Trying Again After Stillbirth Part 2

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LB - July 6

Hi ladies, here we are with a new thread. Hopefully this will be a lucky thread for us. Well 4 dpo for me today and not much to report. Rainey let me know how your ultrasound goes. I wish i could get ultrasounds to let me know how big my follies are, oh well opk's will have to do for now. check back soon


rainey - July 7

Hey LB - I found you! I can't wait for my u/s - only 3 days to go! You only have a week or so left in your wait - keep me posted!


LB - July 8

Hi rainey, yeah only 3 more days til ultrasound! big follies! i do have one more week to go til test but honestly i don't think this is my month either, my b___bs arn't sore and i don't feel tired, and i have that dull menstrual cramps that i get around a week before af starts. I don't have those sharp, menstrual cramps that make you run to the bathroom thinking it is going to start any minute. I was talking to dh today about why it's taking us so long to concieve, and all he said is that i need patience and it will happen! men! they just don't understand how hard it is to live your life in two week increments, waiting to O than waiting to test. Maybe it is because they don't worry about those things and concieving isn't on thier minds 24/7. Well i have my ob appoinment next thursday so i will see what my next step will be. I am going to ask him how much ivf costs here and how i would go about getting that done. I will let you know what he says. I will check in later, talk to you soon!


rainey - July 9

I know - I think it is a lot harder on us. Tell your DH that infertility is more common than people think. He could have a blockage that could be easily fixed - you never know! Men always think it is a jab at their manliness or something :) I'll let you know how many folicles I have tomorrow!!


LB - July 10

Rainey how did your appoinment go? lots of follies? i am 8dpo and not feeling pregnant, i had those dull cramps that i get when af is a week away so looks like i am out this month. I will check in tommorrow, i hope you get to do your iui soon! fingers crossed take care.


rainey - July 10

Hey LB - I had a good appt. I had one mature egg and one that will be ready by tomorrow. They like for the lining of the uterus to be 7 and mine was 10 - she commented on how wonderful that is so I am psyched! I go in tomorrow at 1:00 - wish me luck! It's not over til AF comes - hang in there!


LB - July 10

yeah rainey! i hope this works out for you, so excited! i am hoping to do iui sometime soon, will ask doc thurs, keep me updated tommorrow!


rainey - July 13

Hey LB. I had 1 mature egg and one that was supposed to have been mature by yesterday. My lining was great and so was the sperm count. I test a week from Tuesday - ugh! How's your wait coming?


LB - July 13

Hi rainey i am rooting for you girl! i am 11dpo and i took a test today it was ofcourse neg. I am not surprised because i don't feel it this month. I went to my appoinment today and my ob says that my progestrone levels are great, it was like 131 or something like that,, which indicates that i have good quality egg production, a good thick lining for implantation and i am ovulating on clomid. So now i just have to get pregnant, my doctor says to just give it a few more months. We will try for three more months than i will go back to see him to see what my next course of action will be, whether he wants to do an iui which dh now says he doesn't want to do because he doesn't want to " do the deed in a cup"god one little thing and he doesn't want to do it, look at all i got to go through! well i will cross that bridge when i get there. Better not p__s dh off too much or else i won't get pregnant for sure,lol. But it is a two way street DH! my ob seems to think the clomid will work for me, just give it time and to have lots of s_x around ovulation time. Well i am keeping my fingers crossed for you, and now i am just anxious for af to start to begin a new cycle and hopefully a bfp sometime soon in my future. Talk to you soon!


rainey - July 15

LB, hang in there. A lot of men do not understand - what's the big deal with doing the deed in a cup - try having needles poked in your arm and pelvic exams!! I'll keep you posted. So they know for sure you are not pg this time? 11 DPO - a test may not show pos. yet.


LB - July 16

Hi rainey, well today is 14dpo and my period still hasn't come, i took a test today and it was negative, i figured as much. Looks like clomid does make my lp a lot longer, last month it was 17 days long before af showed so i have a feeling it will be the same this month. I know this conieving thing takes time but my goodness why oh why does it have to take soooooooooooo long? i am debating wether or not to take clomid starting day 1? last month i took it day two and it shortened my o date from day 20 to day 17 so maybe day one will be like day 14? i should try one month and then see what happens, and if nothing go back to cd 3-7. Well i am still hoping for your bfp for next week, keep me posted!


rainey - July 17

I've always taken clomid CD 3-7 - I think that is supposed to be the best time. What did your doctor say?


LB - July 17

Hi rainey, my doc says 3-7 but i hear 1-5 results in more pregnancy. I am going to try it for a month. 15dpo and no af, fustrating! i want a new month already. when do you test, i am getting excited for you! keep me posted!


rainey - July 18

I test on Tuesday of next week - this wait is killing me! The progesterone makes me have all the symptoms of pregnancy so I will never be able to tell if I start to have any. It wipes me out! Have you taken another test?


LB - July 19

Hi rainey, Af has started today as schedualed, day 17 again this month! it's crazy long on clomid. I was always a 14 day leutal phase now the extra three days is killing me! I can't wait to hear your results, i am sure you will get your positive! Do they always make you take progestrone supplements when you do an IUI? I think i am going to do clomid 1-5 this cycle and see what happens, and then if nothing then 3-7 next month. They did a study when women took it 1-5 they had a higher percentage of concieving vs the ones that took it 5-9 where none of the women concieved. Weird, i guess i will give it a go! if nothing it might shorten my cycles back to a 28 day cycle! well i have another appoinment in october 12 and i guess if i am not pregnant by then we are going to do something else, and see what happens! well i will check in soon, fingers crossed for you.


rainey - July 19

Hi LB. Sorry AF came - will keep my fingers crossed for you for next month. They do not make you take progesterone for IUI - they are making me because of my history of miscarriage and PCOS. I will keep you posted - can't test for 6 more days - it is killing me!!


LB - July 21

Hi rainey, argh isn't the two week wait horrible? i can't wait to hear the results. If i were in your shoes i would probably test about now, but on the other hand i wouldn't want to see a negative if i tested too early. I have my fingers and toes crossed all the time! well i hope you have a good weekend and i will check in soon! let me know what the results are:)



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