your scan results? Are you doing ok? I have some good news-I got a BFP at the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am amazed! Because of the cyst I was feeling less positve than usual but I started having some signs and no AF and then tested and got a very strong positive!!!!!! I still see the doc Thursday and I'll see what will happen about my cyst. It's not quite as bad it has settled a bit but I'm aware of it still. I'm determined to stay positive and believe it will be ok this time. (Just wish I could fast forward to the 12 week mark!) But the thing is although I will still check on this page sometimes I think I should try not to read too much as I know me and I know I will put fears in my mind and I'm so determined to be postive this time. I will check in sometimes though and if you want to e.mail me my address is [email protected] I want to hear how you are doing! I hope you are ok. Take care xxxxx



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