Trying To Concieve AGAIN

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mtoc - February 21

My doctor tested my progesterone this past month. Turns out I have low levels which may have contributed to the past two miscarriages. They want me to start 100 mg of a progesterone supplement and instructed me to start taking it 3 days after ovulation. Has anyone had experience with this? Is it something to be nervous about having low levels and trying to get pregnant? Any tips would be helpful. thanks. ?


sososleepy - February 21

Hi Mtoc. Nope, no experience, but I think it’s good that they found a fixable reason. Good luck!


Cerulean - February 21

hello mtoc. I just had my second miscarriage and I am hoping that the doctor will test my progesterone levels tomorrow at my appointment. It seems to be a common problem. a co-worker of mine had 4 miscarriages before they finally put her on progesterone and she now has an 8 month old little girl. I know there are many women on these forums taking progesterone. Good luck!


margie - February 21

I just had a miscarriage last week and my doctor told me that next time i get pregnant he will put me on progesterone supplements. He said it's not a guarantee but it possibly could help prevent another miscarriage.


stefkay - February 21

I had progesterone supplements this past pregnancy that I miscarried, but I don't think progesterone was my problem being that I didn't go to this dr. until I found out I was pg, so she didnt' get a chance to test me for it beforehand (she explained to me that the testing needs to be done ideally before pregnancy occurs). So as a precaution I was put on it, but I didn't start it until 5-6 weeks and it should be started sooner. My dr. said it does NOT hurt to take it if you don't need it, but it would hurt to not take it if you do need it. I'll probably do it again next pregnancy, but I have some other clotting things I'll be focusing on taking care of more which is what I think my problems have been. Good luck!



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