Trying Again

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wmc - April 11

I thought I was 12 weeks, however the baby died at about 8.5 wks... I had a D & C on Thursday and my DR has been NO HELP AT ALL, and wondering when we can start trying again.... And my hearts go out to you all who have lost your babies...


Katie - April 15

I am so sorry. I know exactly what it feels like. I had almost the exact same scenario. I had my m/c at 12w3d and my baby died at approximately 8-9 weeks. It happened in Jan this year. My doctor was incredibly unsympathetic, and he didn't treat me correctly and made a lot of blunders. Enough said, I have a new ObGyn doctor now, and this is the first month that I'm ttc again. What a roller-coaster ride! If you have any unanswered questions, fire away, I may be able to help. Thinking of you...


Kathy - April 15

wmc, I'm so sorry for your loss. I also had a m/c on 3/22 (11 wks, baby had no hb, died a wk or 2 earlier). Doc was very unsympathetic as well. He said wait one cycle, but my dh and I have decided not to wait because my body feels ready to ttc again. Good luck to you!


rb - April 15

Hi I thought I was 10 wks but baby had died at 6 wks so I got a D&c 2 wks back. Had my 2 wk follow up check up yesterday. My doc is really nice ....I was told not to be intimate for 2 wks after the D&C. Yesterday he told me everything looked okay and we could go ahead.......Also he advised me not to ttc till after my first AF coz the uterus lining is sc___ped real thin after D&C and needs time to heal and rebuild. Also said that not waiting till AF might increase the chances of m/c. So we r gonna wait. If u have any more questions feel free to ask.


annie - April 15

wrnc, I'm so sorry too. I also have experienced this loss, and actually would have changed doctors earlier but I was moving anyway, so I stuck with him. I have now really challenged him with lots of questions about my treatment and the science of aspects of treatment that I didn't receive. This experience is so different from my first. After I challenged the dr. he gave me an interesting internal exam. Talk about roller-coaster rides. Has anyone else challenged their doctor? Or do you just mutely move on to a new one? Has anyone else ever experienced weird exams?


Sandra - April 16

Annie - Lucklily i've got a really got doc who communicates really well. What do you mean "weird axams"?



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