Ttc Cd 25 11dpo And Spotting

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Kara - November 14

I have a question for you ladies who are masters of charting you cycle. I am on cd 25 and 11 dpo and I have started spotting this evening. I had a postive OPK 12 days ago and then temps when up late the next day so I assumed that was my ovulation. I thought I read that you have to have 14 days between ovulation and your period. So if I am starting my period, does that mean I am having hormone issues? If the spotting had started earlier, I would think that it might be implantation bleeding, but its too late for that isn't it? I started testing with First reponse this morning and got bfn. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!


Carole - November 15

Hey Kara! What you have sounds like implantation bleeding. The bleeding usually happens around the time you would get your period. But hcg is not produced until implantation. So you might want to wait a couple more days and test again. Sounds promising for you. I hope you get a bfp. Good Luck!


Kara - November 15

Thanks Carole for your response. I woke up really crampy, lower back pain, and spotting is more pink and watery than brown this morning so I think it might be my period which is a big disappointment. My cycle is usually 24-26 days, but I always ovulate on day 10 or 11. So when I ovulated on day 14, I a__sumed that I would have a 28 day cycle this month. I am taking prometrium for possible LPD, so my Doctor told me that I would have to check often with a sensative hpt (like first reponse or answer) because I would probably not have a period while I was on it. She said if I was still testing negitive by my period date, go off of it and wait 3-5 days for my period to come. So now I am conflicted whether or not to continue the progesterone. I hate feeling this disapppointed and stressed. Every period is a painful reminder that I should have a 4 month old baby and two more on the way.


Kim - November 15

Hey Kara! Could be late implantation bleeding, and Carole is right, so it could take a little more time before anything shows up on a hpt. It does sound like you have short luteal phases - not EXTREMELY short, but I'm glad your doc has given you some prometrium, that should help. I did not know that your period can't come while you are on it. That's news to me! I would at least wait until you are on day 28 or 29 before going off it, even with the spotting. Good luck to you. I know how awful it is to get your period each time after a loss. I cannot imagine how much more difficult it is for you after several losses. My best to you for a healthy happy pregnancy this next time.


lilu - November 15

I read somewhere that implantation can take longer than 7 days... and that the average is 8-10 days. So there's still hope for you. You'll know when it's a real period and if it doesnt come full force in a week, test again.



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