Trying Again After A Miscarriage Fertility

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Haunani - March 17

I'm new to this sight and just wanted to ask you ladies to share any experience or wisdom with me. I just recently went through a m/c on Feb. 28th at 11 weeks. It was devestating to me and my husband. We've made our peace with it and now want to try again. I'm not bleeding anymore but was wondering if anyone knew how soon ovulation starts and if this pregnancy will be at a higher risk for another m/c?


stefkay - March 17

Hi! Welcome to the site but sorry it is under these circ_mstances :( Ovulation after m/c varies from woman to woman so there is no set time. The best advice is to chart/temp (use and that will at least start to show you roughly where you might be in your cycle (pre-O or post-O basedon temps). It is hard to tell when first starting though. I had been charting before my losses, so I just kept on charting and I ovulated about 2 weeks after each miscarriage. Miscarriage is actually pretty common and one loss does not raise your risk for another. It is when you have 3 or more that your risk for another starts to increase. That is why many dr's won't test for problems until after 3 losses. I'm sure you will be fine, but for your peace of mind you could always suggest to your doctor basic starter testing like for hormones, FSH, thyroid stuff. Good luck!


Haunani - March 18

To: Stefkay Thank you for the info! I can't tell you how much it helps to know that I'm not the only one that went through all of this. I was using fertilityfriend before this pregnancy to track my periods. But I haven't been back to the doctors yet. They haven't really been that helpful. Not willing to answer some questions and such. So I turned to the internet and have been trying to research... I'm sorry that you had to go through a loss! Now I know how it feels and my heart goes out to all the women that have been strong enough to get through this difficult time!


tdo - March 19

Hi haunani, I'm sorry about your loss and no your definetly not alone. I had a dnc on Feb 8th and got my period on march 10th. I don't know if I ovulated in between. I'm usually aware of it, but may have missed it. My Dr. recommended waiting to try after my first period. That's this weekend ;-) When you ovulate or get your period will depend on how quickly your hcg numbers return to o. have you had a blood test or done a home preg test? Let us know how you do. good luck



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