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littleangel - April 13

Hi Juju, i thought i send you a msge as i have not heard from you for a while, i hope you are well and everything is ok. i hope you read this as i want to help you through your losses as you did with me, you were a great person to talk to gave me the strength i have today to help me move on after my DD died and you gave me good advise about what to do with my brothers g/friend with their loss too.. i know our thread was getting a bit to much with all the pregnancy's on there i know how you will feel but i am so happy for every one that they are pregnant again and that we have come a full cycle. i know a few more woman have been asking of you, we just care about you and want to be a friend, a shoulder to cry on or an ear to bend. i hope you get in touch even if its just to say hi and i am ok. take care think of you, (((hugs))) jo :)


Jen01 - April 13

JUJU, Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you all the time. Hang in there and don't give up hope. Remember the good things. I bet you are an even better mother now than you were before.


Jennifer28 - April 13

JUJU- I hope you're okay! We haven't heard from you in what seems like ages and we're all starting to worry!! Please drop in if you see this just to let us know you're okay. We love you! You are in all of our thoughts and in my prayers every day. x x


JuJu - April 14

You girls are just gorgeous! Funny how you can have so much appreciation and respect for people you've never met - you're the best :) I am actually doing really well - at the beach and practicing my eating, slepping and socialising abilities!! I still have moments when I have pangs of sadness (of course) but in general I am doing pretty well. Just looking forward to getting home in a week so I can log more often! Thanks Jo - you are a real sweetheart. How's the swimming? And as for you 'Jens' - so happy for both of you - just fantastic to hear that your pregnancies are going so well. Hope I can join you soon!! XXJ


Susan W - April 15

JUJU!! You've been on holiday!! Sounds like you are having a great time :) Enjoy that beach. You guys on that side of the world are coming to the end of summer, aren't you?


littleangel - April 15

juju i am glad you still with us, i hope you had a lovely holiday just relaxing and enjoying the beach. just got a bit worried about you thats all. i know what you mean about people you never met its weird. my swimming is going good i am really enjoying it and i lost nearly a stone so thats made me happier. speak to you more when you get back. take care :) jo


suzzieq - April 17

JuJu, I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better!!!!!!!! Sounds like that holiday was a great thing for you to do. And, I feel like we are the lucky ones to have you here to chat with!! Keep taking good care of yourself, let the emotions come out when needed and know we are always here!!!



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