Ttc After A Still Birth

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Bella - May 6

My baby was stillborn at 39 weeks. He was born a day before my birthday 3/29/05. I have my 6 week follow up on the 10th of may. My husband and I are planning on trying again. Anyone else trying to conceive after a stillbirth? How long is the recommended wait?


Shelly Richard - May 8

I lost my baby on 3/29/05, I was 37 weeks. I am very sorry for your loss. I can understand how you feel. this was our first baby and we also want to try again as soon as possible. My doctor recommended we wait 6 months because I had a c-section but we cant wait that long. It is so coincidental that we both lost our babys on the same day. I buried my beautiful baby boy on April 1st. I would love to talk to you more. This has been the most difficult thing I've EVER gone through and I feel like no one understands. "Gods Plan" is not very comforting to me. We are good people and were completely ready for him, it has been a big disappointment. I cant function in veryday life, I think when Im pregnant again I will have something to look forward to again. Looking forward to hearing from you!


Rebecca - May 9

Hello, My baby was stillborn at 21 weeks and my Dr. suggested we wait at least 3 months. Our 3 months are up(which seemed like forever) but we are trying now.


Pattsy - May 24

Hello My baby was still born at 23weeks due to premature birth an my doctor told me as soon as I have a normally peroid we could start trying again. wWe lost our first son in Jan 27 2005 and we have just started trying . My heart goes out to you all I know the pain you are feeling . Take care of your self and each other your little angel will always be with you always remeber that. Many people dream of angels and we all got to hold one! take care


Laurie - June 22

I lost my baby on 4/08/2005. I was at 39 weeks.It's a completely heart wrenching and devestating loss, one that I will never get over.This was my third baby via c-section. My doctors recommend a year to wait for normal c-section births.I about died when I heard that. She said because of our unique situation, she would give the o.k. for us to try in 6 months.I will always love my unborn son, who I held in my arms for hours before I had to give him away. I know I'll see him again in heaven someday. Until then, I will deeply miss him, and long to hold him in my arms again.


Ashley - June 23

I lost my baby 5-24-05 @ 38 weeks. I had the same ?'s thanks to you all. May God help us. there are so many people that this happens to. I wished there was an answer.


Eza - June 23

My son was stillborn on May 4th at 20 weeks. It was the hardest thing my husband and I have ever gone through... still going through. Will never get over loosing our little son Samuel and we will never forget him. Like pattsy my Dr. said as soon as I have a normal period we can try again. And that was just so they could date the pregnancy in order to track the babys growth.


Davida - June 24

Hello everyone. I am sorry for your heart breaking losses. We lost our little girl at 34 wks on 6/15/04. We were told to wait 7-8 mos because I had an emergency c-section. We got pregnant again in January and had a m/c on 2/5/05. Amazingly we became pregnant again before my 1st period just 3 wks later and I am now 19 wks! We had a level 2 u/s yesterday and everything looks great so far! It was scary at first but relief and joy are slowly taking over! We have a long way to go but we also have faith! May God bless you all with healthy babies!


Eza - June 24

hi everyone... just wanted to let you know that there is a website for our little angels if your interested. you can submit their name, date of birth and even a picture if you would like. Its


Shelly Richard - July 10

It is somewhat comforting to know that we are not alone. I would really like to talk to you guys some more, I need all the support I can get and I'm sure you guys do too. I am just looking forward to getting pregnant again as soon as possible. I go to the cemetary everyday, I just want my baby back! He was sooo beautifiul. An idiot PCP (medicare) doctor prescribed me bactrim (which is NOT to be used during pregnancy, contraindicted at term) 15 minutes after taking this med I lost my vision, heartrate went to 178 (I was in shock) and I couldnt breathe. The ambulance worked on me for 18 min at home trying to stabilize me, they said I almost died too. I am 24 yrs old, 1st pregnancy and had a perfectly healthy pregnancy until Dr. Quack killed my baby, he didn't even say he was sorry gor my loss. I went to see him 1 week after burying my son (at the time I didnt know the cause of death) and I wanted some anti-depressants he told me he didnt deal with "mental patients" and tried to get me out of his office asap. By the time we got to the hospital Dylan was gone. I too held my little angel before putting him to rest. Laurie, Ashley all of you My heart goes out to you, I KNOW what you are going through. This has been the worst thing I could ever imagine happening. Laurie I agree I know I will meet Dylan someday. "I will go to him, but he will not return to me." is the scripture on his headstone. My email address is [email protected] I would love to talk to you guys. NoOne understands how this feels and what we're going thru, unless you've been through it yourself.


Tara - July 10

I am so sorry for all of you! I can't relate to losing a baby at term because mine was a miscarriage at 12 weeks.I will will pray for all of you!I can relate to shelly Richard with your problems with doctors.I was given a drug that nearly killed me to start to start my miscarriage( I carried dead baby a week ) I ended up in emergency with uncontrollable bleeding, low blood preasure and going into shock. I had a blood transfusion and emergency D&C to stop the bleeding. The drug I was given was not FDA approved to be given to someone who is pregnant(even if its baby had died). I never recovered from D&C I ended up in Emergency a few times after that and doctors thought I just had a horrible bladder, kidney infection I knew something was wrong with my uterus, but nobody even checked. They just said because I wasent bleeding nothing was wrong and were very rude. I finished all my antibiotics(I had been on for 3 weeks) and I started getting really sick again. Went to a different doctor and he did an internal with his fingers and it hurt, he said I had a uterus infection gave me more antibiotics and sent me home. Well I got worse and ended up in Emergency with a fever and now finally after 5 weeks of messing around they are going to do an ultrasound. My loss is because I was told I might lose my fertility because of this. I have met so many idiot doctors lately I just don't trust anyone anymore. I can't believe Shelly your doctor was so rude and what he had done to your little one. I know that there are good doctors out there, but why do we have to go through a loss to realize we need to find a new doctor.I wish the best for all of you !


Tara - July 10

The reason I had posted my story on your sight was I found this sight accidently by clicking on it and then decieded to read the posts and reading Shelly Richards post I thought I should tell mine. I just wanted to say that It seems like Doctors screw up and we are left with all the pain and grief and they don't even seem to care. Its so unfair!!!


Shelly Richard - July 10

Tara, I am so sorry for your loss. I trully hope the best for you. I couldn't imagine being faced with infertility, thats ALL thats keeping me going now. Was this your 1st pregnancy? Basicly doctors have the right to screw up and take people's lives but they're "licensed" killers. I, personally will never trust another doctor. I have medical books and plenty of internet resources to research any medications before taking them in the future. I went to the dr. with a cold. I wish I would have just stuck it out. I had been SICK for like 4 days so I decided to go to the dr. but had I known what I know now I would have stuck it out and tried safe/natural remedies. NO discomfort is worth the the loss of my baby. I also found this thread by accident. I read Bella's post and it really touched me that we both lost our little boys on the same day.. I guess she hasn't come back to the site. I dont know the statistics of pregnancy loss but I didn't realize how many people are affected by pregnancy loss. I thought I was home free, ready for my little boy. I had lots of ultrasounds, everything was going great I only had 3 wks to go. I will never get over this, I am only trying to deal with it. I am planting a tree in his memory and I bought a nice cedar chest for his memory box. I am still not ready to do it. I have his gown, hat, a memory book with pics of his baby shower, and I plan to put his hospital pictures in it soon. There is a room in my house that i just don't go in. The nursery door stayes closed. I am trying to deal with him a healthy way I just don't know how. Davida, I wish you the best too. I will keep all of you in my prayers.


amy - July 11

i had a still birth with my son on june 8th im wonting to try again it seems like forever to wait but my consultant told me he noes it to have been 6 weeks later people have been pregnant but he said to me wait 3 months iff i can wait that long so that maid me happier .


patsy - July 11

i feel so much for all u lovely women my daughter was stillborn at 30 wks on the 6.4.2005.i miss her so much i visit her most days and i carnt beleive that my baby charlotte is there life is so unfair i went to see my midwife at 26 wks pregnant because i had not felt charlotte move she rea__sured me that she had heard her heartbeat and i was sent away sayin that my baby was being a matilda and just wanted attention.i believed her.i went back again at 27 half wk and it took her 15 mins to find sweet charlottes heart beat but she rea__sured me again that she had found it.i was sent away again no offer of a scan just sent home worried.i went for a routine check up at 30 wks and i had a different midwife she searched for charlottes heartbeat for 5 mins and she cud not find it i new then i had lost my angel we had wanted her for so so long and now she was takin away from us.she sent me to the hospital for a scan which confirmed my daughter had died.they told me she was only measurin on the scan a 24 wk baby i was so angry because i had seen the midwife twice and she confirmed hearing charlottes heartbeat but how cud she of heard it she was already dead wen i went to see her the first was confirmed wen she was born that she had died around 24to25 wks has my daughters eyes were still fused i feel so angry with the midwife.i miss her so much i held her for 8 hrs and i just cudint let her go i wud give anythin for har to be hear with her 2 brothers her daddy and myself.we r tryin for another baby it wont replace my special angel never.and i know she will be waiting for me i love her with all my heart i wud like to speak to u all i hav had no 6 wk checkup yet either they have not even sent for me its as though they dont care.i am thinkin of u all take care love patsyxxxx


Tara - July 12

Shelly Richard, I think thats wonderful that you are doing things to rember your son. I bought a pendent with two tiny footprints and baby's birthstone. I feel really bad that your little ones death could have been pervented. I have been fighting with so many doctors lately to help save my fertility,I coulden't imagine losing a baby because they screwed up. Even if I lose my fertility I still have been blessed with two healthy children( daughter 4yrs and son 2yrs) I love babies and children and always pictured having 3 or 4, but things could be worse I could have lost my fertility before having the wonderful kids I have. My heart goes out to you and the women on this site and I will pray for you all and your little angels.


Lisa - July 14

We lost our twins at 32 weeks on February 2nd (it was our first pregnancy), and am very sorry for your loss. I delivered them v____ally and it was recommmended that I wait 6 months before tying again. Just to make sure the uterine wall was strong enough to carry again, of course the uterus gets a bit larger then normal with twins, (your uterus is full term sized at 25 weeks with twins) so my situation is a bit different. We are going to be TTC when our 6 months is over next month, and am actually looking forward to being pregnant again, and thinking positively about it. I pray that whenever you do decided to try again, that everything works out for you !



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