TTC After D Amp C

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jenn - October 3

Hi. I was wondering when any of you started ttc following a D&C? I had it performed August 25, due to a missed miscarriage. I was 12 weeks + 4 days. Baby was the size of 8 weeks when died. Also I had a miscarriage on April 6th as well. My doctor told me to wait until I have had two periods. He said that if I did become pregnant b4 that time that I would probably loose that baby too. He says that my body needs time to get back to "normal" again. Im sorry if Im rambling. Its just that I have 2 children now. Ages 8 and 6. So its because of them why I cannot understand why I cant seem to keep a baby now. Life is so frustrating. Also when did you get your period following the D&C. I think that I am having an actual one. I say think becuase its different than I am used to. It started very light and continued that way for 3 - 4 days. I only used a liner and could have gotten away without one. Then it got darker (like a dard brownish red) yesterday I was really crampy and passed a clot the size of a nickle. Today I am not spotting or anything. Well sorry so detailed but I just wanted to know If it was a real af or just more bleeding because of the d&c? Thanks for any info you might have. baby dust to all ******* Jenn


Kim - October 3

Hi Jenn, gosh I am so sorry for your loss. Miscarriage is devastating despite having children or no children, and just one of those sadly common experiences. I can totally see why you are frustrated, having had 2 healthy babies. The only thing I can tell you is that whether or not you have had children, the chances of miscarriage are always the same for a women who is even totally healthy: 1 in 4. It might even be higher depending on how old you are. In terms of ttc again - my doctor tells me that the chances of miscarriage are not any different if you get pregnant again in 1 cycle or 5 or 10...I'm not sure why your doctor would tell you that you would probably lose another baby if you got pregnant before 2 cycles. That seems absurd to me. Actually, I've been hanging around this site for a while, and I've not even heard any other woman report that from their take heart! It is important for your body to get back to normal, but it will do that on its own time - if it's not ready to conceive again, it won't. Be a__sured that you are quite likely to have a totally healthy pregnancy the next time. Regarding your period - most doctors say that you can expect a period to resume within 4-6 weeks whether it was a D&C or natural miscarriage. It sounds more like you're having post D&C bleeding, which would be totally normal. But I would probably mention it at a follow up appointment with your doc, just to make sure everything is getting back to normal and there's no sign of infection or anything. I wish you all the best!


KT - October 3

Hi Jenn. I had a D&C August 22nd following a missed miscarriage. My baby too had died at 8 weeks. That was 5.5 weeks ago now and i still have had no period.We have started ttc to conceive straight away, everyone is different and there are lots of people on here who have gone on to have successful pregnancies after a m/c without waiting for their first period. They do say it can take up to 8 weeks to get back to normal though. It could be that your spotting could be Implantation bleed if you have been ttc or it could just be your period starting to get back to normal. My D&C bleeding had gone in 1.5 weeks and I've had no other bleed since then. Good luck and "baby dust" to you.


Angela - October 5

I am sorry for your loss. I to miscarried in august of 2003, one week after d & c I conceived and had a successfull pregnancy!!!! So dont give up!!!! I was taking vitex the second time--I started taking vitex the day after I had my d & c. Good luck...lots of baby dust!!!!!



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